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Re-engineering your business with cloud computing

Have you heard about BPR? Business Process Re-engineering is nothing but BPR. Let me tell you more about BPR.

What is Business Process Re-engineering?

Business Process Re-engineering is a business management strategy which is basically focused on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes within the organisation. It is mainly aimed at redesigning the the core business processes in order to achieve drastic improvements in productivity, quality, customer service and also cut operational costs.

Imagine you are preparing a critical report which involves your organisational performance and all the data you require is stored in your laptop. Suddenly you could encounter some error and the computer is not starting up. The only solution is your system needs to be re-installed with OS. And what about all the data which was stored in the system? Has it crashed? Unfortunately, yes all your data is crashed! What about your report now?

Now you just end up thinking you could have had a centralized platform to keep all those important data.

Could you relate this problem of yours? let me tell you about cloud computing and why is it necessary to use cloud computing in your business.  

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the on demand availability of the computer system resources which offers IT as a service. You get the complete hosting facility from a dedicated cloud vendor without any bugs in working to store all your database. The cloud vendor saves all your data and protects it from any of the virus attacks. The major types of clouds available are –

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

IaaS is the lowest level of cloud solution which is referred to as the best cloud based CRM or computing service. The IaaS provider will deliver you a pre-installed and configured software through a visualized interface.

  • Platform as a service (PaaS)

PaaS is an advanced form of the IaaS. The PaaS providers will deliver computing platform and solution stack.

  • Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS provides the web-based application on demand of the customers. They include the applications like ERP, email, CRM and time management etc.

  • Recovery as a service (RaaS)

RaaS provides protect and can also help them to recover data centres, servers and data.

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Cloud computing is no more a new concept. We experience its use on regular basis. Have you ever wondered how can you access your bank account balance with just a click on your smartphone? It’s all about cloud computing! Cloud computing  has several advantages of using it in your business. Let’s have a look at them.

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Why cloud computing can be a better option?

The local server days are gone. Cloud computing could be a way of the longer term and will change how you run the business.The cloud is the powerhouse built to run the business effectively and efficiently. 

The benefits of cloud computing is a long and extraordinary list. Here are some benefits of cloud computing.

  • Anytime availability

The applications required can be accessed at anytime. The cloud providers are reliable when it comes to providing of service. The only thing that is necessary is the internet connection. And most of the applications are also available offline.

  • Unlimited space

Cloud does not have any limited space, which basically means it has unlimited space. While running a business it has lots of data and information to be stored. When you store data in cloud CRM software you need not have an extra file or document stored with you. And thus it saves space.

  • Data backup

You need not bother much about your business data as the cloud CRM software will take care of all your data. You can concentrate on your other business activities.

  • Cost effective

You need not have to invest lakhs and lakhs of rupees on hardware in cost computing. You just have to pay as and when you operate, and also based on your subscription plans.

  • Security

Cloud computing offers security when any important data is lost or it can also be protected by inappropriate access.

  • Easy to use

The cloud computing has a user friendly interface for data updation or storage.

  • Flexibility

The data and applications are available at any part of the world. You can access your work with just your smartphone.

  • Modernized and upto date

The Cloud computing incorporates the latest developments which make it even more  better platform for data storage, data centralization as well as data communication.

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Be ahead of the game with Cloud computing

Technology is rapidly growing in the present world. These technologies run our lives these days. Our day starts with smartphones, computers and laptops with internet connections. And when there so many upgradations in the society, you need to update yourself in your business. These technologies are one of the factors that are making us smart workers. Using cloud CRM software in your business can make you lead ahead of the game in your industry. No matter if its a FMCG, pharmaceutical or a  travel industry, you can still keep yourself ahead of all. It not only comes with a cost effective plan but also makes your work easier and quicker.

Can cloud computing save your money and time?

Yes, cloud CRM software saves your money as well as time. Let’s have a look at it.

  • You need not have to spend money on softwares anymore, which can surely reduce cost.
  • All your data is stored in a centralized platform and thus you need not have to spend time searching for them. And as mentioned above you can access them anywhere and at any time.
  • You need not worry about hardwares to store all your business data. Thus, it saves your money for investing on systems.
  • Neither do you have to assign people nor pay them for installation of softwares or updation; managing of email servers or backups etc.
  • You can get customised application at a cost effective price which makes your work easier and quicker.
  • The cloud CRM application is updated and you need not spend your time or money doing it.   

