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Field Service Management Software

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Complaint Management

Complaints Management is a crucial tool for any business if they want to retain their existing customers. Also, tracking the frequency of the same complaints and solutions helps managers to suggest modifications to the current product or service, thus improving customer experience. Using SalesBabu CRM service management software facilitate:

  • Generate complaint ticket number
  • Easy escalation & Activity tracking
  • Case nature and resolution
  • Visibility of AMC / Warranty status
  • Efficient complaint handling process
AMC Management

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is a written as well as the chargeable contract between the customer & the vendor. Service management software helps the after-sales support team to track down the list of those customers who have taken AMC, set AMC renewal reminders and record Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) visits, to provide further support for product accordingly.

  • Generate revenue from AMC
  • Visibility of AMC due in 30 days
  • Visibility of machine warranty – Target AMC
Warranty Management

Every spare part installed with a machine may have its own warranty period. Using excel it became so complicated to maintain a warranty for 1000’s spare parts related to one machine and their warranty as per their installation. Using service management software you may easily :

  • Manage machine under warranty
  • Spare consumption under warranty
  • Complaints under warranty
  • PMS under warranty
Spare Part Consumption

It happens many times, there is a malfunction in any spare of the product at the customer’s site and it needs replacements & after-sales support team is responsible to provide that spare part to the customer. SalesBabu CRM service management software provides:

  • Complete visibility of spare parts consumption
  • Monitor free spares parts under warranty /AMC
  • Revenue from spare parts sales
Service Quotation

When the replacement of spare part for any principal is chargeable & needs a systematic pricing quotation to be approved before the spare can be installed or re-installed. SalesBabu Service-CRM offers a single interface from which the support team can create quotations against the complaints received and once a customer confirms the paid installation, a task can be delegated to provide smart service in a systematic & organised manner.

  • Identify revenue generation
  • Evaluate inventory consumption
  • Evaluate manpower usage
  • Identify the quality of the product

The installation process is the major overhead once the product has been dispatched from the company’s end to the customer’s end. It involves the complete explanation & demonstration of the product. SalesBabu Service-CRM enables the after-sales team to track the record of the Installation process to any product to the customer’s end with all the required details. It helps them to track the warranty of the product.

  • Maintain PMS visits
  • Schedule PMS visits
  • Installation remarks
  • Track Sr. No. against installation
  • Track Serial no. of additional accessories
  • Additional accessories for the main product

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What is Field Service management Software?

Field service management software (FSM) helps automate the deployment and tracking of field service technicians and supports AMC, warranty or service contract/SLA management, spare part consumption, multiple service quotations and installation process. FSM also provides analytics or decision support to technicians in the field. Some solutions are customized to the needs of field operations-oriented companies in industry verticals such as plumbing, HVAC, electronics, telecommunications, and more.

Field service management software tools provide well-defined features and capabilities, including dashboards and apps, for managers, field technicians, and customer-service support agents. Mobile apps allow field technicians, usually via a portal accessible through the app, to report job progress to their managers, order parts while still in the field, or draft and present service reports and invoices to customers.

In FSM solutions, managerial controls should include advanced resource allocation and scheduling options, dispatch features, and workforce optimization capabilities such as matching job needs or complexity based on technician skill level. Many of our customers have rated us the best service management software in India.

Field service businesses can benefit from this type of online field service CRM software solution as it can help to reduce expenses and improve productivity. Any company using mobile field service software can easily manage orders, do route planning, and access customer data, among other tasks. Many companies use our field force management app for a range of tasks such as scheduling work, dispatching technicians, tracking employee activities, tracing vehicles, supporting driver safety, and integrating with inventory and other business systems.

A field service technician management software system is typically used by businesses that handle installs, services, and repairs of work equipment. If you are wondering how to select a suitable software/app for your needs, we can help you. Our after-sales service management CRM provides complete solutions of field service management software solutions and is best suited for your business. By implementing our cloud field service management software for small business you can run your business hassle-free and can track all activities around the clock. Our field service CRM software cloud-based solution and can be accessed from anywhere at any time with good internet speed.

What are the highlights of our field service CRM software? To start, our application automates mobile workflows and enables remote employees to collect data using a mobile device, access company info in the field, and automatically share outputs with their team members, cloud services, and back-office apps. Business houses can use our field force management app to track, analyze, and enhance their business processes, and get actionable insights that they can utilize to make smart future decisions.

