Service Management Software

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Service Management Software

Automate Your After Sales Process & Earn Customer’s Loyalty
By Implementation of Service-On-CRM.

service management software

Complaint Management

Complaints Management is the crucial tools for any business, if they want to retain their existing customers. Also, tracking frequency of same complains and solutions helps managers to suggest modification in current product or service, thus improving customer experience. By using SalesBabu CRM service management software facilitate:

  • Generate complaint ticket number
  • Easy escalation & Activity tracking
  • Case nature and resolution
  • Visibility of AMC / Warranty status
  • Efficient complaint handling process.
AMC Management

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is a written as well as chargeable contract between the customer & the vendor. Service management software helps the after sales support team to track down the list of those customers who has taken AMC, set AMC renewal reminders and record Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) visits, to provide further support for product accordingly.

  • Generate revenue from AMC
  • Visibility of AMC due in 30 days
  • Visibility of machine warranty – Target AMC
Warranty Management

Every spare part installed with machine may have it’s own warranty period. Using excel it became so complicated to maintain warranty for 1000’s spare parts related to one machine and their warranty as per their installation. Using service management software you may easily :

  • Manage machine under warranty
  • Spare consumption under warranty
  • Complaints under warranty
  • PMS under warranty
Spare Part Consumption

It happens many times, there is a malfunction in any spare of the product at the customer’s site and it need replacements & after sales support team is responsible to provide that spare part to the customer. SalesBabu CRM service management software provide:

  • Complete visibility of spare parts consumption
  • Monitor free spares parts under warranty /AMC
  • Revenue from spare parts sales
Service Quotation

When the replacement of spare part for any principal is chargeable & needs a systematic pricing quotation to be approved before the spare can be installed or re-installed. SalesBabu Service-CRM offer a single interface from where support team can create quotation against the complain received and once a customer confirm the paid installation, task can be delegated to provide smart service in systematic & organised manner.

  • Identify revenue generation
  • Evaluate inventory consumption
  • Evaluate manpower usage
  • Identify quality of the product

Installation Process is the major overhead once the product has been dispatched from the company’s end to the customer’s end. It involves the complete explanation & demonstration of the product. SalesBabu Service-CRM, enables the after sales team to track the record of Installation process to any product to the customer’s end with all the required details. It helps them to track the warranty of the product.

  • Track Sr. No. against installation
  • Installation remarks
  • Additional accessories of main product.
  • Track Serial no. of additional accessories
  • Maintain PMS visits
  • Schedule PMS visits

Service Management Software enable you to automate your after sales activities like complaint management, AMC scheduling, managing warranties, SLAs, Spare part consumption, multiple service quotations and installation process. Optimize your service organization’s field service and repair operations for technicians and management staff with integrated SalesBabu service management software. It is a web based software, your engineers can easily access it with their mobile and internet and keep working even on go.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:

We believe 90 percent or more of buyers fall into one of the following categories: Direct buyers. These buyers work for firms that maintain their own unit. Contract buyers, Enterprise buyers and Small business buyers. Reduce scheduling costs. Increase customer satisfaction. Reduce parts inventory costs. Reduce fuel costs. With service management software you will not forget any AMC appointment, re-scheduling appointment, orders and special request and all delivered on time will always get you high scores.

All in one solution:

SalesBabu service management software enable you to manage product entries and spare parts entries and you can select the product and parts required by any customer with his service request. You can create customer AMC request as per customer needs. Manage parts level warranties. SalesBabu Service management software also enables you to create, save, send and share multiple service quotation from the single interface.

Hassale free installation handling:

After product deliver at customer door step next thing is complete explanation & demonstration of the product. SalesBabu service management software enable customer service team to track record of installation to process installation at customer end. It also help them to track the warranty and AMC appointments of the products. Installation team can add instant installation remarks after installment, add or requirement of additional accessories of main products, and also maintain PMS visits.

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