MR Reporting Software

MR Reporting Software

Streamline Your Sales Force
with SalesBabu medSFA On-Demand

MR Reporting Software: An Advance way to Manage & Automate your Field Force
SalesBabu medSFA On Demand is an online MR Reporting software to smoothly handle field activity of the organisation, Manage call reports of Field staff, Daily working analysis, E detailing, sales & stock management and User’s Live tracking through to GPS.

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Sales Force Automation

Pharma companies are required to continuously optimise their sales force resources (MR – medical reps) effectiveness, because companies invest heavily in the development and field marketing of new therapies. They are also increasingly focusing on Return on Investment (ROI), as they tighten their focus on profitability, as well as revenue growth. Use of Pharma sales force automation software, streamline the sales activities for increased orders.

  • Pending Follow-ups Reminders
  • Timely delegation of activities
  • Day-to-day reporting
Doctor Management

For MR Executives, managing all appointments with doctors is now easy with MR Reporting software and simple for pharmaceutical marketing companies with SalesBabu Pharma CRM Software. Medical representative can maintain the list of doctors includes name, specialty, contact numbers, visits timing, products, affiliation to different hospitals, birthday, etc in the master database module.

  • Manage multiple contact details
  • Manage various products details
  • Track appointment with reminders
  • Record marketing conversation
Primary and Secondary Sales

Medical Representatives placed any locality are required to submit their Monthly Sales and Stock Closing Reports to their Head offices on a daily basis. Previously the process was carried out manually, so that there was a chance to commit mistakes. With the use of pharma sales automation, the process of submitting Monthly Sales and Stock Closing Reports to the Headquarters has become online. With the presence of the Pharma CRM, the Medical Representatives get their Primary Sales and Opening Stocks from the organization and they have to just fill in the closing stock on the given form. MR Reporting software is popular for generating the Stock and Sale Report instantly and there is no any chance of mistakes.

  • Save time in data organization.
  • Avoid mistake because of streamline process.
  • Capture distributer level Invoice details
  • 360 view of the data and leads
  • Increase process efficiency & revenue growth
MR Reporting Software

Pharma companies are required to continuously optimise their sales force resources (MR – medical reps) effectiveness, focus on profitability, manage activities Schedule of all the MR’s Monthly/Quarterly/Half-yearly. Managers can keep track of Medical representatives when they are on field. Managers can view the of product promotions done by the MR’s and monitor MR performance too.

  • Daily Call report management
  • Doctor / Dealer / Stockists Details
  • Centralized Repository
  • On-time Reminders
  • Sampling Management
  • Real Time Reports
Competitor Brand Analysis

In contrast to situations where a person consuming a good is also the person choosing and paying for the good, the pharmaceutical industry is characterized by a more complex structure of decision making and payment. Price competition among branded drugs usually occurs at the level of insurer and PBMs. Brand drug manufacturers compete on the prices paid by patients and their insurers by offering rebates to insurers in exchange for more favorable formulary placements. With the use of Pharma CRM & MR Reporting softwares

  • Capture and upload real time image of band positioning.
  • Realtime band availability tracking at distributors.
  • Share real time information with reporting officers.
MIS Reports

Pharma CRM & MR Reporting software offer MIS and Graphical dashboard, with quick view information facility. Daily Call Report help managers to view each activities of medical representatives. Dedicated reports includes details of doctor’s meetings, products, gifts and samples issued, chemist visits, next follow-up reminders, additional reports, ets. With Pharma sales automation software MR can :

  • Online submit Daily Call Report (DCR)
  • Monthly tour plan (MTP)
  • Get Manager’s approval of MTP
  • Chemist, Distributor management
  • Track Sample/Gifts/Merchandise

Over the years MR Reporting software or pharma CRM has earned immense popularity and appreciation of the pharma industry, even though SalesBabu has been providing groundbreaking software solutions 2008 to the global IT industry. SalesBabu’s MR Reporting software is a dedicated cloud based pharmaceutical CRM solution (CRM in pharmaceutical) that actually increases sales force effectiveness by over 30% and reduces Operating Cost’ by over 80% which finally translates into Higher Profits. Many of our customers have rated our CRM in pharma industry (medSFA On Demand) as one of the best pharma CRM and prestigious Best Pharma Software.

MR Reporting software is the pioneering online Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software solution, developed and marketed by SalesBabu Business Solutions. MMR has been successfully implemented in major pharma manufacturing and marketing industry, where it is profitably running since years. We provide the best MR Reporting India software for Pharma CRM.

SalesBabu is delighted to introduce an all new MR Reporting Mobile App, bring your field staff information and our services closer to you. Our MR Reporting Mobile App is now even more user friendly ensuring a delightful experience on mobile while Tracking DCR, Tour Plan, Expense status viewing and much more. MR Reporting software free demo click here.

MR Reporting Software

A Medical Representative (MR) visits a wide range of Area, Companies and People for example Hospitals, Doctors, Chemists, Nursing Homes, Pharmacists, Labs and Blood Banks etc. Medical Representative (MR) also has to travel to many cities either small and big. We provide best CRM in pharmaceutical to enhance the SFA.

Hence SalesBabu Pharma Reporting Software/pharma sales software helps the Pharma Companies to plan, track, create reports, assess sales targets, overall performance of MR via mobile and web reporting tool.

