Electrical Motor Manufacturer and Supplier

Electrical Motor Manufacturer and Supplier
Electrical Motor Manufacturer and Supplier
The Electrical Motor Manufacturer and Supplier is at its peak and there is continuous progress seen. Electrical motor manufacturers are doing their best to maintain their progress, but simultaneously OEM manufacturers are also looking at the better revenue margin, from the production done and sales revenue generated. OEM’s are looking for better margins to survive within the Electrical Motor Industry.
The Electrical Motor Industry is all about the production, sales, Inventory management & supply chain related and requires to be streamlined with the help of a proper tool. When it comes to a tool to streamline the process, in the electrical motor manufacturing and supply segment, then ERP is an appropriate solution, wherein Sales, Service, Production, Inventory Management is available to manage.
One of the modules covered in the ERP is by the CRM – Customer Relationship Management for the electrical motor related vertical industry, who are into manufacturers and suppliers. CRM most helpful features utilized for the said industry are mentioned below.
Demographics and Competition : How to find Growth in the segment of the Manufacturing and supply industry of Electrical Motor ?
Every sales person is designated to their demographic territory, to observe the market, review the challenges faced and resolve them with appropriate process, to get the revenue from the allocated territory. Allocated territories will have the competition and to overcome the challenges of the competitors, SalesBabu CRM will help salespeople by proper input and pitching the right product with accurate expected price by the client as per the prevailing competition. Chances are there that the sales person still faces the competition and loses the revenue to the competitor. Here, the SalesBabu CRM tool allows the salesperson to capture the data, why he lost the case to the competitor, which company took over the order in the competition, what was the offered price by the competitor and what was the salesperson’s last negotiated price. These MIS Analytics reports are sourced by the management to review and re correct the flaws due to the competitions.
This will help to take out an appropriate report with the help of MIS Analytics tool. Management wants the data of the losing as well as winning cases are from which demographic territory, who are competitors and what are the prevailing prices, so that it can be overcome in the coming days. CRM tool is to manage the complete sales process and with the MIS analytics, revenue growth can be seen. Moreover, helping the sales force team to analyse their setbacks and strengths of revenue due to the competition and which territory in the allocated demography is yielding the business.
Sales Forecasting – Expected and Future Order Processing
When there is a demand and supply for the products and to be maintained in the inventory, the said records can be derived from each of the salesperson’s Sales forecasts. Sales force team is engaged in their sales calls and achieving the sales targets. The proper planning to match the demand and supply, salespeople share their expected opportunities in hand and closed orders. Every salesperson maintains their pipeline cases and orders procured, where the Sales forecast by the salesperson is prepared and this is an important stage for them. Based on the MIS analytics reports through the available inputs, the sales force team prepares their sales forecast. Through the projected Sales forecast, decision makers of the companies are able to decide – how much stock inventory to be made available, by production of the products which can suffice the present requirement and future requirements
Through a Sales forecast shared by salespeople, management is able to check whether the available stock is in hand and can be managed for the closed order – where delivery of the products yet to happen. They are also able to plan for the future expected closures by the production. Management plans and coordinates with the Department heads, who are involved for the proper supply of the products are done, and meeting the demand & supply of the products.
Access of the CRM Modules by different departments
When it comes to working with different departments and coordination of departments, then each responsible head of the department will have access to the CRM. The Head of the Department reviews the Sales forecast, provided by the salesperson from available inputs and necessary information in the CRM. Access of the informations by Purchase Head is related to the procurement of the raw materials for the production, Sales Head will access sales orders available in hand – yet to be delivered and expected orders in the present month, Finance or Accounts will access CRM for the fund flow related information – available order fund expected or received of the orders, access to the production head on the total products quantity expected and received orders. Production team will access the CRM, providing the finished goods in time is the responsibility and cannot lose the clients, due to the non availability of the product. Customer support teams are responsible to provide appropriate information on the delivery status and then access CRM to get the tentative schedule to convince the customers of providing good service in time.
When the work is done collaboratively by all departments in the CRM, then eventually the coordination is also happening within the CRM. This is considered as a centralized way of working in the CRM.
Making sure all are connected to perform centralized platforms with the present technology.
Each department is responsible for their productivity, if the same is not in balanced form then, the departments with each other are not in proper coordination and expected accuracy of data inflow is not happening. In the business process, all departments follow the process with coordination, so that centralized ways of working pattern exist and last for a long time. To bring the centralized way of working pattern, in order to have the productivity of all departments’ CRM to be implemented.
CRM works on the set of rules with process flowchart patterns, followed by each department, to bring coordination with each department for an accuracy of data. CRM plays a vital role in the Electrical motor manufacturing and supply industry bringing a working atmosphere, within the departments and their heads, by centralizing the working platforms.
Manufacturing Productivity and Supply chain streamlining
Productivity of each department counts the rating and sets a goal for the progress of the company. CRM is implemented to streamline each department – sales, purchase, inventory, finance, operation and production. The accurate input provided by each department and MIS analytics report helps the manufacturing department, for the production of the products and operation department, for the supply chain streamlining. As per the necessary information available in the CRM for the Supply chain department, they will start procuring the raw materials from the suppliers, seeing that it reaches the manufacturing unit in time. Production will start their job as per the raw material availability, to produce the products orders in hand and availability of finished goods for the expected orders stored into the Inventory. Inventory department will review the status of stock in hand and how much is required for the future orders. In precise better coordination and productivity required in the Electrical motor manufacturer and suppliers Industry, then Salesbabu CRM is the solution. CRM is implemented to streamline all the departments, to work with collaboration and coordination.
At your service – Customer Support
When it comes to overall productivity then, the Customer support team ensures of taking feedback from the customers in regular intervals. They make sure the Customers have received after sales and service support, by the technicians in time. If there is any feedback of discrepancy or issue related to the product or service, the customer support team ensures it is shared with the related department heads. They make sure the department initiates the necessary steps to resolve the issue, in a given time bound. To get a word of mouth reference from the customers, the customer support team ensures the task is completed with the satisfaction. This is an important role of the Customer Support team of productivity, who are in use of CRM.
How SalesBabu CRM Software helps management and different departments in the Electrical Motor Manufacturer and Supplier Industry.
SalesBabu CRM software is implemented for coordination with each department and a centralized way of storing the data. Also to manage the leads, follow ups, opportunities, quotation, sales order. Maintaining the leads data, customer data management, product management, quotation management, data management of opportunities, ensuring there are no conflicts arises within the department heads. A CRM software is helping the businesses to work in a centralized manner, ensuring the company is in progress.
With availability of the technology, through SalesBabu CRM, salespeople are able to close the deals and facilitate accurate information to relevant departments. Information provided to the production and supply department and they are involved to meet the stock Inventory is available. Avoiding the last moment sourcing raw materials, fund not sufficient, supply of the logistics not in time, which affects the production and sales revenue. In the competitive market, production, stock, quality, price and sales to be maintained well, otherwise a hit back to the businesses – through the competitors, who are aware of the strong players in the demography territories. Competitors become strong by having the knowledge of delay happening of goods in the market, quality, prices prevailing in the market as per the demand and supply.
Streamlining of all the departments, providing the data accuracy to the head of department helping the Electrical Motor product manufacturing industry to sustain the market peaks. As per the information stored in the SalesBabu CRM, MIS analytics report is available for the management, accurately provided by the centralized way of working by all departments, which is reviewed for the requirement of the production and supply of the goods. SalesBabu CRM will help the business to progress, by centralizing all the departments and streamlining the process flow chart as per the rules set for the departments.
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