CRM For Medical Equipment and Hospital Supply Companies


CRM For Medical Equipment and Hospital Supply Companies

Automate and Streamline your Business Process
by Implementing SalesBabu CRM Industry Vertical Solutions.

For Medical Equipment Industry :


Every medical equipment company needs to be prepared, alert and build competitiveness to carve a niche in the very dynamic way. Sales processes and team needs to be agile, active and ever ready with insights and data about their sales process operations. SalesBabu assists the manufacturers, suppliers or speciality suppliers to align the sales process in a better and efficient way. It helps to track and project the potential buyers in the market. It accelerates the sales process activities and tracking of regular customers for better service and timely order delivery. Our Cloud CRM solution helps to add value to your present sales skill and improve the sales and service process to retain your existing clients.

The pharmacy or healthcare institute that sells all the medical devices will definitely choose a medical brand that is built with the most reputation for its product safety and quality. The CRM software medical devices software will help you to build and maintain a solid relationship with a customer base that includes pharmacy stores, clinics, and hospitals. CRM also enables you completely to optimize the relationship with customers to generate more product orders and higher visibility to your entire products which will line-up among your target customers.

Some of the leading medical equipment industries use CRM software to organize their operations and make the selling process at ease. Using online CRM software in the medical equipment industry will facilitate better market demand and also helps to meet the demands.


The other important features of the CRM system are –
  • Hospital wise Enquiry
  • Follow up on hospital with respective doctor
  • Order management (product and hospital wise)
  • Complaint management
  • AMC reminder
  • Preventive maintenance schedule
  • Maximized quality of customer service
  • Strengthened marketing and sales
  • Improved image of your business

Enquiry / Key Account Management

Customer details are important while recording enquiries and key accounts. Online CRM helps by enabling the user to manage enquiries and latest status for each prospect on demand with segregation across Doctor, Hospital, Lab and Clinic.

Segregation of Lead OEM wise

For analyze, Sales team and manager segregate the leads as per OEM wise or product wise. In our CRM system different Lead stages can be defined based on the business process of a company. Some of the lead stages can be Prospecting, Qualification, Demo Required, Demo Done, Project proposal, Project Presented, Project Sanctioned, Money received, Ten/enq floated, Ten/Enq submitted, Negotiation/Review, Finalized in our favor/Under process, Closed Won, Pending EMD, Closed Lost, Closed Duplicate, Postponed, Postponed Retendered. Lead stages may vary from one company to another based on their working model.

Quotation and Order Management

CRM system allows the users a unique distinction of not only managing quotations but also filter them based on type of institute. Cloud CRM also helps manage your quotation and order with complete history and filter report with OEM wise. You can also search quotation with different search filters options available in the CRM for medical equipment industry.

Time Management

Now, no efforts and time are required to be spent by the sales team in preparation of regular review papers resulting in Increasing ratio of selling time to non-selling time. With the CRM for medical equipment industry, your sales team work smartly in terms of saving time with quality output. This will help them to utilize their time and enhance the productivity and increase in profit.

Preventive Maintenance & AMC Reminder

CRM for medical equipment industry helps the sales team by sending reminder and alert on Preventive Maintenance. CRM system also processes auto reminder on every AMC due, Pending and received.

Sales Force Automation System Software

SalesBabu’s Sales CRM integrates an overall sales force automation system which helps in maximizing the productivity and efficiency of the sales force with the access of real time information at any time and anywhere having an internet access. It gives a 360 degree view of every prospective customer complete with previous interests and preferences. Sales Force Automation Software for medical equipment industry is at its best.


Keep Up With Appointments

Sales rep can track activities and tasks, schedule meetings, assign tasks to other users, and maintain a historical record of all activities (pending and completed) related to an opportunity. The pending tasks & pledge remain available for sales follow-up with objectives and contact details.



The CRM system generates alerts for various important tasks. It assures a team member is always notified and kept in the loop so that no opportunity get missed. For example, a sales rep can be alerted when sales calls are closed or a feedback is given by a manager or when new prospects are identified.


Centralised Depository

SalesBabu has a centralised depository of sales documents that are common and may be required by the sales representatives. This ensures use of regulated and standardized documents across the company and minimize error at all levels. The central depository also helps to maintain complete sales history for closed calls for any future reference, use, or action.


Data Security

In today’s business data is one of the most important possessions. SalesBabu CRM has data security in top priority and it provides with highly effective security checks at different levels to ensure data protection from external and internal.


Beat The Competition

Sales reps need comparative information at hand to beat the competition every time. SalesBabu provides feature wise / price wise comparison, updatable as and when required. With the application feature, the sales force can remain up-to-date with current and relevant information about the competition.


Time Management

Sales team/rep can manage their valuable time and efforts more effectively with all these features on SalesBabu CRM. An effective reporting system – MIS (Management Information System), allows a transparent access to management about individual team member activities across a selected duration and many more.


Sales Vs Collection

Timely payment/revenue collection across materialised sales becomes a challenge and a bone of contention between on ground sales team and accounts people. With SalesBabu CRM following up on your debtors for bills receivables is made easier with detailed follow up reports on orders and invoices.


Inventory Management

Over and under inventory is a business challenge which cannot be minutely scaled if we don’t have instant access to order vs inventory status. SalesBabu’s inventory management CRM works wonders as it provides detailed status on each finished goods item vis a vis orders in hand.


Managing Your Medical Catalog:

All the medical equipment industry will have a large catalog of products and specification of each individual product and its suitability. It will be difficult for the sales rep to be updated about all the products completely across the board. Instead, mobile CRM software will enable the entire team to manage an in-depth product catalogue for each and every product within a single cloud-based database. By having easy access to information about the product, the concerned sales reps can try to win the new business by pitching the new products or easily answering other product- related questions.

CRM software helps to maintain a high level of services and operational efficiency while handling large amounts of stocks. CRM for medical companies will make an appreciable difference. It will help to manage the field operations, handle all the orders, streamline the delivery. CRM for the medical equipment industry will enable you to better understand and meet the requirements of the customer in a systematic manner.

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