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Travel Industry

CRM For Travel Industry

Automate and Streamline your Business Process by Implementing SalesBabu CRM Industry Vertical Solutions.

CRM For Travel Industry

Online CRM systems specifically designed for travel agencies consist of functions that aimed to satisfy the specific needs of travel and hospitality companies. Due to additional features implemented into your Travel Agency CRM software, it’s easy to organize information, implement international communication and automate operating procedures.

While dealing with travel business representatives, solutions experts at SalesBabu identified the key functionalities for Travel CRM solution that will simplify daily activities, save time and money; and boost profit. Best CRM for travel agencies helps travel agents interact more smartly with customers, easily edit, save/update customer-related events, and manage all customer activity.

Advantages of SalesBabu Travel Agency CRM Software

  • Enhance business processes in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments.
  • Managing customer relationships at lower process costs.
  • Quick, cloud-based access to all business data.
  • Higher customer loyalty and a better understanding of the customers’ needs.
  • Access all-important customer data in a centralized database.
  • Work effectively online using a safe and secure Internet connection.
  • Define any number of properties as search and filter criteria.
  • Run an extensive campaign management 
  • Provide your sales and controlling departments with unified statistics and reports on customers and booking data.
  • Adhere to a strict approach to data visibility.
  • Maintain customer history using automated processes
  • Improve customer data automatically depending on their booking behavior.
  • Integrate your Travel CRM with IT environments to exchange data with other systems in your company or others.

CRM for Travel Industry allows you to streamline the contact management process for sales and support team

  • Auto reminders for occasional tour plans/events.
  • Centralised access for all customer-relevant data
  • Managing detailed customer Information in structured manner.
  • Personal interaction with customers result better customer satisfaction.
  • Well coordination across all branches.
  • Automated Workflow from enquiry to booking and feedback management
  • Identify high value customers for repeat business.

Enquiry Management

CRM is one single platform where, all the incoming enquiries can be saved that turn out to be masters for the same.

  • Helps in getting & tracking all the relevant details of the customer
  • It can be assigned to any user, without any problem.
  • Helps in managing contacts of the client. It facilitate the future references & relations
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Follow-up Management

From CRM only the agents can follow their prospected customers & also keep a track of all communications they had with them.

  • Keep a record of complete communication chain between the organization & customer
  • Provides Reminders & alerts for the actions need to be taken by agents
  • Unbroken Communication & continuous follow-ups helps in closing of sales efficiently
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Bookings Record

CRM supports the travel company to keep a record of all existing client, in one masters.

  • Keeps all the data at one place on one platform. No fear of any data lose
  • Referrals can be track down easily, while all the information is available on single source
  • Helps in tracking down the positive aspects of sales process. That can be use in further strategies.
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Payments Records

CRM enables the travel company to keep the record of all the payments done by the customers & also to make reminders for pending payments as well, if any.

  • Keeps the detailed information of the payments done by the customers, along with the payment mode & Transactions codes
  • Also helps in keeping the reminders of pending payments from the customers with proper date.
  • Facilitates transparency between the company & customers
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Multiple Agents Login

Every agents or sales executive has his/her own login from where they can update their information real time, although every login is interrelated & centralize to one master login.

  • Since it is on cloud, agents can login there CRM account from anywhere anytime.
  • Every punching of information is real time, so no need call the sales guys for each & every minute details.
  • Facilitates flawless communication chain between the agents & management.
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Customer Database

Allows to track all usable information related to customer, passenger name record, pre-sales and post-sales communication. Using Travel Agency CRM, travel agents will be able to follow customers’ needs more effectively and on time.

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CRM Analytics and MIS Reporting Software

Analysis of data will cater your sales team and controlling departments with consolidated statistics and reports on client and booking data. Utilization of powerful analytical tools (MIS) and sophisticated metrics due to CRM solution helps profile and identify your most valuable yielding customers as well as estimate the effectiveness of your B2B and B2C campaigns and grow your business.

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