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Service Industry

Online CRM For Service Industry

Automate and Streamline your Business Process by Implementing SalesBabu CRM Industry Vertical Solutions.

Online CRM For Service Industry

Boost Customer Satisfaction and Service Efficiency with Comprehensive CRM Solutions


Customer Contact

Your customer will reach you if he has any service enquiry or Complaint against your product or services. CRM streamline multiple contacts for one customer, customer contact history, product and services brought by him, and pending and processed services request. Online access to customer information helps the customer service team to provide him with quick answers in any case.

  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Increase recurring business
  • Quick view customer contact details
  • Help to make customer retention strategies
  • Reports on similar issues reported by the customer
  • Details of products and services brought by the customer
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CRM offer a common database for customer details, product details, customer contact history, knowledge database for common problems etc. This centralised information sharpens customer service activities to support customer enquiries and provide the best service assurance. That leads to –

  • Identify cross-selling opportunities
  • Less time-solving customer enquiries
  • Manage customer contract renewal reminders
  • Providing the best solution to customer problems
  • Comprehensive 360-degree view of customer contacts
  • Thus increasing satisfied customers and more recurring business
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Best customer service is to help your customer on time. Remembering a schedule for 1000’s customers at a time is not possible for the human mind. CRM for Service Industry offers a task/activity scheduling facility that will offer on-screen, mobile and email reminders for activities scheduled and rescheduled to serve your customer. CRM help

  • Problem escalation
  • Workforce utilization
  • Provide efficient service
  • Activity rescheduling is easy
  • Make more happy customers
  • Multiple channels to get notifications
  • Manage SLA by reducing service time
  • Get a comprehensive view of customer communication
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Enhance Service

CRM for service industry is a specific customer-centric solution which helps companies, not only centralize complete customer information but also have a strong feedback management system in the customer service process. Managers can easily inspect service activities, define case nature, set priorities and escalate activities.

  • Less time in lead filtering
  • Approvals and Workflow
  • Problems & Resolutions
  • Inspect Service Activities
  • Visibility of Warranty / AMC
  • Complaint Severity/Priority
  • Auto Replies and Templates
  • Complaint Allocation / Escalation
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Reporting and Analytics

Get actionable insights into your service performance with dashboards and reports offered by CRM for service industry.

  • Define proactive actions based on real market data
  • Planning and reporting of service visits
  • Overview of all cross-/up-selling opportunities
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SalesBabu CRM solution for Service Industry

In today’s digital world, companies have upgraded their communication channel to connect with their clients. Early business practices relied on face-to-face interactions and written communications. Modern businesses have added electronic communications to the combination, including telephone, email, live chat, and social media.

With the increase in the number of contact points, the challenge of collecting and organizing those data has also increased. the main points and getting a history of one customer may now be spread among several channels and multiple employees. While the challenge of managing that data has grown, the importance of maintaining access thereto has remained constant.

SalesBabu CRM solution for Service Industry

Businesses working to enhance their customer support services may like a customer relationship management (CRM) system that may help make customer interactions far more efficient and effective.

CRM for Service Industry is an intelligent tool to track each and every service activity. It gives you the flexibility to manage service operations like AMC pending, service engineer’s scheduling, product history and PMS visits.

  • Unlimited note taking ability.
  • Automated email statements, invoices, notices, and marketing collateral
  • Stored documents, service history, maintenance contracts, sales history, past and current billing, installation notes, system notes
  • Synchronize with customers and contacts within your QuickBooks records
  • Boost Sales and Services
  • Enable recurring tasks for account maintenance or services for easy task management
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The Role of a Cloud CRM in Customer Support Services

The route businesses use to interact with customers has changed over time. Early business practices relied on written communications and face-to-face interactions. Latest and modern businesses have added electronic communications to the mix, including calls, email, live chat, and social media.

In today’s world of technology, as the number of contact points has increased, the challenge of aggregating and organizing that data has also increased. The details and purchase history of a customer may now be spread among several channels and multiple employees. While the challenge of managing that data has grown, the importance of maintaining access to it has remained constant.

Businesses working to advance their customer support services may benefit from a customer relationship management (CRM) system that can help make customer interactions much more efficient and effective.

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The Benefits of Using Online CRM for Customer Service Support

An Online CRM software has benefits for multiple business sectors. It has an important role in lead management and sales, which makes it beneficial to marketing teams and sales reps. Both can use the cloud CRM data to keep track of potential customers, learning when and how to share messages with each other.

Benefits of SalesBabu CRM for Service Industry

However, Online CRM support for customer service has a crucial role because customer service blends marketing, sales, support and retention efforts. In particular, cloud-based CRMs have proven themselves to be highly valuable in addressing five key issues many customer service centres face:

  • Scaling with the business efficiently
  • Sharing data in real-time with all team members
  • Reducing costs to make customer service more efficient
  • Automating data entry for consistent, accurate information
  • Using analytics to verify processes and increase accountability

Why is SalesBabu CRM good for Service Industries?

360-degree view

360-degree view

An exhaustive up-to-date knowledge base of your customers including leads, accounts, and contacts all in one place on a cloud-based application.

Fully compliant icon

Fully compliant

SalesBabu CRM comes with advanced built-in features to help businesses based around the globe to stay compliant with privacy regulations.

Be on the move icon

Be on the move

The SalesBabu CRM mobile app enables your agents to provide services and their managers to keep track of their numbers on the go.

Fully Configurable icon

Fully Configurable

Configure SalesBabu CRM to collect a variety of information, execute any custom business processes you might be running, and seamlessly integrate with any other applications you may be using.

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