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Stock Management Software: Manage Real Time Stocks

Gain absolute stock maintenance and boost revenues with SalesBabu web-based stock maintain software. With our online stock management software, you can manage inventory control levels by setting up planning rules, enhancing procurement processes, and increasing visibility across your stock management system in your business process.

Stock Maintain Software For Stock Management

With our best and simple stock management software, you can manage your warehouse space, manage inventory, control the movement of goods within the storage location(s) or to customer sites, and reduce costs and optimise profit in your business. No matter whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, distributor or wholesaler; managing stock is quite difficult for all. Keeping eye on continuously reducing stock, stock items and ageing stock can be difficult if not streamlined with proper solution.

SalesBabu stock management software and warehouse module ensure smooth business operations by giving real-time information of current stock including stock on order and ageing stock. Schedule a web-based stock to maintain software free demo. Keep track of your warehouse operations on our stock warehouse management software.


Maintain Stocks

Stock management software, enable an organization to keep a track & control their stocks online and access the details anywhere and anytime. Since, you can manage product details and vendor details in stock management software, you may access stock details from single interface.

Maintain Stocks

Less Time Consuming

Manual tracking of stocks in a Store, is very hectic and time consuming task. Stock management software records, product in and out quantity details and keep the stock availability updated in real time. Since the interface is user friendly and easy to access, search for any information takes less time than manual process.

Less Time Consuming

Stock Centralization

SalesBabu stock management software facilitate all product and quantity information stored in one place, by which multiple retailers decreases total costs and increase total profits for the retailers. It enables the organization to have a watch and manage multi location warehouse from one place, very efficiently.

Stock Centralization

Visibility of Status

It is very important for an organization to know the exact status of its stock time to time. Stock Management Software enables an organization to track the status about an item on the basis of its quantity.

Visibility of Status

Streamline Warehouse Operations

An organization needs to manage various warehouses, sometimes it could be complicated to coordinate with all of them. Stock Management Software enables an organization to streamline the operations of all warehouses & to make a proper coordination.

Streamline Warehouse Operations

Synchronizes inventory levels

Stock Management Software helps an organization to synchronize the inventory levels across all channels, in real time. It supports the sales team in a very efficient manner. Moreover, they can sell according to the available stock in the store.

Synchronizes inventory levels

Best Stock Management Software – Keeping Track of your Stock

With SalesBabu online stock inventory management software, you can manage your warehouse space, manage inventory, control the movement of goods within the storage location(s) or to customer sites, and reduce costs. With access to real-time, accurate information on overall inventory status.

With multiple pricing levels, customers’ specific pricing, batch support, serial number tracking it gives complete flexibility to manage stock inventory and warehouse effectively and efficiently. Our stock management software system helps you to save time locating items or performing physical inventories, keep regular tabs on stock availability, carry out standard inventory operations, and maintain optimum stock levels while minimizing carrying costs.

Get complete control and real-time view of your orders, stock, prices across products and warehouses. Stock Inventory and Warehouse Management Software on the cloud for wholesalers, distributors and online sellers with its powerful extensible features as mentioned below:

Keeping Track of your Stock – Manage Real Time Stocks

You can trickle down the minutest level of stock information of your stock with SalesBabu’s stock maintain software and warehouse management module. So work smartly and get on to unleash the power of our online stock management software and achieve better results quickly. Request and schedule for stock management software free demo. With our stock software take control of your warehouse operations and enhance your business with ease. Our stock software is cloud-based, affordable and simple and easy to use and grow your business.

The stock management system is a crucial component of inventory that supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and to the location of sale. A primary role of stock maintenance software is to keep a detailed record of each new or returned product as it enters or leaves a warehouse or point of sale. 

Nowadays Stock Management Software is highly in demand and is used in the manufacturing industry to balance and manage inventory, generate bills, track products, shipment and predict and manage sales. Business houses of all sizes and scales use this software to efficiently plan, forecast inventory management based on customer behaviour, and reduce labour costs & manual errors to achieve quality work. 

SalesBabu’s Stock Inventory Management Software maintains a complete record of purchase order details and vendor information. It enables warehouse management for materials. Critical information of each and every product is maintained by the inventory tracker including item name, number, description and commodity code. 

The stock software module helps you control the purchase, delivery of materials in the most efficient manner. The cloud-based warehouse management software provides real-time inventory reports and enables automated procurement and storing with accurate inventory management. It gives access to a master database that contains all materials for adequate warehouse management.

