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Stock Management

Online ERP software help controlling the stock efficiently and provides the better services to the customer. ERP software gives you better visibility into the number of items stored with their descriptions. You can manage multiple warehouses with-in one database.

  • Synchronize inventory levels
  • Maintain stocks
  • Less time consuming
  • Centralize management
  • Visibility of status
  • Streamline warehouse operations

Maintain Inventory Levels

In every business there is a need of always maintain stock levels to ensure adequate supplies are available when needed. It is important however, to make sure items are not overstocked. Online ERP Software streamline the process of identify, remove and re-process/discard stock not complying with inventory control guidelines.

  • Save time to reconcile data
  • Easy access of information from anywhere
  • Real time stock update
  • Easy inventory report to analysis
  • Integrated order management

Reduced Operational Costs

Unlike point solutions (historically used by small to midsize businesses) that rely on multiple (sometimes duplicating) databases; which strain IT resources. SalesBabu online ERP software standardize the use of one application to run an entire business. This not only increases efficiencies, but also decreases the overall total cost of ownership, thereby reducing operational costs and improving the company’s profitability.

  • Easy access to centralized Information
  • Reduce duplicate records
  • Increased profitability
  • More informed decisions

Manage Customer Relations

Online ERP Software pull real time information which enable managers providing sales and operations planning with access to critical information fosters “closed loop” processes that ensures the business does not overpromise and/or under-deliver to customers.

  • Improved sales strategies
  • Ensure deliveries on time
  • Reduce support time
  • Efficient customer service
  • Operational excellence

Purchase Management

Online ERP software provides the visibility of the flow of goods and services. ERP Software enables you to identify savings, spending against budget and trends across departments. Use of ERP software also eliminates the risk of error with centralized customer, invoice and order records. Get answers to questions like When to buy? What quantity to buy?

  • Evaluate inventory consumption
  • Set stock alarm on present inventory
  • Plan future purchases on time.
  • Reduce purchase cost
  • Improve capital flow

Manage Sales Scenario

Online ERP softwares offer convenience to manage leads, reminders to follow-ups, make and send quotations, generate sales order & invoices. You can generate the real time MIS reports for sales forecast and making more informed sales strategies.

  • Real Time Reports
  • Dashboard snapshot for pending leads.
  • Easy task escalation
  • Improved customer relations
  • Increased sales revenue

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What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software?

ERP application is a collection of applications that regulates critical business processes such as planning, marketing, sales, purchasing, human resource, finance, customer support, CRM and inventory. It’s a unified system as opposed to individual system software designed specifically for business processes.

ERP software system solutions have increasingly gained traction among enterprises both small and big for their centralized approach to business processes. With an online ERP software, you can collect, store, manage, and interpret data from various business units. Likewise, it is used to automate back-office tasks and streamline cross-departmental workflows. When optimized, the ERP system can drive efficiency, lower costs and increase profitability.

However, there are still many companies that have yet to invest in cloud-based ERP software solutions because they are unaware of what it can do as well as what to expect when implementing one. If you are among one of these companies, well, you’re in luck. We have prepared a detailed analysis of the features, types, and benefits that these ERP programs have to offer.

Why use Cloud ERP software solution?

Beyond answering the question of what Cloud ERP software solution is, you should also know why you need it. The purpose of an online ERP system is to increase efficiency, streamline processes and promote a culture of collaboration in the organization. This results in minimized costs and increased productivity which can eventually lead to a better bottom line. Let’s break down the advantages of cloud-based ERP applications:

  • It Increases Efficiency
  • It Promotes Collaboration
  • It Increases Data Security
  • It Helps You Comply with Industry Regulations
  • It Allows You to Make Accurate Forecasts
  • It Increases Operational Flexibility
  • It Reduces Operational Costs

A company can also leverage ERP solutions to minimize costs. When processes are updated and streamlined and key metrics are firmly monitored, disruptions, delays and breakdowns are anticipated or its impact better managed.

Manufacturing and distribution are especially sensitive to disruption. But with an ERP system allowing engineering, production, customer service and other business units to work closely together using real-time data, resolving unusual problems is faster. Operating costs are kept within budget.

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