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Sales Tracking Software CRM is a Sales Tracker that helps you maintain consistently effective sales forecasting and results with capabilities that automate, streamline, and synchronize all your core sales actives like monitor new sales opportunities , give a comprehensive view of customer interaction, automatic follow-up reminders, integrated account history and single repository for everything, including contact information, the role of each contact in your business relationship, relevant documents and partners involved in the account.

At SalesBabu CRM, our sales call tracking software is a combination of mobile CRM and cloud based online sales CRM software. The mobile sales tracking system is helpful in managing the data and operations in and around entire field operations. Here are some of the additional functionalities enabled by a sales tracking software.

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Manage Entire Cluster of Sales

Without an efficient lead tracking and capturing, the complete sales equilibrium gets disturbed. So, sales tracking software helps managing all leads with each and every information well inside the software.

Centralizes Client Data

There are series of conversations and interactions once the sales rep is assigned an inquiry. Sales tracking software gives you a proper note section from where you can refer to all the historical or present conversation with the client..

Follow-Up Management

Relationship With the customers can not develop until you understand his exact requirement and deliver the right product. All this require consistent follow up with the customer in which the Sales Tracking Software helps you, after all, Effective follow up is the backbone of the sales process.

Manage Complete Product Information

A customer detail in incomplete without accurate product mapping and technical specification. Sales tracking software helps you manage all products, their specifications and other details.

Forecast Sales

Software offers vivid features to forecast your probable revenue generation and profitability .It real time dashboard offers futuristic sales pipeline, and indicate organization profitability .

Visibility of Sales Process

You get complete visibility into your sales process. Why some customer turned up not interested? or Why a particular deal was lost? Based on the last activity to leads, opportunity or any particular account, you can know all areas in your sales pipeline that require instant attention.

Performance Tracking

Measure how effective each sales team members are in reaching their goals or closing deals in their pipeline.

Sales Escalations

Notify sales managers in case of important sales activities or inaction on any lead/ missed follow-up on the salesperson’s part.

Sales Reports

100+ dynamic reports to measure every piece of your sales process – from individual and team performance to sales closure rates.

Measure and track sales activities
What does Sales Tracking means and why it is important?

Sales tracking means storing records and describing all aspects of your sales process. Here, the advantage of it; analyzing these records is helpful for a sales managers to develop a sustainable strategy that keeps critical Sales performing. When the process is done right, sales tracking provides transparent visibility into your sales process. And the insights necessary to convert more prospects into customers – especially when you use a CRM with a sales call tracking software.

The CRM application is accessible in the Mobile App so you can find the information you need while on the move. SalesBabu Sales Tracker via Mobile CRM allows creation or editing of CRM entries and Sales Order directly from a mobile device. You can browse client records, use the product catalog, and even view contact information of clients from your Mobile CRM app! Find out more about the Mobile App.

For all business, only one thing is more challenging than finding potential leads is – converting them. A business looking forward to meet its best conversion ratio, sales tracking app and management is one of the most essential steps in managing your leads. The organization needs to gain the ability to track, manage and accelerate the lead processing for maximum conversion with sales tracker.

SalesBabu CRM is an integrated sales tracking app software which delivers a unified dashboard interface for managing every sales activity. ‘What is CRM?’ The CRM Software is an online(cloud based) SaaS platform embedded with a tracking system that records every stage and instance in your sales channel, acquiring better insights of your complex sales process.

Also, Sales CRM system eases the processing of acquired leads and helps in creating the best custom sales appeal to nurture the most profitable lead in sales processes with sales tracker software. The sales tracking app also helps you process the acquired leads more efficiently.


Comprehensive Sales Tracking to Respond When it Matters

For all business, only one thing is most challenging than finding potential leads is converting them into sales. A business seeing ahead to meet its leading conversion ratio, sales tracking app and software is one of the most crucial steps in managing your leads. The organization needs to gain the ability to track, manage and accelerate the lead processing for maximum conversion.

SalesBabu CRM is an integrated sales tracking software which delivers a consolidated dashboard interface for managing each and every sales activity. We also have sales tracking app that makes tracking easier. The sales tracking system stores every stage and instance in your sales channel, collecting better insights of your complex sales process. Our CRM system helps to maintain good relationship with business partners.

Also, our Sales tracking software and sales tracking app eases the processing of acquired leads and helps in creating the best custom sales appeal to nurture the most profitable lead in sales processes. The CRM sales software is also helpful to process the acquired leads more efficiently. Here are the various applications of SalesBabu CRM which enables you to track and manage leads with higher efficiency.