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Most of the industries are now using stock manager software system because:

  • As the business expands, managing spreadsheets becomes difficult
  • Increased scope for human error in terms of faulty data entry
  • Inventory cannot be frequently updated (owing to the size of the stock)
  • Documents stored might get misplaced or damaged
  • Analysis of sales results and their prediction becomes a tedious task
  • Often the manual system may not be in sync with your rapidly expanding business

Automate and Manage All Stock Operations via Stock Management System Software

Maintains a central repository of all information relevant to stock, products and items across chain of stores/warehouses. Understand and know the stock mix of a company and the various demands on that stock.


Inventory Optimization

SalesBabu online inventory software enables you to control stock levels and movement of stock across all stores of your company. It also provides smooth reconciliation of business operations to maintain consistency throughout your organization. Goods Order serves an interface to capture orders from the customer’s existing central ordering system and view expected vs. actual receipt details, as well as update the inventory stock levels.


Store Management

Automate your store management system and dynamically manage all stock operations such as stock issue, inter-store stock transfer, stock adjustment for complete information about the stock movement and status. It helps you to track and manage stock allocations to multiple stores across locations with the centralized purchasing system.


Track Inventory Movement

Inter-Store Stock Transfer Entry facilitates stock transfers in all the stores of your company. It records and maintains stock transfer and stock issue forms, with fields capturing detailed information from every store and updating the system post transfer. Staff-in-charge get a single view of all the stores to plan for stock transfers.

SalesBabu stock management system enables stakeholders to get the right product at the right place at the right time. It maintains a centralised repository of all details related to stock, products and items across the chain of stores. Our stock maintain software allows users to manage all stock operations, from orders and receipts to inter-store stock transfer, daily audits and more. A single view of all stores stock inventory helps the user to plan for stock movement across various stores.

Feature to look for in a Stock Management System:

One of the crucial aspect to manage supply chain process is ensuring the right stock is at the right place and at the right time. Stock and warehouse management software streamlines operations by centralising the sales info and giving employees access permission to current and reliable stock inventory data to boost the stock management system. It should ideally deliver up-to-date inventory data, financial management and fast, easy reporting capabilities in a single easy-to-use interface which will help business houses to work smartly.

Inventory management

Stock maintain software being designed for stock inventory management system, the full inventory stock along with individual items should be visible all times. Notifications about inventory, reorders and returns which need to reorder should be sent regularly. For company doing e-commerce businesses, the warehouse management software should be integrated with the ecommerce software. This will help tracking of the online sales and physical inventory in warehouse. Irrespective of the number of websites where you sell, the online sales can be tracked by a single software. If you are dealing with the delivery of perishable items, the stock maintain software should fulfil these needs.

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Administrative features

The stock maintenance software should be able to generate customizable reports based on the information needed at that specific time. As multiple team members will be operating the stock maintain software, it should include customizable security access as an important feature. Suppose in case if some employees need to be shown only the progress while some employees are given permission to make changes.

For those business houses coordinating and dealing with multiple vendors, the shipment movement should be visible across mobile,desktops and tablets. For convenience the mobile app keeps all information on your fingertips. In this way you can smartly monitor and track your stock.

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Financial tools

An efficient stock management system software allow you to update, monitor and implement payment in different currencies, calculate sales tax and automate recurring orders. This will help you to enhance your business process and increase in your profit.

How Do Businesses Benefit From implementing Online Stock Management Software?

To a certain extent, the Stock Software makes doing business easier. This negates the need for making redundant entries in different software packages that may not work well in tandem. The stock management system functionalities shall prove invaluable to a range of industries, including the chemical product firms, home appliance makers, LED manufacturers etc. 

Whether you are into the business of retail, wholesale, or a mix of the two, our Stock Maintain Software should be of help if you deal with an inventory. If you happen to not pay attention to inventory, the quantity available, re-ordering requirements, inventory financing, etc., then you may end up wasting funds on items the customer doesn’t need and lose opportunities to deliver on items in demand. 

Benefits of Stock Management Software

Our best and simple stock management software lets you make purchase orders and you create and manage a database of suppliers and customers. You can set low-level stock alerts so that the reorder is on time. Also, it makes your work easy and you can update item quantities upon order receipt and report and monitor stock levels, averages and costs. The stock inventory levels can be monitored based on their category, location, etc. Stock Management Software is feature-rich that helps manage inventory and makes dealing with and managing vendors, customers and suppliers easier.

