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6 Online CRM Software Benefits You Can’t Ignore In 2020

For every business, customers are the lifeline. The whole crux of your business revolves around them. The main goal of being in business is to make a profit which can only be achieved through customer influx. Therefore, it is only logical and reasonable that brands prominent for valuable customer relations would fare better than others. Such brands generally enjoy customer loyalty and an increase in turnover.

The majority of the customers value the experience they have while in contact with your brand as much as the product or service of your offers. It doesn’t matter how amazeballs your product is if your customer service sucks; you will most likely get a bad review.

Always remember that it is a battlefield out there and for your business to survive, it must be at the forefront of the competition in today’s market. What better practice to win than to improve your customer relationship. More than the battle of lowest prices and best quality products, you should also focus on giving your customers optimum experience.

The business relationships between the companies and their customers over the years have become easier with the advent of CRM. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as the name depicts is a tool that supports you manage your engagements with your existing and potential customers. 

CRM solution is a technology designed to coordinate all company correspondence with their current and prospective customers for maintaining effective customer relationship management. The sole aim of online CRM software is to better manage and enhance the interactions between companies and their customers.

Current trends in the business arena show that the use of cloud-based CRM applications will grow at 13.5% CAGR over the next couple of years. In fact, it is foreseen that customer experience (CX) will be the ultimate quality differentiator this year. Little wonder year 2020 is regarded as the year of customer experience (CX)

This year if your business goal is to have ascendency over other brands in your niche, then you will need a good, efficient CRM strategy. With it, your business can be able to generate more leads, increase sales and boost growth. Those days are gone where only big companies could afford CRM system software. These solutions can be accessed at affordable prices and they are quite easy to use and maneuver. 

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Here are some benefits of cloud CRM software that will be valuable to the growth of your business.

# Enhance customer satisfaction 

The best CRM software serves as a tool for monitoring and tracking sales interaction by recording all correspondence with your customers. CRM platform keeps track of all sales activities that involve both direct and indirect communication with customers which includes marketing, services, and product sales. Online CRM software computes and analyzes customer’s purchase patterns, response time, and retention rates. The CRM system also provides an update on your transactions with your customers. 

The information retrieved from this automated system will aid a better understanding of your buyer persona, customer demographics and previous transactions which will, in turn, improve customer satisfaction. If an issue arises with a customer, you can refer back to the data compiled in your CRM database.

#Boost lead generation and conversion

In business, the process of making sales starts from the point of lead generation, management, and subsequent conversion. This activity proves to be difficult when the sales rep is not adequately equipped with the right information at the right time. 

This is where CRM  software plays an important role. The online CRM software grants the sales executive access to valuable customer data which gives room for customer segmentation according to their buying behavior, age, gender, and preferences. Armed with this crucial information the sales reps can adequately manage leads generated from marketing campaigns and create effective lead conversion strategies. The sales personnel can also update lead revenue with the mobile CRM software.

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#Improve customer retention

CRM system supports you boost business revenue and customer retention rates. Harvard Business Review shows that if your customer attrition rate decreases by, five percent, it could lead to a 25% -85% profit increase. Using an online CRM software when you review customer feedback it gives you a better understanding of your customer’s needs and preferences. This helps to promote service delivery which increases your revenue and reduces customer deflection to similar brands. As a result, it could also attract referrals from customers who are satisfied with your precision of delivery.  

#Streamline internal communication

A great CRM application can be used to promote and build an effective communication system within the organization. Cloud-based CRM software can serve as a faster alternative to direct messaging via emails, SMS. With just a few clicks of a mouse, valuable customer information and data can be distributed across various departments for easy workflow. 

A good CRM software has a feature that manages the activities and business operations of all departments in an organization. This boosts team collaboration and interconnectivity through a single cloud-based platform. Team members can easily communicate through this channel and work on a project. 

Members in the team can also receive notifications of general information, customer complaints and new changes in their assigned tasks. The CRM system also keeps track of appointments, duties, meetings, tasks, memos, and calls. 

#Raise Business Performance

For the growth and expansion of your business brand automation is essential. The CRM platform enhances growth and productivity through better system management. Online CRM application helps simplify operations by providing an automated alternative to manual tasks which enhances workflow. Some of the tedious and time-consuming tasks can be programmed into the system to minimize employee’s workload. 

The main focus is to increase productivity through automation. From a single online CRM interface all business projects, contracts, services, and events can be managed. Cloud-based CRM solution also automates data collation and system management. It can be used to create team reports to avoid data miscalculations and mismanagement. It also provides automated scheduling and tracking systems for managing activities.

#Upgrade data collation and computation

An online CRM system upgrades information documentation and organization in your business. The CRM software helps records all interactions and engagements with your current and potential customers. It obtains valuable information from all your business channels which include your company website, social media channels, customer support logs, and feedback reviews. The data it fetches from these different sources are collected and stored in a cloud-based centralized database. The online information makes it easy for employees to access customer information from a central platform any time and from anywhere.

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Some of the Other Benefits of a Cloud-Based CRM Software

1. Easy installation

A bad fear with many organizations is that a CRM installation may be a long and complex process but that’s not now true when it involves a cloud-based CRM. A modern cloud-based CRM will be up and running in no time. All you actually need is an internet connection. Once you register online, you may immediately start using the software and make use of most of its capabilities. You don’t have to set up hardware, obtain server and software maintenance, have an IT person onsite 24×7, or do not worry about complex installations, data migrations, or even upgrades – all of this is taken care of by your cloud-CRM service provider.

2. Simple integration

Traditional, stand-alone products frequently won’t be ready to deliver the pliability and integration that’s being demanded by most teams. This can be true in a small business environment, where information exchange between available technologies is paramount. A cloud-based CRM will be easily integrated with other applications and software, like e-mail clients and productivity tools, enabling you to seamlessly perform tasks and achieve end-to-end visibility across the complete sales process.

3. Secure

Contradictory to the idea that cloud solutions aren’t very secure, companies that provide a cloud-based CRM take security very seriously. With advanced automatized backup policies and robust data recovery plans, cloud-based CRMs take security to a completely new level. What’s more, you’ll further improve data safety and security by using two-step authentication and important passwords, an important requirement for being GDPR-compliant.

Cloud-Based CRM Software

The cloud-based CRM software means the software is being hosted on the cloud servers. Cloud CRM is also known as Online CRM software. It can be accessed with the internet by making things easier and simpler. You can access information from anywhere, any time and carry out your business activities swiftly.