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Best CRM For Manufacturing Industries

Automate and Streamline your Business Process by Implementing SalesBabu CRM Industry Vertical Solutions

CRM For Manufacturing Industries

Comprehensive Suite to Cover All Your Market Needs



Store, access and manage leads from a central location. Your prospects or leads might be coming in from different sources; public listings, tenders, referrals or more. You can simply add them as a lead into SalesBabu CRM, or if you are targeting specific divisions of a parent company, you can create a parent account for the larger company, and create child accounts for specific divisions of the company you are pursuing.

Once you’ve added the prospect into the CRM, you get a 360-degree view of your prospect in one centralized location, be it their past activity history with your company, or their past interactions with your salespersons over email, phone or direct meetings.

In fact, a modern manufacturing CRM software like SalesBabu even enables users to add notes relevant to each customer, set up tasks and appointments, and upload necessary files right within the CRM application.

You can manage all your customers’ databases in one place. So it becomes easy to access the information regarding any customer at any time. Just by a single click, all Information can be viewed.

  • Capture and track all customer information and interactions
  • Real-time data to make informed decisions
  • Identify Prospective Customers
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Lead Follow-up

Lead Management system in manufacturing CRM software helps you to make a funnel of overall leads and allows yours sales rep to make necessary follow ups of day to day activities on a single platform, which boost the probability of more closures and more revenue generation for the business

Online CRM facilitate seamlessly capturing inquiries coming from a variety of sources, including website lead forms, marketing automation systems, and lead providers.

  • Lead Capture
  • Flexible Lead Distribution
  • Continuous Activity Prioritization
  • Real-Time Dashboard and Reporting
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Track customer journey across pipelines

Once your prospects enter the sales stage, you can view which sales stage each prospect is in, and even move them across different stages effortlessly. A visual sales pipeline helps you easily track where your prospects stand, and who needs to be pursued on priority and helps you determine where to focus your efforts better.

You can even create multiple deal pipelines; for tracking the prospect’s journey from initial contact to sale, for after-sale service process, for processing payments and more.

A holistic manufacturing CRM software like SalesBabu also enables sales reps to trigger conversations with and collaborate across teams right within the deal page. For example, a sales rep can initiate a discussion on a particular deal and add relevant employees across finance, production, or order processing to engage in a conversation about specific aspects; be it a customer requirement, a clause, a negotiation or more.

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Track your

Which sources are you getting the most leads from? How many contracts are you winning per year? Which industry/region are you getting the most contracts from? How many high-paying customers do you have? How are your sales teams performing? Compare and track these and more metrics right within the manufacturing CRM with reports and dashboards.

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Tracking payments,
delivery & dispatch

CRM for manufacturing industry offer functionality to schedule and track partial payments against orders, installation, purchases etc. also it automatically calculate pendency aging. 

  • Set partial payment reminders
  • Track follow-up conversations
  • Manage Dispatch Details
  • Manage delivery logs
  • Delivery and dispatch reports
  • Pending order reports
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Customer Service Excellence

How much time sales staff spent to answer basic Questions from customers? Always give your customers confidence that they will get answers of their questions, quickly and reliable from your organisation.
The first thing comes into manufacturer mind post-sales implantation and delivery of project. Manufacturing CRM system manage all the information and keeping all the team in loop so that they can perform their job right and keep the customer happy.

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CRM helps the manufacturing units to streamline the complete process flow in a very efficient manner, moreover it does not require any overhead support, it leads to reduction in extra cost & also helps in more revenue generation.

  • Less time in lead filtering
  • Optimize skilled workforce save high employee turnover.
  • Timely order processing save customer service time and effort to retain the business.
  • Real time inventory monitoring
  • Demand forecasting save extra production cost.
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Accurate Demand

This feature is extremely useful for firms that are operating in fast-changing industries like high-tech, retails, electronics, etc.CRM solutions in the manufacturing industry will help the manufacturers to reduce the time that is required to develop a product from the concept phase to delivery in the market. Therefore, you do not need to spend money on the different manufacturing planning software.

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Improved Product

To stay in business, manufacturing companies should keep producing high-quality products consistently and efficiently. Defective products will not only deteriorate the image of the brand but also will result in unhappy and unsatisfied customers which will lead to a reduction of the sales and revenue of the company.

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Supply Chain

Failing to simplify and optimize the business operations which will result in an excessively complex process. Moreover, costly implementation of the production management software might have a detrimental effect on the company’s desired ROI. Deploying CRM in the manufacturing industry might give the manufacturers detailed and useful insights regarding the operations, processing of the order, inventory management, distribution chains, and warehousing.

Having an intelligent supply chain will deliver phenomenal results as it authorizes the firms to manage the production schedules. It will also let you maintain the supply of the materials and move the products as quickly as possible from the site of production to the market.

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SalesBabu CRM solution for Manufacturing Industry

We meticulously designed manufacturing CRM software to ensure smooth operations for sales and marketing purposes. SalesBabu CRM for the manufacturing business has a proven track record to drive sales and customer service.

