Online Task Management Software

Never Miss any Follow-up!

Online Task Management Software

To effectively manage consecutive follow-ups, in response to all enquiries/leads, you are required to keep a sharp eye on each lead conversation. Online task management software captures all the actions, taken for gearing up the sales process. Using SalesBabu CRM online task management software you may Instantly create tasks/follow-ups, assign them, set reminders for the due dates, and drive to completion.No need to schedule a meeting just to follow up on action items from a previous meeting.

online task management software

Create Follow-Ups Activities

Online Task Management Software offers access to your interactive user interface with any internet enable browser, to store follow-up activities required at every stage of sales process, be it lead generation, orders or delivery. Logging complains, assign tasks, mark follows and closing complaint with customer remarks, made easy with task management software.

Reminder Alert

Set reminders to all your follow-up activities for any particular date, so when you open your screen on the set date, reminder pop up will suddenly appear on your home screen.

Pending Activity Visibility

With the use of online task management software you can keep a close eye on all the pending follow-up of your sales team, so that you can gear them up for further required actions. SalesBabu CRM offer a dashboard snapshot with all open activity in different colors.

Create Trail Activities

Save Some Clicks“, means, you don’t have to go any where or any other window to make another follow up for any particular lead, you can set follow up from the single tab on the same screen.

Maintain Notes/Remarks

Maintain the complete remarks and notes in a single window, so that whenever you are calling back the same lead again, from the same screen you get the details of last conversation.

Smooth Customer Touch-base

Never Break the Frequency of Follow up activities. Do rigorous follow ups on your leads base & which is also compatible to the customer’s timings which make smoother the process of sales dealings

Online task management software enables you to streamline your daily activity maximize your team’s productivity, communication and overall customer happiness. It record all enquires, opportunities and follow-up process to convert them into leads. It is so easy to assign them, set reminders and drives them to completion with the help of task management software. Since it is online software you can manage all your task from anywhere with the help of a device (computer or mobile) connected to the internet and will not miss any opportunity.

Manage Team Tasks Over The Web: 

View, prioritize, and rearrange your team’s tasks with total flexibility with online task management software. Manage your own calendar and see daily, the weekly and monthly workload at a glance. See task list sorted by the owner and due date. Focus on a single task, and use Flow’s task tracking tools to bring it to completion. Add task notes for helpful instructions. Due date reminders for work schedules, manage workloads by assigning tasks, add subscribers so that the right person can be involved, add comments to give help full feedback and use tags to organize tasks even further.

Work from anywhere: 

Regardless of location or device, it keeps your team’s projects and tasks moving forward. SalesBabu provides you with Online Task Management software that is user friendly. This tool will empower you to be more productive. Online Task Management tools can be used on multiple platforms and can be integrated with other software that you have been using. You can access this from any location in real-time. With this tool you do the following – Create Follow-Ups Activities, Reminder Alert, Pending Activity Visibility, Create Trail Activities, Maintain Notes/Remarks and Smooth Customer Touch-base.

Multiple Views, Scheduling, Reporting: 

With the help of online task management software, you can view task lists the way you wish. To envision due dates you can create a calendar and timelines. Create tasks and assign them to a resource on your team. Schedule tasks and reminders. With an MIS report, build custom reports and dashboards to identify tasks that are due, or yet to be assigned. Track status in real-time. Always monitor and keep track of your task list at your fingertips. You can also update the tasks with mobile app access.

How SalesBabu Online Task Management Software help you managing multiple sales tasks.

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