All-In-One Cloud Distribution Management System

Distribution Management System (DMS)

Automate processes and reduce errors in purchasing, order fulfilment, inventory tracking, and customer support with SalesBabu Distribution Management Software.

What is a Distribution Management System?

With millions of outlets, thousands of distributors, and billions of potential transaction markets are now large and complex. It has become challenging for the manufacturers to manage this vast network of small and big distributors while also juggling the conflicting needs of different channel partners. But how can manufacturers manage all of these challenging operations with limited data and insight on the emerging market? How can they take control? And, most important of all, how can it be made easy? The answer lies in versatile, robust, smart yet user-friendly technology is through a Distribution Management System which integrates and automates all the business processes in one software to streamline the complex business operation like tracking inventory, orders, sale, purchase dealer performance, supply, accounts, clients, vendors, etc. simpler.

SalesBabu Distribution Management System Software

Every company looks for precision loaded multiple ways to optimize costs and increase revenue. Distribution management system (DMS) software assists in aligning business processes and help to make their supply chain process easy. It also enforces a significant amount of improvement in efficiency through the automated distribution process, improved inventory control, streamlined distribution process, and reduced errors. Distribution management software also empowers businesses to optimize transfer and processing costs.

Coupling extensive knowledge and needed expertise in distribution management software development with technological systems SalesBabu Business Solutions delivers ideal business application solutions that assist companies to automate the complete supply cycle. We at SalesBabu Business Solutions Pvt Ltd are poised to deliver systematic business applications that address all the needs of the distribution, supply chain process, enabling businesses to explicitly control & channelize inventories in a more effective way, and reducing extra expenses.

Benefits of Distribution Management Software for Your Business

Designed for Stockists, Super Stockists, Wholesalers, Dealers and Distributors

Sales Order Management

Minimize order times and reduce costs by optimizing the way you quote, enter, and fill orders. Define a set of rules to manage complexities such as multi location warehouses, returns, credit limits, and drop shipments.

Purchase Order Management

Reduce costs and establish a steady supply of materials by enhancing and automating purchasing processes including vendor requisitions with electronic bidding.

Offers & Schemes

With your customer improve your relationship and make more profits simultaneously using our diversified Offers and Schemes based on products, categories, and customer type, as well as for selective batch or lot.

Credit & Receivables

Control credit limits and days effectively and have complete visibility using quality outstanding / collection reports in our MIS

Inventory Management

Manage processes with actual-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs. Keeping complete track of your stocks, know what you are selling and what you are left with, likewise know what to purchase and when to purchase.

Returns Management

Smooth and hassle-free expired / breakage / damaged goods replacement process by complete tracking and simpler inspection/approvals along with credit note and bill wise amount adjustment

Advantages of Distribution Management System (DMS) Applications

  1. Business automation supports you to minimize the business workflow problems substantially. We have designed the Distribution Management System especially to automate intrigue business process workflows and functionalities.
  2. Our DMS software assists you to boost your revenues through improved sales efficiency and satisfied customer servicing.
  3. Our online dynamic and robust DMS tool helps you to analyze your business distribution and supply chain processes.
  4. Management of online orders and online sales can be accomplished in a cost effective and organized fashion using SalesBabu’s Distribution Management System.

Why Choose SalesBabu for Distribution Management Software

SalesBabu Distribution management software is a Cloud-Based application that supports companies to manage their supply chain and logistics activities, including inventory management, warehouse management, and order management. It also integrates these activities with the company’s financials and sales. Online Distribution Management Software can help companies boost customer satisfaction, minimize order times, and control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain.

SalesBabu Distribution Management Software includes Sales Order Management, Advanced Inventory, Requisition Management, Purchase Order Management, and Advanced Financials. Cloud access framework empowers distributors to manage the entire sales cycle from opportunity to sales order processing from anywhere, anytime. Process purchase orders, transfer stock, and manage inventory levels remotely via phone, tablet, or laptop.

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