What is Cloud Computing Technology?

What is Cloud Computing Technology?

Cloud Application

A simple question arises in a layman’s mind, what is cloud computing? or what is the cloud computing definition? Do we utilize clouds for computing? But the answer is entirely different from the expectation. 

Cloud computing meaning in a simple term, it is delivering the computing service which includes high end servers, storage for the service opted, managing the database, networking, necessary software used for the purpose, analytics & intelligence, running over an internet connection. 

Everything is based on the internet today and the internet extensively uses cloud computing in the current decade. Cloud computing is one of the most astounding technologies that have been widely involved in present days of human life. The cloud computing offers innovative, faster, flexible and economically scalable service. 

Cloud service is only for the services you opt to use, which is helping to lower the company’s operating cost, without the huge investment in the infrastructure and operating the solution efficiently and scaling up the business with requirement fulfilling. 

Explaining Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing technology is maintaining the servers separately in a remote area which can be used to share vivid spheres like infrastructure, data, software or likewise. These servers can be used in a multidimensional way. The name cloud computing is given because firstly the complete architecture is network based. The technology runs over the air and performs all the specified tasks over the air, or say cloud only. 

Secondly, also the complete architecture of this cloud based system is shown diagrammatically inside a cloud based demarcation.

SalesBabu CRM is Software as a service – SaaS, wherein the customers need not get tensed on the implementation of the solution. The purpose of cloud computing is to provide the users a pleasure to use, having a technology experience – which is a virtual version of the server with a desktop system, software package installed, network set and using from anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.  

Uses Of Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing technology is used in many arenas in the current scenario. This promotes people delivering Services for multiple purposes. 

Cloud computing providers have enabled the services in different models – Infrastructure as a service – IaaS, Platform as a service – PaaS, Software as a service – SaaS, Deployment Models – public, private or hybrid.

Softwares too are now being delivered as SaaS or Software –As-A-Service. In SaaS based solution data is stored safely in the server in the encrypted format and can be fetched directly from the same anytime, anywhere. This reduces any chances of data crash or unintentional data erase. From a client’s point of view, it is more economical as it does not impose any hardware or software implementation on the client.

One of the most prominent examples of cloud computing technology is the Online CRM softwares. SalesBabu CRM is a SaaS based solution. Cloud CRM software is an on demand Sales and Marketing Software which is getting its grip over the business and marketing sphere.

Benefits of the cloud computing

Any company who is working in the traditional way and looking for a change and IT resources to implement the IT infrastructure for the business – technology based makeover, then cloud computing is the solution. 

Cost saving: Benefits of Cloud Computing service, which is eliminating the expenses for the infrastructure – hardware, software, setting up, data center managing, servers and racks, 24/7 electricity and AC for cooling the servers, deputing the IT experts to develop the CRM for the business process and manage the overall infrastructure.  Cloud computing service to use required internet connection and payment made for the usage of the service. 

Accessibility and Speed: Cloud computing services are either self service or on demand solutions. Accessibility of the data with the cloud application takes minimal time. This kind of service gives the businesses flexibility, accessing the data from anywhere, anytime.

Scalability: Major cloud computing benefits or cloud services, it is scalable. Any time increases the necessity which is required in an emergency – by scaling up or scaling down. Moreover no dependency on the IT resources for the arranging the power, storage, bandwidth. Scalability ensures that with a continuous growth in the business, cloud computing provides the service without adding up the infrastructure cost.

Productivity of using cloud service: When a company wants to implement an IT infrastructure for using the technology based business process applications, then the costing is heavy and time taking. Moreover the productivity of the business reduces, due to the setting up infrastructure.  For achieving the business goals, importance is productivity and today the cloud service solution providers are providing most of the business related applications in cloud. CRM, ERP, Inventory & Supply Chain management, etc are running on the cloud. These solutions are providing productivity in the business, management is able to have the benefits of getting the real-time information from anywhere, anytime they access. Benefits of cloud computing are available with minimal expenditure, compared to the on premise base infrastructure making to run the business application for the company productivity.

Performance: Yes, companies are expecting to implement but what are the advantages of Cloud Computing service. Cloud computing services, which are running worldwide networks – offering the secured data centers, upgrading the necessary software or licences on a regular basis, so that there is no downtime and solutions are working smoothly, fast and efficiently. Focussing on providing the good performance of the business process related software’s working smoothly with reduced network latency.

Reliability and Cloud Computing security: Cloud computing benefits are service providers, who have the setup of the data backup, disaster recovery infrastructure done, proper management of the security guidelines and focus on the business continuity with not much expensive. Cloud computing security, technology policies are offered by the cloud service providers to strengthen the infrastructure, protection of the data and provide the confidence on scalability of the service.

Use of Cloud solutions in Business: We all are following and using the said technology cloud computing in our day to day. Biggest example is the online service to send and receive emails, documents getting stored in the cloud drive and edit, save the same documents and pictures. Even the entertainment online TV, movies watching, playing the music and games are on cloud. Cloud application CRM is the latest and emerging and which is a necessity for every business. Either it is a startup, small or large enterprises, corporates, government organisations, who have been accepting the cloud solutions to operate with the minimal investments. CRM software which is user-friendly allowing the salespeople to work on the CRM application in the Cloud, which is the right choice for the company and sales force team.

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