CRM in Cloud computing

The cloud based CRM means Customer Relationship Management software is being hosted in the cloud. It can be accessed through internet by making things more easier and simpler. You can access to information from anywhere at anytime and carryout your business activities easily from any corner of the world. As you know that all the required information is stored in the cloud, you and your team can access data. Thus, the CRM in cloud computing can be easily maintained.

One main advantage of cloud CRM is scalability. This is often an honest choice for the tiny scale business. With the assistance of the cloud, the seller is responsible for managing the software, providing updates, and taking care of technical glitches. Some other benefits of the cloud in CRM are integration with commonly used office applications and mail systems, integration with the information, and automatic data backups.

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The Sales Force Automation is a business strategy which is used to drive efficiency in your sales processes. By the use of sales force automation CRM software you can automate and streamline a few business tasks like Account management, Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Forecasting Analysis, Sales Activity Management and Sales Team Performance Evaluation. The added functionalities of Sales Force Automation in the best cloud based CRM software are  –

  • Streamline Sales Force
  • Sales Pipeline Forecast
  • Sales Productivity management
  • Goal V/s Achievement Analysis
  • Real Time Information Access
  • Manage Multiple Contacts

Sales tracking

The sales efficiency can be improved by using Sales Tracking Software CRM. It helps you maintain effective sales forecasting and capabilities that automate, streamline, synchronize all the sales activities like new sales opportunities, comprehensive view of the customer interactions, follow up reminders, record history, contact information as well and much more. The added functionalities of Sales Tracking in the best  cloud based CRM software are –

  • Manage cluster of sales
  • Centralize client data
  • Follow-up Management
  • Manage complex product information
  • Forecast sales
  • Visibility of Sales Process

Lead Management Software System – a Lead Tracker: The growing focus on managing the customer relationship is leading to the automation and increasing penetration of lead management software all around the globe. One of the most crucial aspect for impressive marketing campaigns, sales, and rerun business is the change in the company’s approach toward managing and large-scale client management and customer relationships. The added functionalities of lead tracking in the best cloud based CRM software are –

  • Monitor Fresh Inquiries
  • Conversation Capturing
  • Opportunity Conversion
  • Impart Product Information
  • Study Competitor Metrics

Lead tracking processes need a lot of planning and coordination. The lead information will be categorized and organized. Lead tracking software makes it for business organizations easier to maintain an accurate accounting of leads and sales. There is no short way to capture the leads. The attendee lists of the webinar, contact from the submissions are few examples to capture the leads. Lead scoring is the way for marketing and sales to prioritize the customer that they are tracking. It helps to monitor the interest of leads in the product.

Sales forecasting software that can provide strategic value, increase your visibility into the supply chain management process, and drive your growth. Sales forecasts are not just for the benefit of the business plan reader, but are a means to help managers make informed decisions. The added functionalities of Sales forecasting in the best cloud based CRM software are –

  • Real time Dashboard
  • Predicts Revenue
  • Sales Realization
  • Current Evaluation
  • Budget Planning

The Marketing automation is the use of software and Web-based services in order to  execute, manage and automate marketing tasks. It mainly throws light on the marketing processes like emails, social media and also certain website actions. Basically it is   Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing. The added functionalities of Market automation in the best cloud based CRM software  are –

Market automation is one of the fastest-growing technologies. It enables companies to streamline, measure market tasks, and workflows so they will increase the revenue faster. This software is intended to automate the repetitive tasks and effectively market on multiple channels. Market automation also enables relationship marketing, includes lead generation, many modern marketing practices, cross-sell, and up-sell.

  • One to One Communication
  • Improves Sales Efficiency
  • Creation & Execution of Campaigns
  • E-Mail & SMS Campaigns
  • Analyze Workflow

The benefit of using CRM analytics software double the relevance, when it delivers us the real inside of complex raw data captured and reproduced for decision makings at a single dashboard. The presentations of requisite data in the form of graphical charts, metric analytics and more crisp MIS reports ensures saving of your time and will also  help you to measure your business competence in meeting the demands of your customers. The added functionalities of CRM analytics in the cloud based CRM are –

  • Crisp numeric data format
  • Easy to understand & systematic format
  • Track down & visualize the optimum revenue attributing resources

By building our own Software Applications completely from the scratch we have created what has come to be one of the most powerful and dynamic remote hosted CRM, ERP, MedSFA, payroll and Service Management solutions available in the business market today. Sales Babu CRM believes that “Never compromise on quality – Satisfy your Customers with our smart solutions”. If you are looking for a cost effective way to re-engineer your business with CRM in cloud computing then contact the best CRM software which is basically a cloud based software, for a free CRM demo at