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Bills Of Material(BOM) is the list of all the components & assemblies of a product. BOM contains the information about the final product along the spare part it has used. It includes, spare parts name, its serial number, its brief description & Units Of Measurement. Online inventory management software offer facility to have bills of material ready automatically once the order has been logged in the system.

  • Centralize all information
  • Track of Finished Goods
  • Tracks updates
  • Reference Model for Products
  • Contains Crucial Data
  • Further References

Goods Receipt Note is a record of goods from the customer that he has received from the vendor. Goods Receipt Note or GRN is a note or receipt used by the customer to check or validate the delivered goods .It is a verification note filled up by the customer at his end. You can print GRN by a click as soon as you proceed the order in online inventory management system.

  • Real time Inventory updates
  • Proof of delivery
  • Integrity & consistency
  • Complete details of products
  • Inventory process on track
  • Information source for financial department.

Item issue entitles the details like which item is issued, for which department, to which person and its designation, and for what purpose. Whereas , an item receipt is issued when any item is brought back to the warehouse, it entitles similar information like the date it was issued, to the person and department it was issued and the date it was received back. You can’t process order or refund without issue and receipt notes in online inventory management software, thus reducing the chance of error in stock management.

  • Reduce the chances of forgery
  • Streamlines the process
  • Time management Avoid mis-management
  • Smooth acknowledgement from both parties
  • User friendly interface

Finished goods are an essential component of inventory. Finished Goods indicates the final product manufactured. Final product is the one that is manufactured by the production department and is set ready for delivery to the next dealer or distributor or directly to end consumer. Inventory management software has facility to enter finish product details to manage production.

  • Information about products
  • Synchronization of all information
  • Ease in scheduling & upgradation
  • Stock level check
  • Close eye on every details
  • Manage inventory process

Raw material in inventory management is the material needed by the warehouse to produce the furnished goods. Effective and efficient maintenance of raw material is one of the most crucial task for any inventory management system. Raw material, are the indispensable component of the production cycle. Quality of raw materials determine the quality of the final output.

  • Raw material monitoring
  • On-time delivery
  • Reduce wastage
  • Helps in capital release
  • Improves collaboration
  • Conflict Management

Delivery Challan or ,as is called, a Delivery Note is a crucial document involved in the inventory management. Delivery Challan is a complete list of products that are being delivered by the vendor, that are ready to be delivered to the customer. Delivery Challan is signed by the receiver and is sent back again to the vendor along with the Purchase Bill.

  • Track product delivery
  • Proof of delivery
  • List of items delivered
  • Reliable and authenticated
  • Portray of complete process
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