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Online Customer Complaint Management System Software

Managing complaints is a supportive business practice for ensuring best customer service in any company. By having web based complaint management systems in place, businesses can use the information that is captured to make process improvements to achieve quality output.

Once a customer bought your product, each time he contact you for support you need to log a complaint with ticket number so as to track the complaint till it’s resolution up-to customer satisfaction. SalesBabu online customer complaint management system software organize the process of complaint management with logging the complaint with ticket number, easy escalation of complaint to skilled forced according to severity and nature of the complain and track the solution. Thus, enhancing efficiency of complaint handling process.

complain management software

Customer complaint management Software provides you a robust complaint management section where you can put all the queries of a particular customer, can classify them on the basis of severity, their occurrence, their importance and then record all the comprehensive solutions in your database for post analysis. Online customer complaint system and service contacts are an opportunity to show your clients how important they are. If you exceed their expectations they will be loyal customers for years to come. Customer complaint management software allow entry, tracking, recording and recalling customer contact history to better customer experience and customer complaint handling

Monitor Service Activities

Monitor complaints for multiple case natures, type of resolutions, SLA, severity, quality and timely escalation in any after sales support process. Complaint management software organizes the process and offer tools to monitor the complaint at every step till its resolution and keep the conversation for future reference.

Visibility of Warranty/AMC

Each product and it’s accessories may have different warranties. To manage AMC for those product and is very crucial yet complicated task. SalesBabu CRM complaint management software displays the information in Color Coding, which makes to recognize warranty and AMC very easy.

Case Nature

In SalesBabu CRM complaint management software you may pre-define some case nature to sort the complaint and record resolution for the same for quality monitoring purposes. Also, your support team will be able to easily identify the case nature  and provide timely effective resolution up to customer satisfaction.

Complain Severity/Priority

Within complaint management software you may log and sort the complaint Severity or Priority i.e High, Low or Medium. This help support team concentrating on the high priority task and smoothly resolve all complaints.

Complain Allocation/Escalation

Within complaint management software you may log and sort the complaint Severity or Priority i.e High, Low or Medium. This help support team concentrating on the high priority task and smoothly resolve all complaints.

Problems & Resolutions

Use of complaint management software ensures that every complaint activity is handled with a closing comment and what resolution has been given to the problems. The software enables you to pull reports based on products, problems and resolutions with this data you can prepare a knowledge base, which help identify and offer right solution without delay.

SalesBabu is the highest rated, most loved Online Customer Complaint Management System Software. Revolutionise the way you handle Customer Complaint with our complaint handling software. Our Online Customer Complaint Management System provides a complete solution for resolving complaints with a swift, dedicated, and transparent process for the best customer service environment. Enjoy Free Product (Online Customer complaint System) Demo today.

Online Customer Management System refers for all post sale customer complaint and query resolution. All customer query, complain, support and service resolution can be automated and streamlined through this module. Online Customer Complaints System helps regulated companies reduce complaint resolution time.

SalesBabu Online Customer Complaint Management Software solutions are highly flexible and integrate with your quality management system. Additionally, no matter your industry, our solutions automate and centralize your complaints intake process, so you’re more efficient at handling and correcting customer issues to improve product quality and your brand reputation.

Embrace complaint management system software to easily and quickly handle customer complaints. You can increase your customer satisfaction, gain seamless self-service, empower your customers, streamline your support system and improve response time. Get higher agent productivity. Complaint management software from SalesBabu provides everything you need to improve employee workflow and resolve customer complaints in a smarter way. Our product best is suited for all types of customers dealing with customer service.

Mistakes are an inevitable part of doing any business. Unfortunately, in the general manufacturing industries and life sciences, mistakes can result in more than disgruntled customers and a barrage of issues/complaints; they can result in serious safety issues even life threat. With this high stakes many organized companies are automating their paper-based customer complaint management systems with online customer complaints management software to manage their complaint resolution process efficiently. This is a good business practice for all companies. Efficient and quick complaint handling can reduce shipments of nonconforming products, reduce plant downtime and lower labor costs.

Quality Control:

Complaints can be a vital indicator of product quality and potential product recall issues. Quality managers and their teams use complaint management software to access report related to customer complaints, respond to those complaints directly, investigate the complaints within the organization, and analyze how these quality issues can be avoided in the future.


