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Sales Force Automation Software – Sales CRM

Boost Sales Performance with Integrated Sales Force Automation Software (SFA). SalesBabu’s SalesForce Automation CRM software enables your sales team with unified and integrated sales processes from opportunity, up-sell and managing quotation to sales forecasting, order management and fulfilment.

sales Force Automation

CRM is the strategy used to manage the relationships you have with your customers and Sales Force Automation is the strategy used to drive efficiency in your sales processes. By introducing Sales Force Automation CRM Software in India, SalesBabu has allowed an opportunity to maximize the efficiency of the repeatable processes a salesperson performs.

The use of web-based sales force automation CRM software helps you automate and streamline business tasks, including Account Management, Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Funnel or Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Activity Management, Sales Forecasting Analysis and Sales Team Performance Evaluation.

Sales Forecasting Features

Streamline Sales Force

The focus of sales force automation is to increase the efficiency of your sales process. Your salesperson has all the facilities & convenience of storing his important notes & contacts in one place, which again easily available any time.

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Sales Productivity

SalesBabu Sales Force Automation CRM Software gives a clear picture of, what your sales guys are doing, how they are performing daily activities & to what extent they will contribute to your system. That leads to monitoring your sales team’s productivity.

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Sales Pipeline Forecast

Since Sales Force Automation can smoothen & energize the whole sales process, you will have full access to further expected closures & follow-ups, that can help you to find out the future pipeline or expected add-ons to your revenue.

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Target v/s Achievement Analysis

Since Sales Force Automation gets everything on one platform, you can evaluate the efforts of your sales force by calculating the performances shown by them. This means you can do a comparative study of their time-to-time achievements against the targets given by you.

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Manage Contacts

This software helps you to maintain a complete database of your existing clientele, that gives you the information in regards to their previous orders & pricing history. It helps you to carry out your relations in a better way.

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Real Time Information

SalesBabu CRM Software has been developed over a cloud-based platform & can be accessed from anywhere & anytime, which gives you the convenience to look into all the updates, done by your sales force, regarding any sales prospect or sales closure.

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What is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is an automated process that mechanizes and incorporates distinguishing elements of business processes right from customer contact administration, and representative execution assessment to the handling of sales estimates.

In other words, SFA associates every segment of business and allows a steady flow of information through various divisions that would otherwise need serious conceptualization over different levels, so the importance of SFA in businesses is considered one of the most indispensable parts of all effective organizations.

Sales Force Automation

Components of Sales Force Automation

Focus on the right leads

The most effective way of increasing sales and productivity is to target the proper leads. If a business knows what makes a good lead, it can easily set up a sales force automation automatically which will analyze the lead and decide how qualified it’s supported the metrics like the number of employees, revenue, or industry.

Activity tracking and alerts

This allows the sales team to keep track of where they are with certain customers and will ensure that they are taking the next step correctly to build up the sales.

Manage the sales pipeline

Sales Pipeline can be set up by the team members and can be alerted whenever the customer moves to the next step, making the process much simpler and ensuring that each and everyone in the team knows about the next step.

Automate the sales process

By automating the sales process, businesses will keep moving without doing anything. The other benefit of sales force automation is creating a plan which maps out which steps follow the previous one.

Benefits Of Sales Force Automation Software



For winning deals standardize best practices by linking your sales process and the customer buying process.



Streamline the quote and order process with a completely unified and integrated quote-to-order, cash and fulfilment solution.



Implement SFA and make sales more predictable with real-time forecasting and a system of checks and balances that triangulates the sales forecast.



Provide visibility into proper sales compensation calculation; ensuring the sales team spends quality time in selling and minimum time double-checking their commissions.

Some functionalities of Sales Force Automation

Document management

SFA helps the users to maintain all the lists of products, specifications of products in a manual, brochures, list of the prices and template quotations.

Opportunities management

This management will enable all the users to create opportunities, administer the progress and estimate the bonus of the users.

Pipeline management

It helps to refer to the contact numbers of the customers, their email id, address, preferences of contact etc, for maintaining the contacts by updating, creating, tracking appointments and contacts etc.

Contact management

This process involves tracking parts and supplies, including the transfer of products, consumption, adjustments and more.

Event management

It enables to plan events like trade shows, conferences, meetings, seminars, webinars, etc all with the customers or with the partners. This will feature the reports of the event, calendar of the events etc.

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