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Online CRM For Education Industry

Extensive CRM for Education Industry

Online CRM For Education Industry

In the Education domain, there is no difference apart from the fact that here the student is your customer, not exactly the customer, but needs to be treated like one. Students are more aware and choosy than before, need a quick answer to their queries, and have many choices, not just for the institution, but also for the different mediums of study. Schools, Colleges, and other educational institutions need to adapt to this change in approach and hence are investing in the higher cloud-based education CRM technology to stay ahead in the competition.

What is Education CRM Software?

Education CRM systems are software applications meant to automate and manage communications with the customer (students) in your institutions. Customer information, such as the lead’s name, gender, educational background, contact number, email, marketing materials, social media, and any other relevant information.

SalesBabu Education CRM Software

All of the information collected across different channels is compiled into a single database enabling easier information access. This will also allow you to personalize and customize messages to deliver them in a timely manner to the students. Each and every interaction which you have done with your customer is captured by the CRM application all in one location.

Education CRM system helps you in identifying trends that become feedback for marketing, admissions, or other departments included in the process. Furthermore, cloud-based Education CRM gives you real-time reports and analytics which will be helpful in making important decisions. Moreover, you can easily track every aspect of a student’s life cycle in your schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

The use of an online CRM is increasing in educational institutions. To prove the efficiency of education CRM in managing student relationships more effectively, the institutions are rapidly transferring from the CRM, which are transferring the CRM for Education Industry to a specific system as an institutional extensive application.

The targeted cloud education CRM application in the education industry allows building strong ties with institutions and other components. The academic institutions heavily recognize that in order to support their students, the institutions are targeting admission and enrollment, contact database, Follow-up activities, reminders and alerts, fee and payment status/schedules, etc assistance as Education Industry CRM investment areas.

CRM for Education Industry helps the institute attract and manage corresponding qualified leads more appropriately and improve the conversion rates and reduce the lost opportunity rate

  • Maximise Conversion Rates
  • Improve Admissions and Enrollment details
  • Improve Student Relationship with Institute
  • Store documents received and reminder about pending Documents
  • Track leads sources
  • Track the courses, with most number of queries
  • Maintain Course/University details with fee structure
  • Real-time MIS reports and Analytical data, anywhere

Enquiry Management

The inquiries can come from various sources like websites, social media, phones, chat to name a few. The first action you want is to capture those enquiries and keep them in one single place so that no leads fall through the cracks. The second activity on those enquiries is that you’d get back to these inquiries as soon as you can. In terms of marketing, it is called speed to lead and in today’s competitive environment it has become one of the most critical aspects of an inquiry management system.

Enquiry Management

CRM is one single platform where, all the incoming enquiries can be saved that turn out to be masters for the same.

  • Helps in getting & tracking all the relevant details of the student
  • It can be assigned to any user, without any problem.
  • Helps in managing contacts of the student

Tracking of Student’s Enrollment & Admission

CRM maintain centralized processed data which helps the educational hubs to manage the complete data of prospective students & helps in managing the record for Enrolled & admitted students

  • Detailed students data enquired & admitted.
  • Store and manage complete details of student’s batch & roll no.
  • Structured records can be use for future references.
Tracking of Student’s Enrollment & Admission

Follow-up Management

All the counsellors can setup reminders for following every enquiry, so that, they can talk to that prospect accordingly. Auto notifications help them to follow the prospects without failing the chance to speak to them.

  • It maintains the complete chain of communication with the prospected client.
  • It keeps the track of all the remarks & discussion with the students at one place.
  • It helps effectively in getting any lead to its final closure.
Follow up leads

Improved Enrollment Process

With the use of CRM system all the counselors & educational set-up will be able to keep a track of communication between admission enquiries received and improve enrollment process for students and staff.

  • Educational Set-up can easily evaluate the worth of lead sources.
  • They can make plans & strategies to make their marketing process more smoothen
  • They can calculate their marketing budget & track ROI on these activities
Improved Enrollment Process

MIS & Analytics Reports

“Applying Knowledge is power”. You might have heard this phrase, but it is not so easy to extract the knowledge or trends from a huge database of the applicants and their activities. Our education CRM software give the option of reporting in MIS where you can see what you want to see – Admission rep performance, lead source attribution, campus performance to name a few.

Educational set-up can track down all the general reports consisting complete admissions, dropouts & overall performance.

  • By the help of MIS, Educational Set-up can easily get all the reports related to students, admission etc.
  • They can easily track down the performance of organization level.
  • They can easily get the reports of Target V/S achievement of the all counsellors
MIS & Analytics Reports

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