What is SalesBabu Inventory Management System

What is Inventory Management System?

Inventory management system is a business process to keeping track of stocks, like what numbers of inventory we have on hand, where it is in use, and how much finished product results. It is all about to specifying the availbilty of stocked goods at micro level.     
Major obstacles in Inventory Management

  • How to handle Stock transactions?
  • How to do Material Receipt Note?
  • How to Check Buffer Stock?
  • How to do inventory evaluation?
  • How to control stock cost?
  • How to Manage Stock Types(BOM and FG)?
  • How to handle Bill of materials?
  • How to bifurcate seperately Finished goods and Semi finished good stock?
  • How to handle vendor levels?
  • How to define product masters and product categories?
  • Is it possible to tag “N’ number of vendor against the particular product?
  • How to do Actual stock adjustment?
  • How to increase Inventory Productivity?
  • How to handle material movement cycle?

Benefits of Inventory Management

  • Enable to check Entire Stock transactions?
  • Allow companies to do lucrative Inventory Evaluation
  • Enable to know Stock Cost
  • Enable to handle BOM(Bills of Material)
  • Enable to do GRN
  • Enable to do material level bifucation,whether it is FG OR Semi FG ,Raw material.
  • Enable to handle Delivery Challans
  • Enable to increase productivity @ stock levels
  • Allow to do physical stock adjustment
  • Streamline entire inventory work force
  • Synchronize all inventory internal functions
  • Track Product Deliveries
  • Reduce material wastages
  • Facilitates Inventory analysis


What is SalesBabu Inventory Management System

SalesBabu Inventory manangement  Software keeps a vigil eye upon the total inflow and total outflow of the raw material  which helps you to accomplish all the relevant information pertaining to the stock availability, keep entire track of your product sold and entire material purchased.

Benefits of SalesBabu Inventory On –Demand

  • Tracking @ segregate Stock Levels ,like BOM,FG,Semi FG
  • Allow to do Product Level Bifucation
  • Maintain all the GRN’s (Good Receipt Note) on single screen
  • Facilitates Returable GRN’s
  • Facilitates Retuable DC’s
  • Facilitates Product Sampling
  • Track entire Sales Returns by Customer END
  • Facilitates Vendor’s Maping with multiple products
  • Get real time Inventory Status & MIS
  • Facilitates Integrity & Consistency on entire inventory process loop
  • Centerlized & Synchronize entire information @ single Screen
  • Facilitates Purchase Returns
  • Reduce the chance of forgery
  • Avoid Stock Mis- Management
  • Facilitates inventory Evaluation on single computer screen
  • Facilitates Material wastage or Material Scrap tracking
  • Facilitates Material Movement Tracking
  • Enable to check Internal Inventory levels


Moreover SalesBabu Inventory  On- Demand ,helps organiztions to Streamline& Synchronize entire Stock levels and Inventory work force at single screen. SalesBabu Facilitates organization with such a robust Inventory Management Software,where they can handle entire inventory tasks in  lucrative manner ,which can keep track all the Material Movement (Inward & outwards),Handle Bill of Materials,allow to do Material GRN and can manage all the Delivery challan’s on one platform.

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