The sales tracking software ensures that any lead is handled in the most efficient manner. The CRM system receives every lead, streamlines the lead flow and presents the lead enquiry in the most easily understandable way. In this way, SalesBabu CRM software significantly cuts-down the time for processing and analyzing each lead.


Our best sales tracking software gives an instant account of the requirement of each potential lead received. The crucial information of the client requirements helps to assign the lead to the concerned department and in return come up with a custom pitch that promote client interest.


SalesBabu CRM comes with a customer sales tracking software which gives you the crystal clear understanding of your sales channel. A better grasp of sales process channel is helpful in optimising your sales process according to the needs and requirements of your target audience.


A company using our sales call tracking software don’t have to wait until the month-end or week-end to obtain performance reports. Our Sales Tracking Software exactly records the contribution of individual sales executive. Based on the record you can make changes to the team roles or shuffle responsibilities as it required.


As our sales tracking software is cloud based, you have the immediate access to the entire client account database. As the customer information is quickly accessible, it creates an additional values for retaining clients and achieving new client accounts.

Benefits of using SalesBabu Sales Tracking Software System:

  • Complete visibility of every stage of the sales process
  • Minimizing and saving time and company’s money by eliminating the manual paperwork
  • Capability to perform sales tasks in the single data repository
  • Management and monitoring of the sales accounts enables identifying accounts providing the most revenue and accounts with the minimal perspective
  • Reducing the monotonous & work-related stress of the employees from the sales department
  • Comprehensive analytics that allows evaluating each sales activities from sales campaigns
  • Valuable data capturing from the various sources
  • Capable to see all customer transactions and interactions
  • Providing information to higher management that helps them make accurate sales forecasts
  • Effective and impressive inventory management by providing updated information about inventory levels located in multiple warehouses
  • ability to measure sales profit and losses;
  • Learn when something goes wrong and minimize risks
  • Eliminating the alternate among various computer programs
  • Mobile App for handheld devices for using in the field and providing access to the important data 24*7 from anywhere
  • Tracking customer debts, bills, payments
  • Customized reports enable effective sales analysis
  • Smoothly integrated with the accounting and other software systems.

The sales tracking software helps streamline and automate sales-related activities. They vary on many parameters including the cost. Some sales tracking software is costly, other packages are affordable. There are no two the same sales tracking software systems. Even though if they offer the similar features, they vary in data collection and processing, reports and analytical tools and other aspects. So if you wish, your sales tracking software will be effective and serve you with most benefits. Before purchasing the software for tracking your sales activities, define the most important features that can help your business to achieve success.

How SalesBabu CRM Makes Sales Tracking Easy

Sales pipeline visibility

Our CRM software is built with high pipeline visibility. In our sales tracking system fundamental view is always an overview of entire sales process of an organisation, with visual representations that shows what is working and helps to identify potential problem areas. With pipeline viewing support you can drill down into contacts, deals, organisations and statistics easily and logically, having access to track the information needed immediately.


Mobile friendliness

SalesBabu CRM Software was built with mobility with one of the priorities in mind. It supports flawlessly on Android. Track all sales reps, metrics, and activities in real-time, streamline operations, and never miss another opportunity. This makes it quick and easy for sales reps to register each move with a prospect without slowing down their workflow. Our CRM mobile app integrates naturally into their workday and quickly becomes an important part of their sales process.


Break down team silos

In an organization an open, connected structure permits information to flow freely among the team.


Turn conversations into action

Built for long-term knowledge so you stay at with impressive ideas or context in a transient notification.


Why Choose SalesBabu’s Sales Tracking CRM Software?

There is a growing need to understand the complicated process behind every sale. No guesses or improvisational exercises work in the field of sales. We at SalesBabu have experienced this and this is exactly why we help you to streamline the entire sales processes. Sales representatives require a lot more than just contact information to keep the sales process moving. At the same time, nobody wants to make themselves bored with hours of administrative tasks. So, what do they do? They choose SalesBabu online CRM solution. It’s user-friendly and helpful in managing complex sales processes.

The cloud-based CRM software provides you with immediate access to all levels of the sales activity with a visual pipeline and graphical representation of the deal flow. This is how you save time and close more deals.

Find customers, grow accounts and close deals faster with SalesBabu Sales Cloud

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