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Bills Of Material (BOM)

Bill Of Materials is the list of all the components and assemblies of a product. A BOM contains the information about the final product along with the spare parts it has used. While creating a Bill of material, the information needed to include in the Bill Of Material includes the Bill Of Material Level, spare part name, its number and slight description, unit of measurement etc. Bill of material can be of engineering BOM, Sales BOM, Purchase Bill Of Material etc.

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Track Of Finished Goods

Inventory Bill Of Materials gives you complete track of finished goods and its assemblies in a top- down fashion. This information can use at the time of after sales services process in case of any problem, that can be arise in the future

Tracks Update(If Any)

Inventory Bill Of Materials gives you complete track of changes are made in the component list. It keeps a full record of any update or changes that has been made in the product’s component.

Centralize all Information

Online Bill Of Material centralizes the information flow. Centralized information eases the task and thus prompts inventory level in reduced costs. It leads to a clear visibility of all the required information.

Reference Model For Products

Since BOM contains all the information in regards to the complete product configurations, whether it is related to spares parts or any other components, therefore now a days, BOM is considered as a reference model for the final product .

Contains Crucial Data

BOM contains most of the crucial data that is used as decisive factor in one or the other firms in the industry. While incomplete or wrong data like missing quantity or wrong part information can create jeopardize the entire information flow, inconsistent or non-updated information can paralyze complete information flow.

Future References

Since BOM contains various data related to a product, manufactured by an organization. Your work force can use these information for their future references, whenever it will be required.

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