Stock management systems are used to monitor stock levels as well as orders and deliveries. The system (Stock Software) alerts you when you are likely to run out of stock so that you can reorder items in advance. This lowers the chances of stock outages and ensures you always have enough goods in hand to serve the needs and demands of customers. Integrating a stock management system with your warehouse inventory presents real-time updates and minimises human errors. We have listed the benefits your business will gain by using online stock management software:

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Benefits of Stock Management Software

Maximise Sales & Profits, Minimise Costs.

Maximise Sales & Profits, Minimise Costs

For a business having a multi-channel, ecommerce setup with sales streaming in from online and offline stores. Across your sales channel you need to manage orders to minimise the loss of sales, when, consider, you need to restock the next must plan thing for the vacation season. Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with our powerful stock management, order fulfillment and stock inventory control software for growing your business and increase your profit.

Inventory control is also crucial if in a business you want to minimise the carrying costs of holding stock. Keeping stock in warehouses is expensive. Insurance, taxes, theft, storage fees, natural disasters and passing fads can all potentially eat into your profits.

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Focus on Process Compliance

Achieve Productivity & Efficiency in Operations

Keeping or storing stock means you are tying up your money in them. You are holding your money and can’t spend this fund.

You need efficiency in managing/balancing your stock levels so that your business cash flow towards positive direction. We all know what happens when your business runs out of cash, never mind profits.

Apart from this, simple reports and analytics helps you see what products are selling fast through your multiple sales channels. This is helpful in making smarter purchasing decisions and you might be able to spot a trend or two!

Do you need to manage batches and product and expiry dates?

This is important for the beauty, health and pharmaceutical industries.

How about managing multi-matrix product variants? Or handling complex units of measurement?

All these are possible with an inventory management software solution.

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Automation of Manual Tasks

Automation of Manual Tasks

No one wants to sit around doing manual data entry activity or complex manual calculations with every purchase order. It’s best to leave it to a software to automate these common recurring tasks for you.

Some common bugbears faced by wholesalers and distributors include the calculation of landed costs.

How do you apportion additional expense like customs and shipping duties?

Inventory maintain software should automatically divide landed costs by the proportion of the purchase cost of the product, saving you time, effort and mistakes.

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Integrate your Entire Business

Integrate your Entire Business

Let’s consider your sales rep closes a sale and creates a sales order. Stock management software helps the rest of your company work with it as it makes its way from sales to fulfillment.

Let’s see how this activity is done.

In First step, admin or user management in the software can readily create user logins for each staff in your company’s departments such as: sales, purchasing, administration, management and fulfillment.

A master user create job roles and assign user permissions to each user. Then these users can access modules and functions for their job responsibilities. Depending upon the access rights, it prevents them from having access to stock adjustments or transfers, or from viewing confidential financial reports.

Secondly, activity notes and tasks helps in collaboration within the team members and can seamlessly share and handover information on products, supplier, customers, invoices, sales orders and shipments. In this way everyone has full visibility in the orders until they are fulfilled.

In third steps, for fulfillment operations team can easily create and ready the shipment and pack all the items and quantity in the sales order that is yet to be shipped. With delivery order they can also issue picking and packing lists to the warehouse team to ship. When the order has been received by the customer, they can then mark it as delivered.

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Always Keep Your Customers Happy!

Always Keep Your Customers Happy!

How does Stock management system keep my customers happy?

Well, it reduces your time to fulfillment for a start. With an stock maintain software system you are able to keep fast-selling products in stock (from your analytics and reports ) and fulfill them immediately.

Who would you rather buy from and what about returns and exchanges?

A seller with ready stock to ship immediately? Or one that takes 2–5 days to order stock before shipping it out? A customer that receives an order quickly is definitely a happy customer. Your system should handle these graciously. It gives instant support satisfaction!

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Key features the buyer should take into account while buying the Stock Management System


Supporting multiple locations




The software should coordinate with physical stores, eCommerce stores and all purchase points.


Support and training


See that the software provider trains your employees in implementation and offers technical support (else you’ll end up paying extra for this necessity).




You should check whether you can purchase the software that fits into your budget


Good Internet Speed


As this software is an online tool, good internet speed is must for flawless work.

Brands that believe in us

Stock Maintain Software For Stock Management

Don’t get blinded by complicated features, marketing claims or needlessly paid upgrades. Technology should be liberal that release you from the burden of running a business (wholesale or distribution) and let you live life to the max.

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