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Online Inventory Management Software: Cloud-Based Inventory Software

SalesBabu cloud-based inventory management software helps to keep your customer happy and satisfied by creating sales strategies and maintaining reorder points. We provide on-demand complete & best inventory software in India. Simplify the inventory control process with our online Inventory Management Software. We provide the best and an advanced inventory management system for an affordable price. Our simple inventory software for business houses is user friendly and easy to use. We have developed the best online inventory management software and many of our customers have rated us the top in Inventory Software India.

Inventory Management Software

Manage Your Stock Online | Effective & Easy Solution.

Bills Of Material(BOM) is the list of all the components & assemblies of a product. BOM contains the information about the final product along with the spare part it has used. It includes the spare parts name, serial number, brief description & Units Of Measurement. Online inventory management software offers the facility to have bills of material ready automatically once the order has been logged in the system.

  • Centralize all information
  • Track of Finished Goods
  • Tracks updates
  • Reference Model for Products
  • Contains Crucial Data
  • Further References

Goods Receipt Note is a record of goods from the customer that he has received from the vendor. Goods Receipt Note or GRN is a note or receipt used by the customer to check or validate the delivered goods. It is a verification note filled up by the customer at his end. You can print GRN with a click as soon as you proceed with the order in an online inventory management system.

  • Real-time Inventory updates
  • Proof of delivery
  • Integrity & consistency
  • Complete details of products
  • Inventory process on track
  • Information source for the financial department.

Item issue entitles the details like which item is issued, for which department, to which person and its designation, and for what purpose. Whereas an item receipt is issued when an item is brought back to the warehouse, it entitles similar information like the date it was issued, to the person and department it was issued and the date it was received back. You can’t process orders or refunds without issue and receipt notes in online inventory management software, thus reducing the chance of error in stock management.

  • Reduce the chances of forgery
  • Streamlines the process
  • Time management Avoid mis-management
  • Smooth acknowledgement from both parties
  • User-friendly interface

Finished goods are an essential component of inventory. Finished Goods indicate the final product manufactured. The final product is the one that is manufactured by the production department and is set ready for delivery to the next dealer or distributor or directly to the end consumer. Inventory management software has the facility to enter finished product details to manage production.

  • Information about products
  • Synchronization of all information
  • Ease in scheduling & upgradation
  • Stock level check
  • Close eye on every detail
  • Manage inventory process

Raw material in inventory management is the material needed by the warehouse to produce the furnished goods. Effective and efficient maintenance of raw materials is one of the most crucial tasks for any inventory management system. Raw materials are the indispensable component of the production cycle. The quality of raw materials determines the quality of the final output.

  • Raw material monitoring
  • On-time delivery
  • Reduce wastage
  • Helps in capital release
  • Improves collaboration
  • Conflict Management

Delivery Challan or, as is called, a Delivery Note is a crucial document involved in the inventory management. Delivery Challan is a complete list of products that are being delivered by the vendor, that are ready to be delivered to the customer. Delivery Challan is signed by the receiver and is sent back again to the vendor along with the Purchase Bill.

  • Track product delivery
  • Proof of delivery
  • List of items delivered
  • Reliable and authenticated
  • Portray the complete process

The inventory control software can significantly boost your business and optimise your profitability. Inventory planning and tracking are enhanced even more when integrated with the purchase management software module that helps to provide further analysis of inventory performance. Inventory management system software (Inventory Planning) offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to keep you on top of real-time inventory status. It is helpful in planning new or improved purchase policies, sales policies and pricing methods and also effective and enhanced customer service. By leveraging our cloud-based online inventory management system software system, you get the tools to create an inventory system with the goal to meet your business needs in future. For basic inventory management software, and a  free demo contact us.

SalesBabu Inventory Management Software-On-Demand solution provides the level of control by offering high-end features normally reserved for large companies, including light manufacturing capabilities, serial number tracking, and multi-warehouse support. Setup various vendors and multiple product lines with details. Maintain reorder levels and minimise order quantities. Generate GRN reports, quality Analysis, and Sales and Purchase Returns Reports. Many happy and well-organised business houses rely on our Inventory Control Software that helps them to track certain adequate inventory levels to satisfy their customer demand. Many of our customers have rated our software as the best easy inventory management software based on their experience.

We have developed Inventory Management System Software (Inventory Planning) which is a 100% Cloud Platform with Real-Time Data for growing businesses. Simplify, Optimize & Automate your Inventory Process for Efficient Inventory Management. Easy to set up the best online Inventory Software. Manage your stock Online, Easily & Effectively, to be more productive. Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with our powerful Online Inventory Management Software, order fulfilment, and inventory control software. Our best online Inventory Management Software is affordable for all Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and Startup companies – Simple pricing. No surprises. Value for money.