Our best CRM software for manufacturing business works great when it comes to automating the necessary processes to increase efficiency and thereby profits. Thus, it becomes easy for companies to tackle daily challenges like changes in customer satisfaction, schedule, sales forecasting, etc. Every feature of our manufacturing CRM software contributes towards providing quick solutions to your challenges within no time.

SalesBabu CRM solution for Manufacturing Industry

Our intuitive CRM software for the manufacturing industry is designed smartly to improve customer service and enhance marketing/sales endeavours for manufacturing. Best CRM for Manufacturing Industry allows you to streamline the day-to-day processes and increase efficiency. With this great tool – CRM for the manufacturing industry, you can earn the confidence of the customers and make them happy and satisfied.

Our cloud CRM for the manufacturing industry is designed specifically to improve customer service and enhance marketing/sales endeavours for manufacturing & assembly plants and companies. Relish and enjoy better insights into improved productivity, sales forecasting, customer engagement and most importantly, simplify all your manufacturing workflows and processes with our proven manufacturing CRM software.

Many manufacturing industries find it challenging when it comes to revert to RFQ (request for quotation), and the primary reason for this is often a lengthy or exhaustive quote process that is done manually. Due to this leads or prospects walk away, which is something that no manufacturing company would want to witness.

SalesBabu CRM software for the manufacturing industry captures all such valued data into the system, saving your salespeople and managers from the hassles of entering and tracking these details manually.

SalesBabu is seasoned with the fact that all manufacturing industry is distinct and this is why our CRM (manufacturing CRM) and assembly plants comes with configurable options to suit specific business needs. Hence, right from the packaging of products to their shipments and orders to purchase, our manufacturing CRM software is the perfect pick to get the work done.

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Brands that believe in us

Benefits of SalesBabu CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Sales Forecasting
Boost customer service
Boost Sales and Services
Quotation management
Resource and material tracking
Accounts/contacts management
Streamline sales and order process
Optimum utilization of Sales Resource
Empower workforce with skill training
Market visibility to fight competitors
Comprehensive and 360-degree view of customers
Real-time order and purchase management
Expanded customer retention and satisfaction
Fosters productive sales and marketing reps
Efficient relationship and territory management
Efficient vendor, inventory and order management
Easier access to technology for real time information updates.
Streamline Sales and Marketing process to boost revenue opportunities.
Benefits of SalesBabu CRM for Manufacturing Industry

Challenges faced in the traditional system

Marketing & sales data present in silos

While an ERP system provides a real-time view into the entire business process, linking different functions such as finance, operations, order processing, shipping, marketing and sales, and more, customer data is still available only in silos. For example, a sales rep in a manufacturing company may be storing prospect data and opportunities in a spreadsheet, storing activity history in emails, phone calls and notes, and tracking deal progress in another software.

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Limited sales journey

Catering to a customer’s need by producing a product doesn’t just end with creating a sale. The journey extends to establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the customer to 1) get repeat orders, 2) to gain loyalty, and 3) to gain more business opportunities. The lack of an after-sale service or support mechanism also means there isn’t a process in place to gather feedback from the customer about the quality of the product and relay it back to the planning and production teams.
In such a scenario, Adopting Customer Relationship Management Software is the best way for manufacturers to key in customer centricity in every aspect of their business process.

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Reactive vs proactive approach to addressing customer demand

Adopting and following a reactive approach increases the time spent between conceptualizing and bringing a product to market. With extensive data available today about what customers need, it becomes increasingly imperative for manufacturers to be proactive in forecasting demanding and producing products on time.

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Manufacturing Industries FAQs:

How can a Best CRM Software for Manufacturing be useful?


A CRM for manufacturing business fits seamlessly into your business framework and offers everything the teams within the company need to build customer centricity, boost productivity and enhance revenues.

And it really needn’t burn your pockets, like the new-age ERP systems with built-in CRM software do. An ideal manufacturing CRM software can help you store, track and leverage customer data, manage your sales process, and track your entire sales journey in an intuitive manner, while also being light on your pockets.

If you’re wondering about the CRM adoption rates, take a look at these numbers culled out from and the Manufacturing Business Technology Survey; 41.1% of manufacturers world over are currently using a CRM software or are in the process of implementing one.

Get a step closer to your valuable customers and win more business with SalesBabu’s Manufacturing CRM Software


Being proactive in understanding and catering to your customer needs doesn’t just help you build better products and boost your revenues, but also helps you create an edge over your competitors. With SalesBabu’s best CRM software for manufacturing, get complete visibility into your customer’s journey, secure important data on your sales teams’ performance, collaborate with teams across the company to work towards a customer-centric goal and always stay ahead in the game.

Make Your Stock And Resources Well Planned And Managed

SalesBabu CRM For Manufacturing Industry caters to the increasing challenges and pain areas of manufacturing industry. Maintaining sales,purchase and inventory all via a single interface, SalesBabu Cloud ERP Solution help you automate the entire manufacturing industry process in a simplified manner. Its easily adapted to your organization with a little training and economically. It keeps a complete track of raw material availability, stock management, Purchase inquiry management, etc.

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