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Cloud-Based Retail CRM Software

Automate and Streamline your Business Process by Implementing SalesBabu CRM Industry Vertical Solutions.

Retail CRM Software

SalesBabu CRM for the Retail industry provides the best in-store experience. In the retail industry, the CRM system serves as a nerve centre that incorporates marketing, sales and customer service processes. It provides company owners with an effective tool to combine all sales-related challenges/issues and manage the sales process efficiently. CRM in retail allows to retain customers, deliver personalized customer experience and promote sales.

It helps organize all client data in a structured and easy-to-access way. Further, it allows you to develop marketing campaigns for your target audience and analyze their effectiveness with graphs and charts. Thus, by aligning the sales processes and managing customer data, retailers can build and develop long-term and profitable customer relationships.

At SalesBabu, we have developed an Online Retail CRM system with the following functionality:

  • Customer database allows to collect and store all available customer-related information about current and prospective clients in one place. It helps identify valuable customers and allows agents follow client interactions.
  • Contact management system is a great tool for tracking all contacts and planning customer interactions.
  • Quote management system software helps change and manage details related to quotes given to customers and sent it via CRM application.
  • Sales lead tracking and management system records data about potential customers and sales opportunities.
  • Order management system makes it possible to manage customized pricing, optimize lead-to-cash cycle time and accelerate revenue generation.
  • Invoicing and billing system helps send invoices and manage billing.
  • Analytics and reporting features generate sales forecasting with configurable dashboards, tracking trends in purchasing and customer behavior.
  • Document management and archiving allows to store and share all important documents in a central location with easy access from any location, at any time and by using remote devices.
  • Integration with other systems allows to exchange data with external applications, email calendar notes, etc. It can also be integrated with sources of external industry data.
  • Increase channel sales revenues
  • Monitor key metrics such as days of receivables, inventory and capital adequacy.
  • Enable single point partner portals.
  • Garner and incorporate valuable customer feedback to drive product innovations
  • Improve target list with accurate data and updated data
  • Track stocks and orders to ensure realistic commitments to distributors and customers
  • Strengthen workforce management
  • Get real-time reports across teams, products and geographies.

Optimize Business Operations with CRM: Enhance Customer-Centricity, Streamline Inventory, and Empower Workforce Management


Be More Customer Centric

Single point contact for all the customer and capturing customer communication enable to you to be more customer centric by evaluating their requirements, experiences and expectations.

  • Easily collect and monitor customer feedback to drive product innovations
  • Efficient customer complaints handling
  • Device upsell strategies
  • Run loyalty programs to retain and reward repeat customers
  • Boost Campaign return on investments
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Strategy Formation

Readily available MIS and performance reports gives you real time status of business demands and expected sales. The information can be utilize to make future policies to increase sales and improve relations with channel partners.

  • Facilitate execution of joint marketing campaigns & events with partners
  • Improve target list with accurate data and updated data
  • Create smart offers by understanding purchase trends 
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Simplify inventory management

At the point of sending quotation and taking order, CRM allow you to get the status of the available inventory, which not only help timely order delivery, it also enable you to re-order inventory on time.

  • Anticipate inventory stocking needs by implementing smarter replenishment techniques
  • Generate automated system notifications to indicate time for reorder
  • Track stocks and orders to ensure realistic commitments to distributors and customers
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Strengthen workforce management

Managing workforce performance was never so easy. Using CRM each user has its own login interface recording his communication, problem resolution and pending activities with reports. Manager can use the available utilities to get insight into teams activities and ensure accountability.

  • Use in-built knowledge retention to combat effects of sales forces attrition.
  • Deploy best practices to manage workforces using action taken reports, reminders, structured relationship programs, etc.
  • Upgrade workforce & partner skill set using targeted self-paced training programs
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Retail Industries FAQs:

What Is A Retail CRM and How Does It Help You?


A cloud-based Retail CRM system helps businesses manage their ever-expanding retail chain network from a connected mobility CRM system. CRM for Retail Industry empowers you to manage the entire retail operations through a single interface on the retail CRM software, instead of managing each retailer individually.

The retail CRM solution facilitates you to discover the maximum utility and selling power of your retail network. You can get better visibility for your products by collaborating directly and consistently with your retailers which improves your unit sales using the CRM for small retail businesses.

  • For retail store visits, manage daily plans using the CRM for small retail businesses.
  • If you have a small store you can capture more information about each customer using the small retail stores CRM software.
  • Based on purchase history predict upcoming store orders.
  • Deliver enhanced customer experience.

Why Use Our Cloud-Based Retail CRM Software?


Manage all your end to end retail activities on a single dashboard using SalesBabu’s cloud-based Retail CRM solution. Our Retail Sales Management CRM application helps you automate the process right from acquiring a lead to delivering the final product to your customer and all this can be done from your desk or your smartphone from any location at any time.

With our online retail CRM system, you can use our presale mechanics to maximize efficiency by effectively managing your supply chain network, product stock availability, and streamlining your workflow. Our retail CRM software also provides you with a customer experience management system (CMX) which can turn you, potential customers, into long term clients and give them incentives to keep them coming back.

Step up your Retail Network

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