Online Business Quotation Maker: SalesBabu Quotation Software

Online Business Quotation Maker: SalesBabu Quotation Software

CRM Quotation Maker Software

Having CRM functionality without integrated online quotation maker functionality is like having a car without an engine. The goal of every marketing piece, every phone call, every initial meeting, is to get the prospective customer to the point where they want a quote from your company, because the quote is what turns into an order and that’s why you’re in business. SalesBabu CRM Quotation Management System not only forecast revenue and margins for services, equipment and support, also, automatically turn the quote into an order without rekeying any of the information, and track the results of marketing campaigns by leads, quotes and sales orders generated.

Online Quotation Tool

Web based online quoting system software is a software which creates, maintain and send price proposal to the set of customers. It manages all the prices proposals in an organised & systematic manner, along with the maintenance of records for future references.


SalesBabu CRM – Quotation Making Software

We feel proud to say that many business houses choose SalesBabu CRM – Quotation Making Software to deliver 5-star quotes to their customers. Our online quotation generator system organizes your sales process and makes you look good and achieve customer satisfaction and growth in their business. Also, our Quotation maker software is a full-featured tool for any business that needs to issue quotes and cost estimates to customers. Now it’s easy to manage Quotations with Online Sales Quotes generator Software.

New formal Proposals is prepared/edited for prospects/customers and will be displayed here. All Quotations with Status “Open” and dates in descending order shall be displayed by default. There are various options available in Quotes creator software. Such as:

  • New Quotation : Quotation can be created in 03 ways. You can enter details like Quotation No, Validity of Quotation, Terms of Payment. You can also add Product/service for which the customer/prospect has enquired. A user can also edit the quantity rate, Tax, discount as per the discussion with the customer. Mandatory section details will be displayed here.
  • Quotation created from Opportunity : If an Opportunity is created, Open the Opportunity and click on create Quotation. Quotation can be created from Quick Create drop down by selecting the option NEW Quotation.
  • Edit existing Quotation : Based on the search criteria once the Quotation is opened, modify/edit the required fields and click on SAVE. A window appears with Override and Amend options
  • Override – Overwrites the existing contents – any changes made are not saved, its over written.
  • Amend – Creates a backup copy of the original content and saves the copy in the name of “Original”. All amended documents shall be present in the Amend List section.
  • Create Activity : Once the Quotation is saved, you can “Create Act” for scheduling the follow ups corresponding to the Quotation. In Create Activity window you can enter the Activity schedule details for a reminder for follow up.
  • Delete Quotation : You can delete a quotation by clicking the on the Delete button.
  • Print Quotation : You can use Print configuration window to configure and print a quotation for a customer. A print form of the quotation will include total amount, total quantity and many more features. For quotation software free demo click here.
  • PDF symbol – You can print the quotation in PDF format. Our best quotation software has many good features to print a PDF format quotation like, print with total amount, print with total quantity and many more features. To know the complete features of our quotation preparation software click here for free demo and automate your sales quotation software.
  • Email Quotation : Check the Quotation and select the template and use email quotation option to email it to the customer. If required you can also attach a document in the email.
  • Copy Quotation : You can copy and create one more copy of the quotation by using this feature.
  • Proforma Invoice : By this option you can add all the details and along with terms and Condition and you can directly send an email to the customer.
  • Product Specification : User can select this option for the product specification detail to appear in the quotation. User can further add in more description either in Text or HTML format by selecting it from the Type dropdown.
  • Sections : By this feature you can add Terms and Conditions which are applicable and will appear is quotation.
  • Activity List : Lists all the Activities carried out on this Opportunity.
  • Email List : Lists all the emails sent corresponding to this opportunity.
  • Tax configuration as per GST
  • Quotation Follow ups with Customer


GST Tax Configuration in Salesbabu Quote Creator:

SalesBabu CRM is developed with sales quote tool features and is the best online quoting tool available for business houses. Our online quotation system has GST format and HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) Code quotation features enabled. “HSN” is a multipurpose international product nomenclature developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) with the objective of classifying goods from all over the World in a systematic and logical manner.

By using our online quotation generator software, a sales person can perform multiple activities simultaneously. We have a simple quotation form and easy for a sales person to fill all the details of the products. In our quotation creator software auto quotation number is generated. Different sales stages of the quotation can be tracked. Apart from this quotation validity, buyer’s reference, created by and last modified features are available to track the details.