Our MR Reporting System Software (Pharma SFA) provides a practical solution for Sales Managers and Sales Representatives. CRM in pharma industry (healthcare CRM software) also gets discipline in the sales team of Pharma Companies. Many of our customers fully satisfied with our Pharmaceutical sales management software. It covers their all pharma SFA features to monitor and run their operations smoothly and grow their business. Pharma sales force from SalesBabu is playing vital role for CRM software for pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical CRM Software helps to track the MR anytime, anywhere through visual dashboard with charts and map. By using Pharma marketing software, a manger can also monitor the MR’s activity on an hourly basis. Manager can assign sales target to sales rep and also can give instructions to the MR’s from HO. These targets and instructions reaches immediately to the MR’s Tab, Mobile or Laptop. Any pharma company can deploy our pharma sales force automation and work smartly to increase their sales and revenue.

With our CRM in pharmaceutical (MR Reporting Software) or pharma sales software (pharmaceutical sales software) Medical Representative (MR) also can gather information from market about the latest products launched. Pharma CRM software also helps MR upload the data gathered from market to the company instantly. The day to day activity of MR becomes easier and convenient through SalesBabu MR Reporting Software/pharmaceutical software. A MR can easily plan their sales strategy with our pharma CRM strategy software.

Few Key Features Of Mobile/Tablet MR Reporting Software

  • Fast and Easy reporting.
  • Error free & Acute.
  • No waiting for expense data.
  • Not required to carry visual aid inbuilt detailing system.
  • Non submitted Daily Call Report (DCR) information by SMS to Managers/H.O.
  • Location tracking.
  • No forged DCR submission.
  • Save money in visual aid printing.
  • Low cost effective in internet charges.

Unique features of SalesBabu MR Reporting Software:

  • User Friendly Interface, Saves Cost, Time & Paper
  • Android based Mobile App with GPS enabled tracking
  • Every doctor/chemist visit and route location is tracked and displayed on map
  • E-Detailing App helps reduce cost of printing Visual-Aids
  • Daily Call Report (DCR) can be submitted anything & from anywhere
  • Product detailing, Doctor Calls, Gifts & Samples information can be submitted simultaneously with comfort
  • Chemist POB, Misc. Expenses and Stockist visits are also recorded
  • Validations and Checks are maintained to ensure timely submission of DCRs
  • Gifts and sample distribution status and tracking records always remain updated
  • Generation of Monthly Expenses Report and other reports
  • Sales data capturing and analysis
  • Consolidated Stock and Sales Reports for Managers and Administrators
  • Approval Management System for approving Expenses, DCRs, Leaves, etc
  • Doctors & Chemist visit analysis
  • Internal Mailing System: Mail can be sent to all staff with their name. No email id is required
  • Target Vs Achievement Analysis with Graphical Reports
  • Automatic calculations of Target Vs Primary Vs Secondary Sales
  • Ease of sending Bulk SMS to Field Staff, Doctors, Chemists, Stockists
  • Personalised URL with Company Name, Like (
  • Client Logo will be incorporated on all pages
  • Easy to understand, deploy & implement

Why MR Reporting?

MR Reporting or pharma CRM is a dedicated cloud based pharma CRM solutions that enhance and optimise “Sales Force Effectiveness” by over 30% and reduces “Operating Cost” by over 80% which finally translates into higher revenue generation from existing sales and marketing infrastructures. It also plays a vital role in developing and building devoted relationships of the company both with Chemists and Doctors. In effect, MR Reporting CRM/pharma sales software actually becomes your Default Profit Point. Finally, CRM In Pharma Industry Means A Perfect Business Sense and A Smart Way To Enhance Your Business Growth.


Mobile App:

Mobile App:
  • User friendly, fast and easy to use mobile app interface
  • Smart way to connect with your data at real time for best output
  • GPS – User’s Live tracking can be done through GPS
  • Works on any android mobile phone

E-Detailing – Prestigious & Smart:

  • Eliminates traditional Visual Aids
  • Completely Integrates product detailing with DCR (Daily Call Reporting)
  • Reduces data entry workload of field force through built-in Mobile App
  • Keeps tab on product preferences of Doctors
  • Builds a positive impression of the company
  • Attracts Doctor’s attention with colourful images & HD videos

Closing Gap Between Planning & Execution:

  • Absolute Transparency of interpersonal communications
  • Efficient and Effective monitoring mechanisms to track the Sales & Marketing plans
  • Faster Execution of Marketing Strategies in field operation.
  • Minimises gap between Planning & Execution
  • Effective and powerful tracking of MR assignments and activities. e.g, tour plan and program deviation, to doctor call itinerary and actual visit frequency, allotted sales target and achievements, marketing plan and it’s executions.

Dedicated Support:

  • An Account Manager is appointed to provide best service to the client
  • High spirited full on support system
  • Dedicated team ensures hassle free, seamless running of the software
  • Online solutions for the queries of field force operation, in case they were to rise
  • Knowledge based software suite drives the client support system


  • CRM in pharma industry specially designed for Pharmaceutical Marketing Companies.
  • Built in SFA module provides management and control of sales force operation activities.
  • Allows storage of sales data irrespective of time and location.
  • Generates analytical sales reports with ease.
  • Pharma sales software CRM acts as a prompt virtual assistant that never fails to remind MRs’ of various things to be done thus increase the efficiency of sales force which in turn helps in customer retention.
  • It minimises time required by the sales force to file their daily reports, leaving them more time to achieve their targets and business objectives.
  • Instant Set Up with On Demand Features.
  • No need for special OR additional hardware.
  • MRs get instant updates on current market trends & product information
  • Improves the performance of medical representatives
  • Geographical locations of Mrs can be tracked instantly
  • MRs can receive sales targets & instructions even when they are in remote locations
  • Managers can also track the activities of MRs on hourly, daily, weekly & monthly basis
  • Reports can be generated based on the parameters like region, time, MR ect.
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