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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, cloud hosting and cloud services have become one of those recent trends in the present market. Every industry irrespective of the size of the business is focusing on cloud technologies in order to enhance the economic as well as business value. 

Let us know about cloud computing technology in detail.

What is cloud computing? 

Cloud computing can be defined as a real time service, hosted over a network of computers or internet, access the resources of the cloud system from anywhere or any system using a simple interface to connect end user computers to the cloud computers. 

In a cloud computing technology the supported applications, data storage facilities, all placed on a network of computers under a cloud. The end user access these applications, data over the internet using a cloud interface software like web browser etc.

Types of Cloud Computing :

Cloud computing is not an all-encompassing solution; varieties of models, types, and services have stood out to deliver customized solutions for multiple requirements. The demonstration of cloud services can be classified into three key approaches: public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.

  • Public Cloud – It is owned by third-party cloud service providers, the public cloud trends to provide computing resources, involving storage and servers, over the internet. In the domain of public cloud computing, the cloud provider holds the ownership and management accountability for all hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure. Access to such services and account management is regulated through a web browser.
  • Private Cloud – The term “private cloud” indicates cloud computing resources specifically implemented by a single organization or business.Such form of cloud infrastructure may be physically established within the company’s on-site information center. On the other hand, some companies choose to enlist third-party service providers in order to host their private cloud. In a private cloud setup, both services and infrastructures are handled within a private network.
  • Hybrid Cloud – A hybrid cloud integrates both public and private clouds, associating them with technology that allows seamless sharing of information and applications. Such amalgamation regulates the movement of information and applications among the private and public clouds, providing businesses with enhanced flexibility, elevated development choices, and optimization of existing infrastructure, security, and compliance measures.

Use of cloud computing technology in business 

The cloud computing technology is used in businesses for – 

Cloud storage 

The cloud storage is data storage option in which the digital data is stored in logical pools. The data is stored in multiple servers and the physical environment is owned by a hosting company. The hosting company or the cloud providers are responsible for storing, protecting and managing the data. 

Cloud backup 

Cloud backup is the practice of copying data storage in one cloud backup service to another. You need not have to worry about losing the data or lost data because data backup is too easy with the cloud.

Cloud hosting 

Cloud hosting is a process of outsourcing an organisation’s computing and storage resources to a service provider. 

SaaS in cloud computing technology (Software-as-a-Service)

SaaS means Software as a Service. It is a software model which is licenced on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It basically means that you can access and use cloud based system over the internet.

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Advantages of cloud computing

1. Work flexibility 

The cloud computing technology allows employees and employers to be flexible with their work. As the cloud computing gives you access to the data from anywhere on the earth (provided you have an internet connection) it becomes easy for you to connect easily and quickly. 

For instance you are working from home, on field service or out of the office, you can still access the required information without going to the office. With just a click in your mobile phone, all the essential data is in your fingertips. 

2. Reduces IT costs 

The cloud computing reduces the cost of managing your IT costs. It is a cost effective solution as you need not have to invest extra funds on new hardware and software system. All you require is an internet connection. 

3. Scalability 

Depending upon the expansion of your business you can increase your storage and operation needs as per the requirements or changes. Thus, cloud computing technology offers the ability to scale their computing resources when required. 

4. Privacy and data security in cloud computing 

The cloud provider, provide privacy to the users who store the data in the cloud. Cloud computing offers security when any important data is lost and the data can also be protected by inappropriate access. 

5. Easily accessible 

The applications required can be accessed at anytime. The cloud provider are reliable when it comes to providing service. The only thing that is necessary is the internet connection. And most of the applications are also available offline.

6. Modernized and upto date 

The Cloud computing technology incorporates the latest developments which make it an even better platform for data storage, data centralization as well as data communication.

7. Easy sharing of data and information 

The cloud benefits you by making it easy for you to share data and information beyond the traditional methods. You can provide access to the file or document to multiple individuals present in various other locations.  

8. Automated software updates  

Depending upon your cloud provider your system will be automatically updated as per the latest technology. 

9. Reliable solution 

Cloud computing technology is a reliable solution provided by your cloud provider. Just see to that you are working with a well-known cloud provider, as they have access to your business data and information. We at SalesBabu cloud based system are a reliable cloud provider who provide the best Cloud CRM for your business. 

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Disadvantages of cloud computing 

1. Network unavailability 

Internet connection is one of the basic essential factors for accessing the data and information. For instance if you are out of town and have no internet availability in the particular region, you cannot make use of cloud computing technology. 

2. Cloud outrage 

Cloud outrage is a time period when you are unable to make use of the cloud services. The reasons for cloud outrage may be – loss of power, software bugs, environmental climate changes and hack of data etc. 

3. Data Security in cloud computing issues 

You may be a small or large business but the business information that you have stored in the system is sensitive and you cannot afford to lose the data at any cost. Just make sure that you are working with a trusted cloud provider. 

Why choose SalesBabu?

cloud computing :

The best and most trusted cloud computing system like SalesBabu uses the latest cloud computing technology and provide a secure data storage on a cloud system. The clients only require a computer with an internet connection to access the application. This greatly reduces user’s hardware, software burden and significant reduction in terms of financial and manpower to handle the application in case of premise hosted. It takes care of the required hardware, software requirements through our cloud computing technology. This makes our clients concentrate only on streamlining their business through SalesBabu cloud based system.

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SalesBabu Cloud based system provides customer management support to all sectors of the society from various business models to educational fields. Every aspect of people or sales and marketing management can be handled and integrated at a common location by using the most trusted and versatile cloud computing technology like SalesBabu cloud based system.

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SalesBabu is catering customers globally and pioneering in providing software solutions on the cloud. SalesBabu On-Demand CRM based on SaaS Platform is helping out SME sector and businesses to grow with the help of Cloud Computing. If you are looking for a cost effective cloud computing technology then contact the best cloud provider. You can also request for a free CRM demo at