Quotation Follow-ups with Customers:

After filling all the details in the online quotation form, a sales person can directly print, create activity for a quotation. An existing quotation can be copied to a new quotation and save it by different name. We can convert the quotation into the PDF format and also has features to send an email to the customer from the quotation page it self. Email feature makes work easy for salesperson to prepare the quotation and email it with a standard format.

Our simple quotation software has multiple T&C options available. It has many other fields available such as Items, Qty, Rate, Due, Discount, Avg Discount and Offer Rate. It has also separate fields for Tax and Total Amount for clear account purpose. We have different discount levels such as discount on total quotation and discount on individual items.Quotation can be assigned to other salesperson and can be monitored in different stages. There is also a Bill to and Ship to options available. Depending upon the request we these options are used.

SalesBabu CRM Business Quotes creator have multiple features like :


Our Quotation Making Software includes drafting and automating the client’s Quotation. It aims to improve client’s business efficiency in creating and generating quotations, emailing quotations, maintain billing and shipping information and providing enhanced QMS reporting features. The quotations generated from the online quotation generator would serve as an input to the deals.


With the help of SalesBabu CRM – quotation making software you are benefitted in many ways like:


Streamline your Quotation Process:

Sales professionals often spend a lot of time drafting proposals and obtaining approvals. Generating quotations in a stand-alone program, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, can be a time-consuming, tedious process that can negatively impact revenue and customer satisfaction over time. Quotation Management Software expedites the process of making quotation and sending to the interested customer.


Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into contracts:

Advanced reporting features allow clients to forecast business projection and determine the success ratio for quotations. Centralized data management feature enable user to share information with team members who can continue follow up in absence of any account owner and timely action win the deal for company


Reduce Quotation Time:

The longer the quotation takes to produce, the lower the margin you make on it. Quotation Management Software ensures that each quotation is drawn up in accordance with predefined rules which increases your chances of success and your margin and reduces the costs of failure. You can get added taxes & deduct discounts on total pricing & as well as on individual product level, use multiple currencies, download the quotation in PDF format for ready reference, and much more, all just few click away.


Sell More, Manage Less:

SalesBabu Quotation Management Software is proven to help your sales team concentrate more on selling, and less on working with sales and quote documents. Save time, money and overhead while increasing the productivity of your Sales team by having all documentation in one central database. With the click of a mouse, attach any document with a quote to generate elaborate and detailed proposals for e-mail to your client.


SalesBabu CRM – An Overview

SalesBabu CRM is cloud based On-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system that helps to manage your customer relations in an efficient and smarter way. It is efficient CRM because it helps to streamline your organization-wide sales process, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single software system.

Be it multi-channel communication, sales productivity, CRM insights, product customization, or third-party integration, SalesBabu CRM offers a host of features to support the requirements of small businesses and large enterprises too.

SalesBabu CRM is developed with advanced features and also helps a company to sell smarter, quicker and better way. We have a robust Quotation Maker Software with advanced features. Our Quotes creator tool for companies helps to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. And with its functionality and high potential quotation maker is on the horizon for many small business as well.

In any business, sales professionals often spend lot of time in drafting proposals and getting approval. Preparing quotation is a stand alone task and is tedious and time consuming activity. This can have negative impact on revenue and customer satisfaction over time. Quotation making software expedites quotation making process and sending it to the interested customer. With Quotes Creator a sales person can Win more work, get paid faster and make your customers happier. For Online Quotation generator Free Demo click here.


What is the meaning of quotation in business?

It is a formal statement of agreement generally submitted in response to a request for quotation by a potential supplier to supply services or goods required by a buyer, at specified time frame, and within a agreed price. Quotation may also contain the terms of sale and payment, and warranties.

A quotation is a document that a seller provides to a buyer to offer goods or services at a stated price, under specified conditions. Create a professional-looking, customised quote in less than a minute with SalesBabu CRM Quotes Creator software.


Is a quote the same as an invoice?

Invoice: It is a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer that indicates the quantities, products or services and agreed prices.
Quote: It is a very loose contract or a formal estimate that shows the products and services needed and the total amount owed to the products or services.


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