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CRM in the Cloud: Right for your Organisation?

CRM in the Cloud: Right for your Organisation?

Are you a small business? Or are you a large business? The main objective which plays equal role in both of them is maintenance of good relationship with their loyal customers. If you are a small business and you are gradually gaining success, you will have to build a stable relationship with your clients and customers to sustain in the long run. A part of your success or failure depends on the way you treat your customers.

Customer experience has become the new trending brand in the market. Almost two years back on April 10,2017 when the United Airlines had to face a massive brand crisis. The outrage detonated all over the social media when the video of a passenger who was violently removed from the United Airlines, became viral. About $1 billion was axed from its market value overnight. It’s not just about the United Airlines there are several such cases which has proved the importance of providing good customer experience. Some might be known to all and some may have just been the in the room of four walls. Now, lets know more what can be done in order to enhance the customer experience and also make them feel that they are treated right at the right time!

Maintaining good relationship with your customers as well as clients and also possessing good management strategies in order to accomplish the organisational goals is possible through the cloud based CRM software. The CRM System is not a “one-size-fits-all” software. It depends on the industry, size of the industry and working activities of the industry. You will have to choose the applications which fits in the needs and wants of your organisation. The cloud based CRM software serves centralized database through which you can easily get data on your leads and existing customers such as previous or current transactions, purchase patterns and interactions etc. The application also helps you to keep a track on the updates of the sales, marketing and service team. It helps you to streamline and optimize your workflow. The main advantage of a cloud CRM system is it provides a complete automation of the entire business process. Thus, the automation procedure will help the business to improve management process and work more effectively. And you need not have to spend a large amount on setting up the cloud based CRM software. It is a cost effective way of business strategy using technology.

Presently, the cloud based CRM has become a business trend in the market and there are many businesses making use of the cloud CRM to enhance the growth of their business. Online CRM softwares are the applications that can be accessed through the internet on subscriptions plan chosen according to their needs. It can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. You can also access the CRM application through the CRM app in your smartphones.  

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Is cloud based CRM software, right for your business? Let us know in detail about it.

What makes the cloud based CRM software stand out in the market?

The cloud based CRM software has the basic essentials which makes it stand out in the crowd. They are-

1. Easy to use and accessibility  

The cloud based CRM software is easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface. The cloud based CRM application has easy accessibility which makes it a key to successful customer relationship management. The cloud providers are reliable when it comes to providing of service. The only thing that is necessary is the internet connection. And most of the applications are also available offline.

2. Centralized database

May it be small or large business but gathering the information and data is a difficult task as each and every information from the documents in different departments must be verified. And this task can be time consuming and tiring as well when the information is not available at a single stretch. Whereas, with the help of a cloud based CRM software you can get all the required information at a single platform. Thus, due to the centralization of the database, it will also promote the sharing of data to different departments in the organisation without much effort as it is an online CRM software.

3. Secure and reliable

You might have heard about various cyber attacks and issues in the local systems. Whereas the cloud based CRM application provides high security and it is also reliable. Just see to that you are working with a well-known CRM provider. The data can also be protected by the inappropriate access or if the data is lost.

4. Cost effective

The cloud based CRM application is a cost effective way of working efficiently and effectively in your business. You need not have to invest lakhs of rupees on the cloud CRM. You will just have to pay as and when you operate, based on your subscription plans for the online CRM software.

5. Enhanced customer  experience

CRM defines itself as Customer Relationship Management. Thus, one of the most important benefit in the cloud based CRM is the customer satisfaction. All the dealings from sales to services for your customer is done using this software. By understanding the needs and expectations of the customers, the company can improve itself to a much better brand in the market. It not only lets you understand the condition of the customer but also lets you know about the continuous feedback from them.

Enhanced customer experience :

6. Helps Get and Keep Your Business Organized

No matter you are small business or a start up, but when you stay organised and try to maintain the consistency while growing is an effort worth contributing. Any business for that matter has loads of data to be stored depending upon the size of the business. You cannot just make use of the excel sheets and spend time on manual enterings. Whereas, with a online CRM software you can keep your work organised because the cloud CRM system involves very less manual entries. The CRM system does most of the work for you with the provided information.  

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How to choose the Best CRM for Small Business or a Large Business?

  1. Include the relevant departments in the evaluation process of the cloud CRM.
  2. See to that the Cloud CRM vendor is able to customize your requirements accordingly as the cloud CRM is not a one-size-fits-all software.
  3. Make a wish list of what you are going to achieve once you start using the CRM application. Making these wish lists also plays an important role because when you have goals to be achieved you can concentrate on your work more perfectly.
  4. Do not judge an online CRM software with its face value. Check out its features and test it out! The expert will take you through the usage of the software where you can clear all your doubts regarding its usage. Once you feel that you are satisfied with its functionalities, you can get along with the further procedures. If you are thinking about which is the best cloud based CRM to be implemented in your business. Then don’t waste time and feel free to request a demo at SalesBabu CRM. You can visit our website to know more.
  5. Take trials, communicate and read reviews before you select the cloud based CRM software.
  6. Choose an online CRM software which has user-friendly interface and let your sales reps understand the working of the CRM application.

Best CRM for Small Business

CRM for Small Businesses | SalesBabu India

There is nothing wrong or hesitant to start your career with a small business. At the initial stage of the business you have a number of problems and difficulties regarding finding new customers, getting efficient work done by your employees, unable to know the response of your customers on a whole, lead generation, balancing the coin between retaining the existing customers and converting the follow ups into leads etc etc.

With a small budget investment in SalesBabu CRM software, you can obtain effective sales and service activities. It provides various functionalities such as contact management, invoice and bills of goods, inquiry management, quotation creator, CRM reporting system, streamlines sales force and competition check etc.

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What next?

Implementing a cloud based CRM software in order to improve your business could bring in positive differences in day to day management activities. SalesBabu has come up as the most powerful and dynamic hosted CRM, ERP, MedSFA and service  management solutions in the market. If you are still wondering which is the best CRM for small business or which is the best CRM for your business? You can consider SalesBabu CRM software. Visit our website and request for a free demo.

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