SalesBabu’s field service management software is an intuitive, scalable, and secure solution that is used by many enterprises (Startups, SMEs & Large Enterprises) to mobilize their business processes and take advantage of the low total cost of ownership. If you are struggling to manage your field service management then we are the right choice for you and for your business. By implementing our after-sales service management software, you will be able to manage your field service management hassle-free and assure you a range of seamless integrations that enhance the app’s capabilities.

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SalesBabu field service management software for small business is cloud-based solution and can be used by service professionals to run their business on their mobile device and a web portal. This platform is fully integrated with access from any location. We offer high-tech features at an affordable cost for small and medium businesses with few (1 – 40) no of employees.

With our field service CRM software you can say goodbye to paperwork and go digital to streamline your workflow and operations. Additionally, small businesses can import and transfer their existing client database with ease. We offer affordable pricing packages and service professionals can use the system’s features to carry out tasks such as technician dispatch, invoicing and payment processing, job scheduling, maintaining a customer database and more.

We provide an effective, efficient and smart mobile fiels service software for businesses. Post implementing our field service CRM software helps to save time and improve efficiency by enabling companies to enhance their workflow capabilities. The field force management app is user friendly, simple and easy to use and yet offers robust features that help users to easily complete their workforce tasks. Additionally, the platform integrates smoothly with widely used business programs to enhance the workforce management experience.

SalesBabu CRM for Service Industry is a leading Field Force Tracking, Reporting and Work Processes Automation App for most sectors including Retail, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, etc. It enables, SMEs (small & medium enterprises) and Enterprises alike to go paperless and get real-time updates from their field teams cost-efficiently with a proven record of up to 70% improvement in productivity. 

Our after-sales service management software is a modern maintenance and asset management solution for your team. Our CRM for Service Industry solves all of these issues cost-efficiently! Automate all manual forms and processes. Improve your business performance with our Service Management Software India.

Digitize with Mobile Field Service Management App

Field service management software has significantly evolved in the past few years, and today it encompasses not just scheduling, dispatching, and work order management but also route optimization, scheduling, real-time status update etc. Field service management software allows businesses to impart the best field service solutions to their customers that work seamlessly with their current back-office solution right from the beginning.

Benefits of Field Service Management Software:

Increased Customer Satisfaction:

We believe 90 per cent or more of buyers fall into one of the following categories: Direct buyers. These buyers work for firms that maintain their own units. Contract buyers, Enterprise buyers and Small business buyers. Reduce scheduling costs. Increase customer satisfaction. Reduce parts inventory costs. Reduce fuel costs. With service management software you will not forget any AMC appointment, rescheduling appointments, orders and special requests and all delivered on time will always get you high scores.

All in one solution:

SalesBabu service management software enables you to manage product entries and spare parts entries and you can select the product and parts required by any customer with his service request. You can create customer AMC requests as per customer needs. Manage parts level warranties. SalesBabu Service management software also enables you to create, save, send and share multiple service quotations from a single interface.

Hassle-free installation handling:

After product delivery at the customer’s doorstep, the next thing is a complete explanation & demonstration of the product. SalesBabu service management software enables the customer service team to track records of installation to process installation at the customer end. It also helps them to track the warranty and AMC appointments of the products. The installation team can add instant installation remarks after instalment, add or requirement of additional accessories for main products, and also maintain PMS visits.

Complaint Management:

We provide Online Customer Complaint Management System Software. Our software helps to organize the process of complaint management by logging the complaint with ticket number, easy escalation of complaint to skilled forces according to severity and nature of the complaint and tracking the solution. Thus, enhancing the efficiency of the complaint handling process.

AMC Management:

It is a chargeable agreement between a client and the vendor in regard to the maintenance of the product(s). Our CRM AMC management software dashboard displays concise information on all AMCs due which helps the vendor track and monitor.

Warranty Management:

Our Service CRM warranty management software maintains complete customer, products and their warranty details and revenue generation for the company. We provide a technical way of maintaining complete customer, products and their warranty details. We help to streamlines the warranty management process to reduce warranty costs and increase service revenues.