Benefits of SalesBabu Inventory Management Software

  • Allow to do Product Level Bifurcation
  • Facilitates Returnable GRN’s
  • Facilitates Returnable DC’s
  • Facilitates Product Sampling
  • Facilitates Purchase Returns
  • Reduce the chance of forgery
  • Avoid Stock Mismanagement
  • Facilitates Material Movement Tracking
  • Enable to check Internal Inventory levels
  • Track entire Sales Returns by Customer END
  • Get real time Inventory Status & MIS
  • Facilitates Vendor’s Mapping with multiple products
  • Tracking at segregate Stock Levels such as BOM,FG,Semi FG
  • Facilitates inventory Evaluation on single computer screen
  • Facilitates Material wastage or Material Scrap tracking
  • Maintain all the GRN’s (Good Receipt Note) on single screen
  • Centralized & Synchronize entire information @ single Screen
  • Facilitates Integrity & Consistency on entire inventory process loop

Moreover, SalesBabu Online Inventory Management System Software System helps companies to streamline & synchronize entire stock levels and Inventory workforce on a single screen. Our inventory control software facilitates the company with such a robust basic Inventory Management Software. Therefore, they can handle entire inventory tasks in a lucrative manner and can keep track of all the material movement (In & out), manage Bill of Materials, allow to do Material GRN and can manage all the Delivery challan on one platform. The application (Inventory Management Software) simplifies and automates the order and inventory management processes, empowering businesses to grow.

Moreover, SalesBabu Online Inventory Management Software System helps companies to streamline & synchronize entire stock levels and Inventory work force at single screen. Our inventory control software facilitates company with such a robust Inventory Management Software. Therefore, they can handle entire inventory tasks in lucrative manner and can keep track all the material movement (In & out),manage Bill of Materials, allow to do Material GRN and can manage all the Delivery challan on one platform.


Features Of SalesBabu Inventory Management Software


Basic Inventory Control –

This is one of the most crucial and tops in the features list (Inventory Planning). It gives a systematic process to honestly manage and control your inventory across all of your sales channels. Generally a new businesses work with spreadsheet where formulas can break and a manual effort is needed to keep track of inventory. This is considered to be the first level of business automation. As this is growing and need a better and more efficient way to grow and manage their business. This will help them to position themselves for future growth and optimise their profit.

Centralized storage –

It becomes more difficult to manage and govern orders and direct products to the right customers if you have more stock locations. You can track the availability of all products and services and maintain customers and promptly informed on the status of their orders with an adequate and appropriate best online inventory management software tool in place.

Efficient stock operations –

Good and smart inventory control management is the base pillar of any healthy retail business. It saves both the time and effort required to manage stock manually. With a collaborative management system in place, your employees does not require to write daily reports and run back-and-forth through them to give customers an answer, but rather have data ready and regularly updated on their devices.

Enhanced sales productivity –

Many business houses have reported significant and tremendous improvement in their closed deal rates after implementing their first SalesBabu Inventory Management Software Solution. This has become possible due to accurate inventory control software that prevents from losing customers and minimizes common mistakes made by human such as reporting products out of stock and forwarding clients to various stores.

Manage Orders

Manage your orders online with our efficient inventory order management system. Also, you can create purchase orders, GRN, Delivery Challan (DC), Stock Adjustment, all in a single inventory management application. Our online inventory control software covers other features like Purchase Indent, Purchase Return, Invoice, Sales Return, Item Issue, Item Receipt and MIS for pulling reports. Automate your Order Management Process with our best Inventory Software.

Warehouse Management System

Check stock level, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and generate reports for specific warehouses with few clicks is few seconds. Online Warehouse inventory management System, at your fingertips.

In-Time Delivery –

One of the core advantage of implementing our easy inventory management software is, it helps to blow delivery deadlines and prevent customers from waiting time for their product to arrive. Advanced programs will also involve them in the process giving them a realistic outlook of the status of their order and allow them to track the product’s movement from purchase to arrival.

Adjusted order frequency –

As the distributors considering the stock shortages to be the worst possible scenarios we would ascribe that attribute to overstocks to avoid this situation. Leaving products to waste or paying for their storage and maintenance is the area where business houses lose the most of their fund, and that is why inventory control software is so useful for our company. With the help of this software you track the actual stock supplies and companies can re-order from vendors at the correct time or adjust the inventory order frequency in a more suitable and effective manner.

No more hidden costs –

Another competitive and crucial edge of quality best inventory software systems is that they adjust quickly and easily to sudden increase in your sales and you get to twist them in line with sudden increase and drops. For the purpose, you won’t have to pay extra storage fees, while in the best possible scenario you will also get a product that prepares, packs, and ships products for you.

