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AMC Service Management Software

An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a chargeable agreement between a client and the vendor in regard to the maintenance of the product(s). Our AMC management software dashboard displays concise information on all AMC’s due. The details of AMC reaching renewal can be accessed by some click on the same cloud-based platform.

You can manage Annual Maintenance Contracts, Preventive Maintenance Contracts, Business Promotion Calls, Product Delivery Calls, Complaint Service Calls for any type of products that could have warranty contracts and needs regular servicing.

amc management software

PMS Visit Scheduling

PMS stand for Preventive Maintenance Schedule. All AMC contract signed with some free PMS visit for regular maintenance of the product purchased by the customer. AMC management software sort the details of all PMS and display the notifications at dashboard for instant action of service engineers.

PMS Checklist

To enhance the support quality, you can manage multiple checklists for all PMS visits with pre-defined activities in AMC management software. These checklists help the engineer to complete all activities at every PMS visit to ensure delivering quality of service.

AMC Time Period

You can simply fill AMC time period like AMC starts and end dates, for all the product and accessories at the time of installation. AMC management software dashboard display you all the AMC due reminders for quick action.

AMC Pending Notification

By the help of AMC Management Software, the service managers can track down those AMC’s which are near to expiration with in next 30 days, since it would be highlighted on home screen

Product Details

When you are generating AMC for any product, it is mandate to have Product Principal’s name & Product serial number. AMC management software gives this convenience to after sales support team to make a track of all required details in regards to the Product & its principal on one single platform

Machine Site Details

By the help of AMC Management software, the company can easily track the difference between the billing address of the customer & the site address, where machine has originally has been installed.

AMC management software keeps track of all the information related to a particular annual maintenance contract which is accessible with just one click of a computer Keyboard. It manages all your customer details and their product purchase information. Manage Annual Maintenance Contracts, Preventive Maintenance Contracts, and Complaint Service Calls for any type of product that could have warranty contracts and needs regular servicing.

Easy Customer Management: AMC management software keep the details of the customer in detail like his contacts, product purchases, spare parts requested and delivered, service request and their updates, PMS visit scheduling, PMS checklists, AMC renewal reminders, AMC pending notification and much more, in conclusion, it keeps the service information handy for better customer assistance after the installation of machine at customer end and AMC start, since AMC a paid contract between customer and vendor.

Maintain Call History: With each PMS visit, AMC management software manages automatic feedback in the software, as to call history. This call history is help full for tracking continuous improvement areas by the management team. Each case can be different and handling each case differently only satisfies customer service. To provide better customer service these case histories work like readymade input for improvements. It helps get more satisfied customers.

Manage your Service Call Reminder efficiently: Automatic call reminder features will keep reminding you for pending AMC renewal or PMS visit till you change the status “done”. This feature helps work to be done in a timely manner.

The Benefits of SalesBabu AMC Management Software

Easy Customer Management

With an easy to use interface our software helps you to manage your customer’s details. It helps you manage your customers in the most simple way. Each stage in AMC software involves automation which helps to reduce any error or missing of important information. It gives assurance about the proper handling of your company to customers. This feature makes it very easy to keep track of customer complaints. Our AMC module in CRM software helps to optimize your data collection with tailor made solutions we provide.

Manage Service Contract

Our CRM / AMC management software helps you to keep track of each contract details such as the number of the times’ service provider, expiry dates, etc.  With this feature you will not miss any upcoming renewal contracts, thus building a strong relationship with customers. This reduces the chance of losing 100% of renewal of contracts. 

Manage product services

Handle the AMC of the product you provided, from the date of the product problem to the warranty period and all other important data. Maintain a dynamic record of the maintenance process with this software which is kept together in the most organized manner. Take the benefits of getting all related information with a single click.

Email and Message Alerts

It lets you organize emails and messaging campaigns in the least complex way together.. We have an integrated alerts system in our AMC module of CRM software which will remind your customers about complaint registered and resolved, end of maintenance contract etc. These email and messages will be generated from our software. Send emails and messages automatically generated to your customers in various cases such as the end of the agreement.

Complaint Management System

In any service sector, Complaint management plays an important role. Keeping this in mind we have developed this module to keep track of each complaint and follow up activities until the issue is resolved. It also keeps track of Customer Support Agents responsible for a specific complaint. SalesBabu CRM includes integrated tools that can generate various charts and reports so that you can monitor business performance at a glance.

Now you can manage all customer complaints more efficiently by maintaining an electronic record in one place. Also, get the opportunity to maintain all received complaints in a more efficient manner and update the status of the situation without any confusion/mistake. This empowers you to provide quality service.

Key Features of AMC Management Software Solution

  • Works as a warranty manager and reminder software
  • Send email campaigns, get reminder reports, client-side reports, and more.
  • User friendly interface will help you save time and money while managing your products.
  • Schedule your service engineers efficiently.
  • Set your service calls and complaints more efficiently.
  • Complaint resolution schedule
  • Schedule service calls and complaints
  • Efficient management of service call reminders
  • Product Maintenance Contract Management
  • Customer Data Management System
  • Easy Customer Management
  • Quick AMC, per call System
  • Complaint Management System
  • Log call history
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