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Payroll Management System

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Employee Management

It is mandatory to keep complete details of active and non-active working staff at one place for various reasons. Online payroll management software centralizes all employee records and ensure easy access to information from any internet enabled computer.

  • Employee General Information
  • Employee Payroll Information
  • Pay Structure
  • Deduction Structure
  • Previous Employment Details
  • Employee transfer and settlements
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Online Salary Generation

Online payroll software has an advanced salary processing module where you just need to select Division, Branch or Company whose salary you need to process and after clicking ‘Generate Salary’ ,within a few seconds all Employees salary is processed. With the use of online payroll management software you can enjoy complete payroll automation.

  • Predefine Salary Structure
  • Process salary without mistake
  • Leave and Attendance Records
  • Loan & Advance details
  • Bonus, Gratuity & Welfare Fund
  • Pay Slips on click
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Emoluments & Deductions

Payroll automation relevance is to enable organization to handle the most complex emoluments & deductions with utmost ease. This is achieved through a systematic approach. The online payroll software efficiently integrates deductions and benefits according to the entitlement & eligibility at various levels.

  • Setup detailed salary master once.
  • Error free salary processing
  • User defined PF Rate of Deduction for Employer & Employee
  • Options to Limit Maximum Salary for PF Deduction
  • User defined ESIC Rate of Deduction for Employer & Employee
  • Auto calculations of Exemptions & Deductions
  • Income Tax Projections with the options to deduct projected tds from Monthly Salary
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Leave & Attendance

Monitoring of Leaves & Attendance was never so easy before. Payroll Management Software allows employees to systematically maintain leave data and information. Maintain their attendance & whenever required apply for leave and get approval from their managers through an extensive set of parameters.

  • Leave Rules can be defined
  • Yearly Credit of Leave/ Pro rata basis
  • Monthly Increment of Leave on Pro-rata basis
  • Carry forward facility for balance leave
  • Encashment of Leave / Encashment In excess of Leave
  • Leave Utilizes & Balances can be checked
  • CL, PL, SL, Compensatory & Customizable Leaves
  • Automatic Leave payout on termination of Employees (in Full & Final Settlement)
  • Define Attendance Arrears
  • Monthly Attendance Register & Yearly Attendance Summary
  • Attendance / Leave Ledger
  • Submission of online Leave Application and supporting workflow
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Minimize Tax Headaches

Tax Computation sheet looks at Gross Salary (Head Wise), calculates Total Income, considers Deduction and Rebate, Tax already paid and Previous Employer Tax paid and finally returns the EMI. This is how our Payroll Management Software works, it enable the organization to reduce its Income Tax headaches at the end of Financial Year Closing.

  • PF Calculation & Reports
  • ESIS Calculation & Reports
  • Professional Tax
  • Auto calculations of Exemptions & Deductions and compute income tax payable for the entire year & the tax to be paid this month
  • Auto calculation of TDS based on Projections
  • Income Tax Projections with the options to deduct projected tds from Monthly Salary
  • Prints Form 16, 12BA & Online Challan 281
  • Quarterly e-TDS Return as per the NSDL format
  • Income Tax Projections can be emailed in PDF format
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Expenses & Reimbursement

Expense Management is also a feature of Payroll Management Software, it provides your employees with an end-to-end facility to manage their various types of expenses that could be occur very often. Moreover, they can also claim for their eligible reimbursements such as travel, medical benefits, annual leave claim etc.

  • Multiple Reimbursement Components like Medical , LTA & Customizable Reimbursement Components
  • Upper limits can be specified – Employee wise or Grade wise
  • Annual Limits or Monthly Accruals
  • Opening Balance, Entitlement, Amount Reimbursed and Balance amount can be checked
  • Reimbursement Payslips, Bank transfer statement for Reimbursement Component
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