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Lab and Scientific Equipment

Cloud-Based CRM for Lab and Scientific Equipment Companies

Automate and Streamline your Business Process by Implementing SalesBabu CRM Industry Vertical Solutions.

Cloud-Based CRM for Lab and Scientific Equipment Companies

Lab equipment requirements are rapidly evolving, and the needs of each facility are vastly different. Before the evolution of technology over the past few decades, the management and analysis of lab equipment were time-consuming.

Thankfully, the modern world has introduced custom in-house solutions, allowing for better efficiency, more accurate information management and, in the case of the healthcare industry, improved patient outcomes. The features of lab equipment CRM software have evolved over the years from simple tracking to complex planning tools that manage multiple aspects of lab informatics.


  • Sales Forecasting
  • Optimum utilization of Sales Resource
  • Empower workforce with skill training
  • Market visibility to fight competitors
  • Boost Sales and Services
  • Easy access to technology and get real time information updates.
  • Streamline Marketing and Sales process to increase profits.

Lead Follow-up Management

Online CRM facilitates seamlessly capturing inquiries coming from various sources, including website lead forms, marketing automation systems, and lead providers. In our CRM system you can configure various such as Prospecting, Qualification, Demo Required, Demo Done, Project proposal, Project Presented, Project Sanctioned, Money received, Ten/enquiry floated, Ten/Enq submitted, Negotiation/Review, Closed Won, Pending EMD, Closed Lost, Closed Duplicate, Postponed, Postponed Retendered and many more. Lead stages may vary from one company to another based on their working model.

  • Lead Capture
  • Flexible Lead Distribution
  • Continuous Activity Prioritization
  • Real-Time Dashboard and Reporting
Lead Follow-up Management

Central Database

Companies can manage all their customers Database in one centralised location. Therefore, it becomes easy to access the information regarding any customer at any time and from anywhere. Just by a single click all Information can be accessed with authorised access.

  • Capture and track all customer information and interactions
  • Real-time data to make informed decisions
  • Continuous Activity Prioritization
  • Identify Prospective Customers
Central Database

Tracking payments, dispatch & delivery

CRM for Lab equipment industry offer functionality to schedule and track partial payments against orders, installation, purchases etc. It also automatically calculate pendency aging.

  • Set partial payment reminders
  • Track follow-up conversations
  • Manage Dispatch Details
  • Manage delivery logs
  • Delivery and dispatch reports
  • Pending order reports
Tracking payments, dispatch & delivery

Customer Service Excellence

How much time do sales resources spend to answer basic questions from customers? Always make your customers confidence that they will get answers to their questions, faster and more reliable from your organisation.

The first thing comes into the lab equipment industry’s mind is post-sales implantation and delivery of projects. CRM system to manage all the information and keep all teams in the loop so that they do their job the right way and keep the customer happy and satisfied.

Customer Service Excellence

Minimise Cost

CRM helps the lab equipment industry units to streamline the complete process flow in a very efficient and effective manner. Moreover, it does not require any overhead support, and it leads to reduction in extra cost & also helps in more revenue generation and results more profit.

  • Filter Lead in less time
  • Optimize skilled workforce, save high employee turnover.
  • Timely order processing and save customer service time and effort to retain the existing business.
  • Real time inventory monitoring
  • Demand forecasting save extra production cost.
Minimise Cost
benefits of crm

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