Better Service Assistance To Customers:

By automating the complaint management processes and integrating them into a quality system, you can provide better service to their customers and improve quality processes to mitigate any further customer complaints. Moreover, having a validate customer complaint management software that moves potential incidents rapidly through an investigation and corrective action cycle can be a competitive edge.


SalesBabu Online Customer Complaint Management System is One For All:

Each industry is different with regards to regulatory affairs, customer base, and manufacturing quality concerns. An electronics manufacturer will have a far shorter timeframe than a drug manufacturer to perfect manufacturing quality and address customer complaints before the product’s shelf-life is done. The pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer may have different regulations with which it must comply, and they could have different consequences if a recall or customer lawsuit were to occur.


Complaints Are …

In sales process, complaints shows the dissatisfaction regarding the product a customer has ordained from the vendor. Earlier, they were considered as demoralizing factor for product owner.But latest trend says that a judicious complaint management technique is a secret to strengthen relation with the existing client and also sets a promising image for the new customers.


Benefits Of Complaint Management System Software

  • Categorization of complaints on the basis of their severity.
  • All solutions are maintained in the database.So ,if needed ,you can select the solution or can fix new solution for any challenging problems.
  • Web based complaint management module get integrated with the website.
  • Customers can directly paste their concern through the website and can even get the relevant solutions as early as possible.
  • Customer can even deliver their valuable feedback to the companies through this software.
  • Complaints can now be seen as value addition for the business growth as they identify all the flaws of the product and suggest rectifications.


How does SalesBabu accomplish Online Complaint Management:

SalesBabu CRM complaint management software facilitates a complacent platform for customer complaints, can resolve them and can even maintain the database of solutions for future reference. Online Customer Complaint management system software is the key to increased customer satisfaction and augmenting business growth.

Complaints help companies identifying flaws in their products or in their services. This is done if the company provide quick solution to the customer miseries proving how valuable that customer is for her. Better the customer handling done, more an organization can prove itself reliable and customer oriented. SalesBabu Online Customer Complaint Management System Software witness speedy ticket resolution along with enhanced features.


As per SalesBabu, customer complaint management system is the process of how a company handle, manage, respond to and report customer complaints. Systems are developed and put into place to track and trend the data that is captured by customer complaint management software.


SalesBabu online complaint management system explains companies to use and analyze where improvements should be made to optimise the output. Further, Businesses use this valuable information to satisfy customers and safeguard the company from repeated complaints.


Based on customer feedback and expressions, efficient and potential online customer complaint management software systems should contain features like web based centralized location for customers to report complaints, a system for storing complaints and a process for logging complaints. Also a method for acknowledging complaints and a process for investigating complaints. This will help customer to develop a way of resolving and following up with the complaints.


Depending upon the business requirement, customer complaint tracking software system can be as simple or complex. SalesBabu Online complaint system handling software provide businesses the features and ability to generate automated complaint reports through customer complaint system software.


Customer remarks indicates that businesses having online complaint system show their commitment to provide high-quality, effective services and products to satisfy customers.



Why You Need SalesBabu Customer Complaint Management Software?

In today’s fast-paced regulated and supervised environment, you need a system to be able to collect customer complaints, categorize the incidents and process them for a timely and effective disposition. You also need to be able to track the complaints, escalate them if necessary, and identify any correlation or related quality events to get the big picture. SalesBabu’s robust online complaint management system is designed to address all of those needs every step of the way, from the complaint input through disposition and resolution.



Online Customer Complaint Management Software Features:

Ease of Use

SalesBabu Online Customer Complaint System is an easy-to-use software solution for automating paper-based complaint management systems. It is a cloud based complaint system, which will be up and running immediately.


Best-Practice Forms

SalesBabu helps ensure compliance by providing best-practice forms and a complaint management process designed to address regulatory requirements.


Centralized Location

SalesBabu provides a centralized location for all records related to customer complaint management and other quality processes. End users will be able to retrieve information from a central location. At the time of audit, all relevant information will also come from a single place, making the process faster.


Powerful Analytics

MIS – A powerful analytics and reporting capability allows stakeholders to leverage quality data in making decisions, understanding trends and predicting outcomes.


Best-Practice Processes

With SalesBabu, complaint management is built into best-practice processes to help companies evaluate and mitigate risks that impact product quality.



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