Satisfied customers –

With accurate responses and personalised service at any moment, your customers will be more happy and satisfied than ever. They will have faith and trust you more. And They can track the status of shipped products without facing the risk of a late notice that the product they expect is no longer available.

Accurate planning and forecasting –

Our basic inventory management software help you forecast and plan in advance and become more proactive as they track the status of your products, manage negative trends and opportunities, and retrieve crucial historical data to predict the progress of your sales. Indeed, best online inventory software are mostly packed with analytic features that free your precious time, and still pull off all important indicators that measure productivity of your business.

Centralise All Information –

Cloud (On line) based Bill Of Material (BOM) centralises the information flow that makes the task easy and thus prompts inventory level in reduced cost. It gives clear visibility of all the required information related to inventory.

Demand Forecasting –

Demand forecasting is fundamental key to planning what and when to order so you allocate resources wisely. With the proper and efficient tools in place, you can get idea and lean more than just which products are selling and which channels are performing well. Having the skill to drill down into the aspects of your sales, like size, color, and material, provides you crucial and essential information thats helps to keep accurate levels of inventory. And this helps us to make better and effective decisions for inventory like what and how much to buy.

The Stores Manager can see the snapshot of the current status in Stores using the Inventory Management Software:
  1. Item below reorder level: All the Items below Reorder level in Stock is displayed here, based on which your Stores department will issue Purchase Indent.
  2. Pending Indent: All the Indents issued based on Work Order by the Production department, but the Items are still not issued (Pending) is displayed here.
  3. Pending returnable GRN : Goods Received which need to be returned back, but if it is still there in stock after the scheduled Returnable Date it gets displayed here.
  4. Pending Returnable DC: Items send out of stores with an Expected Return Date, but still Goods not received back is displayed here.




Inventory management system is an ongoing process of moving goods in and out of a company’s locations. It includes tasks like – placing new orders for products and shipping orders to customers. Business leaders must have a firm grasp of everything involved in the inventory management process to find the right solutions to track and tackle inventory challenges.


Monitoring and tracking inventory is one of an important part of doing business. It is the activity by which companies remain stocked with all of the essential goods they need to sell to customers and complete day-to-day operations. When the products are sold, they must be replenished at a rate that finds a healthy balance between the extremes of overstocks and stockouts.

Supply and demand are never constant. They often change with the season and over the course of a product’s lifecycle. There is also a problem of keeping track of inventory with various units of measure and suppliers in different countries with their own distinct tax rates and laws.


To solve these challenges, companies often switch to a software that can help them to monitor and track their inventory, orders, vendors, and more. Startup companies frequently record inventory status in an Excel spreadsheet because it’s readily accessible and they don’t have to put a lot of money into obtaining it. But as they grow bigger, they often find that Excel lacks the more advanced features they need to study and analyze data, spot trends in sales and supply chains, automatically update inventory records from a bar-code scanner, and keep their data secure and accessible by the right people.

Using a basic inventory solution is a step up from Excel, however its limitations soon lead growing businesses to switch to a more advanced solution. This is a costly fault for small businesses that have precious few resources to spare.


A better solution for tracking inventory is to find software that is economical/affordable and robust enough for small and midsize businesses to be with them for many years. It has features that are simple enough for a young business to master, which can also be expanded to fit that same business’s increasingly complex needs year after year. SalesBabu Inventory Management Software is a powerful inventory management system that fits for all business size.

Our Online Inventory Management Software help you to oversee multiple locations, print and scan barcodes, reorder products, convert units of measurement, use multi-currency features, create multilevel work orders, and much more. Our Inventory Control Software integrates with dozens of other business solutions, including as per customers need. So you can share your inventory data across all of your other online and desktop platforms to ensure each one has accurate, updated inventory quantities and values.


SalesBabu Online Inventory Software is an ideal inventory solution for many types of businesses, including:

  • Manufacturers who work with hundreds and even thousands of parts, components, and other materials.
  • Wholesale distributors with multiple suppliers and warehouses both outside and inside their home country.
  • Service providers who must manage fair numbers of cleaning supplies, replacement parts, and other items to serve their customers.
  • Food producers using ingredients that must be consumed before reaching their expiration dates.

And many others, ranging from SMBs to large enterprises.

With SalesBabu Inventory Management Software, you can speed up your inventory management processes by using bar-code scanners, save money by balancing your inventory needs, and get more out of your workers by giving them the tools to be more active and productive. Eliminate double data entry by integrating our inventory software with your accounting software and other business solutions.

Convert multiple currencies into your home currency in sales orders and purchase orders to help with taxes and other calculations. Also, use production stages in multilevel work orders and bills of materials (BOM) to make sure manufacturing jobs get done in the right order and fast enough to keep up with demand. That’s a tall order, but SalesBabu is up to the task.

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