Spare Part Consumption:

Our software (Spare consumption management software) gives you real-time inventory availability, which removes the waiting time for spare part availability approval. Spare parts consumption management is the crucial factor responsible for effective plant functioning. Web-based spare consumption management software provides real-time inventory availability at the time of making a quotation and order, which removes waiting time for spare part availability approval.

Service Quotation:

Our service quotation management software help companies maximize service revenue by timely notification about upcoming AMC and Warranty renewals. The service quotations involve the product being served and the service rates accordingly. Service quotation management software help companies to enter AMC and Warranty details with the product details, and the dashboard dully shows you notification for pending / upcoming service renewals.


Installation management software helps companies to get real-time updates for information on pending product requests, and managers can escalate the task to a skilled force. By implementing and using our software you will get a list pending installation list on your screen and you can schedule the workforce to complete the task.

Get Insights in Real-time:

All reports submitted by field reps are available in real-time. Get a glimpse of reports, analyze performance, identify trends and manage your business efficiently with Service CRM Software.

Access your data anywhere, anytime:

All of your data is backed up and stored securely in the cloud server. You can access your crucial information from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Components of Field Service Management

The components of field service management normally involve dispatching personnel to a location outside company premises to install, maintain or repair equipment, systems or assets. Field service managers keep track of a company’s field resources and coordinate the work of field service technicians who deliver skilled, specialized or proprietary services to customers.

Field service management activities include:

  • Field service scheduling – This process involves arranging technician schedules, service appointments and completion timelines for the expected work orders.
  • Field service dispatch management – It is the process of coordinating dispatch, which is when a service technician in the field is sent out on a work assignment.
  • Work order management – This process involves assigning and tracking service work orders from creation through completion to customer invoicing.
  • Inventory management – This process involves tracking parts and supplies, including the transfer of products, consumption, adjustments and more.
  • Field service contract management – The process involves managing contracts with your customers and ensuring service level agreements (SLAs) are met.

Challenges & Solutions Of Field Service Management



Technician Visibility – To know the exact location of the service technician.

Advanced ticket management on a mobile app to update the status of the job etc. Driving directions, product service history and other details.

Technician Utilization – To find out how best to utilize the technician capacity.

Job scheduling & assignment. Field technicians are automatically assigned jobs based on proximity, availability, priority, skill and workload. Check and request the availability of spare parts at the HQ and warehouse.

Technician Visibility – To know the exact location of the service technician.

Collaborate with other team members with information sharing, message board and chat Paperless invoicing to capture customer signature & feedback Seamless integration with the service technician and back-office fosters real-time information exchange.

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Field Service Management Software (FSM) FAQs:
How can field service management software help my business to grow?

FSM or Service CRM Software eliminates uncertainty and confusion in running your business. Instead of the costly headache of keeping up with multiple employees by whiteboard or Excel spreadsheet, CRM software of service industry makes scheduling and tracking easy and intuitive. It can also make your business process more agile. With field service management software that has a mobile app, your workers can receive assignments in the field, rather than having to return to a central location.

How much does field service management software cost?

Service CRM software costs depend on how many employees will use it and what features you want. Basic packages for one or two employees can run on a nominal amount. Many of the companies offer a graduated pricing model where additional users increase the overall price. To know the price of CRM for Service Industry visit our Website. In other cases, there’s one set fee for unlimited users and higher prices from there are differentiated by number of features.

What are few common field service management software features?

A few common field service management software features are work order management, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, a native mobile app, a quote/estimate feature, and a customer database. Field Service Management Software free demo, click here.

What are field service management software advantages?

Advantages of some Field Service Management Software include hassle-free scheduling, tracking employee location, going paperless with invoices and work orders, having easy access to those invoices and work orders because they’re digitized, and being able to dispatch technicians from an app, with no need to return to the office.

When should you buy field service management software?

You should buy/implement FSM or CRM for Service Industry software whenever you want to be more efficient. Even a one or two person service business can benefit from the order Service CRM Software brings to your busy schedule.

What’s an example of a good & effective field service management dashboard?

A good field service management dashboard allows you to track the right field service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business growth. An efficient field service management dashboard focuses on the necessary information and doesn’t include extraneous metrics that will overwhelm the user/viewer. The idea behind a dashboard is to get necessary & required information fast.


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