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Why it makes sense for mid sized businesses to use CRM as a SaaS

Why it makes sense for mid sized businesses to use CRM as a SaaS

Make customers, not a sale! 

Customers are the topmost individuals of the priority list. Therefore, developing a good customer relationship with them also becomes important to retain them and keep them happy. No matter if you are a small business, a large enterprise or a start up, maintaining a good relationship with your customers will never go out of trend. Mainly creating good customer relationship does not happen with minutes or days, it will take months together to win the hearts of your customers and make them a loyal customer. You need to put in efforts and give your time in order to achieve it. And thankfully, the technology has provided us a tool that will help us, guide us and stay with us to achieve loyal customers as well as success in the business performance. 

And it’s for this reason that many businesses no matter what size, are willing to invest on an online CRM software. A CRM application is an online software that helps you to store data about your customers, their preferences and interests, purchase history etc etc. For an outlook it may look like a tool meant for just sales reps. But the cloud based CRM software is beyond just sales, which basically means “the CRM application is not just for sales”. The cloud based CRM software is useful from marketing department to customer service department.

The present CRM Application are basically cloud based CRM softwares which provide cloud computing facilities. You can also make the fullest use of Mobile CRM that can be accessible from anywhere at anytime. 

Indeed thanks to technology! 

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CRM Applications are one of the best strategies the businesses encounter when it comes to using a software as a SaaS. Firstly, let us know more about Software as a Service.

SaaS means Software as a Service. It is a software model which is licenced on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It basically means that you can access and  use cloud based mobile CRM apps over the internet. Here you pay only for what you use and your reps can make use of the cloud based mobile CRM apps through internet.  Have you got your best CRM Software which is basically a cloud based CRM? If not, visit our website

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Advantages of CRM SaaS 

  • No computer hardware and software

You need not have to maintain computer hardware and software in your organisation. You just need to pay as per your subscription plans and take the atmost use of the technology. All you will require is an internet connection. 

  • Scalable

One of the important features of the cloud based CRM is its scalability. It offers the ability to scale their computing resources when required. Your CRM system can grow as per the growth in your business. 

  • Pay for what you use 

As mentioned above that CRM SaaS can be accessed through the internet and is subscription based. So you need to pay as per your subscription and use accordingly. 

  • Mobilize 

The SaaS CRM can be accessed easily from anywhere i.e either from an internet connected desktop or your smartphone with mobile CRM App. These services are reliable and are available by the cloud providers. 

  • Security 

CRM SaaS offers security when any important data is lost or it can also be protected by inappropriate access. 

  • Easy work 

Through CRM SaaS you can make your work easy as the information can be managed well. You need not have to spend money on any software and hardware devices or infrastructure setup. All that you are benefited is unlimited space and easy backup options. 

  • Automation 

The SaaS CRM provides automated facilities where you can rely on SaaS provider to automatically execute updates which further reduces the burden. 

  •  Centralized database

The cloud solutions collects the information and stores all the necessary information on a single platform. 

Like everything else SaaS also comes with a few disadvantages. You may be kept away from this information but it becomes a necessity that you are aware about the cons as well, before you invest in one. 

Disadvantages of CRM SaaS 

  • Web hosted 

As SaaS software is a web hosted CRM application, you cannot make use of the software without internet connections. For instance if you are at a place where the internet connectivity is low or the mobile workers are at internet dead zone, it becomes difficult to have access on the software. 

  • May not be cost effective if you are relying on multiple applications  

If your company is relying on various other software solutions to host certain applications on site then it may not be a cost effective solution for you. 

  • Rely on outside vendors

Though most of the cloud based CRM software vendors ensure security for the business data, if you are not comfortable relying on an outside vendor you may come across security breaches.  Thus, before you choose a CRM application for your business make sure that the SaaS provider’s service management level is reliable. 

  • Insufficient data security

This is one of the top concerns for all the companies who are looking to opt for the Saas based application model. Issues like access management should be addressed before trusting the third party service providers with your company’s sensitive data. In the case of accessibility from a mobile device, strict measures should be taken before any sensitive data is made known to the service provider.

  • Low performance

A browser-based application that is running on a remote data center will lack in performance when compared to similar applications running on the employee’s desk. Hence, companies need to invest in the fast and most reliable internet connection to prevent these factors and also use the tools to know the performance management of applications to know how their Saas is performing.

  • Troublesome Software integration

While working with external Saas service providers for hosting multiple apps, there might be a problem of integration with the existing in-house software. The data structures in-house may not integrate properly with the external software. Hence, you should perform compatibly and check with all Saas applications for better results.

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These disadvantages may be mere cons for may not be cons for many businesses. 

Don’t you think this is an amazing business strategy which ensures right management of internal business as well as customer management? Every business sector differs from the other and so does their necessities differ. Depending upon your company size and industry you will require different functionalities, which means the cloud based CRM software “is not one size fits all” kind of online CRM software. 

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Why SaaS is Beneficial for Mid-Sized Businesses?

Mid-sized businesses commonly initiated as small enterprises or startups, paying attention to building relationships and serving to a limited customer base. During starting phases, they try to satisfy customer expectations and satisfaction. Although, as these businesses tend to grow, managing both demanding and loyal customers simultaneously becomes a distressing task. The maintenance of spreadsheets increases,  creating challenges to share information across several departments within the company.

To expand business, it is required to track customer activities and improve customer satisfaction. Applying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a Software as a Service (SaaS) providing demonstrates to be a highly agile and efficient solution.  The flexibility of SaaS-based CRM is imperative for several reasons, as it effortlessly integrates with other software and solutions, allowing information capture from diverse sources.

The versatility of SaaS-based CRM creates accountability and logic towards the digital infrastructure of mid-sized firms. Not only is this solution  affordable, but it also ensures that business organizations do not lose track of customer detail. Irrespective of the industry, SaaS-based CRM emerges as one of the most beneficial tools for mid-sized businesses, providing a comprehensive range of advantages.

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SalesBabu cloud based CRM software for small business is the next generation of your business applications. Unleash your organisation’s potential by breaking down data silos to connect customers, products, people, and operations by implementing our best CRM software for small business. 

With our cloud based CRM software for small business drive digital transformation with a new approach to your business applications and enhance your profit seamlessly. With our online CRM software for small business drive digital transformation with a new approach to your business applications and enhance your profit seamlessly. Break down silos created by traditional ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management solutions) for a comprehensive view of your customers and operations. Customers are transforming with our online CRM software for small business.

Conduct some research and you will likely identify a cloud based CRM software vendor with an ideal solution for your small business. Our best online CRM software for very small business comes with all the features your business could ever want because our modern and best CRM for small business solutions are packed with diverse and incredibly useful productivity tools. Some specific features to look for include a centralized database, email integrations, accounting and finance functionality and integrations, and workflow automation. 

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Overall the SaaS CRM application provides various functionalities for your business. And when it comes to mid sized businesses, the SaaS can be the best business tool for you. No matter what industry you are but see to that your Cloud based CRM is able to provide applications or functionalities depending upon your business necessities. If you are still not using a cloud CRM, then visit our website at SalesBabuCRM Solutions and request for a free demo. We have mobile CRM facility at SalesBabu CRM to make your work much easier and quicker. We assure you to provide quality work and you will never regret investing on our cloud solutions.

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