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Online Quotation Management Software

Online Quotation Management Software

Create sales quotes faster and easily streamline your sales cycle and increase deal velocity with our CRM quotation software for small and large businesses. SalesBabu CRM Quote Software System combines both an intuitive user experience with an extensible platform serving the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Quotation Management Software (QMS) includes drafting and automating the client’s Quotation.  It aims to improve client’s business efficiency in creating and generating quotations, emailing quotations, maintain billing and shipping information and providing enhanced QMS reporting features. The quotations generated from CRM Quotation Management Software would serve as an input to the deals.

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Benefits of Online Business Quotation Management Software

  • Streamline your Quotation Process: Sales professionals often spend a lot of time drafting proposals and obtaining approvals. Generating quotations in a stand-alone program, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, can be a time-consuming, tedious process that can negatively impact revenue and customer satisfaction over time. Online Quotation Management Software expedites the process of making quotations and sending to the interested customers. Just a matter of few drop downs and few click, your Sales Quotation is ready
  • Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into contracts: Advanced reporting features allow clients to forecast business projection and determine the success ratio for quotations. Centralized data management feature enables user to share information with team members who can continue followup in absence of any account owner and timely action win the deal for company.
  • Reduce Quotation Time: The longer the quotation takes to produce, the lower the margin you make on it. Cloud based Quotation Creator Software ensures that each quotation is drawn up in accordance with predefined rules which increases your chances of success and your margin and reduces the costs of failure. You can get added taxes & deduct discounts on total pricing & as well as on individual product level, use multiple currencies, download the quotation in PDF format for ready reference, and much more, all just a few clicks away.
  • Sell More, Manage Less : SalesBabu Online Quotation Management Software is proven to help your sales team concentrate more on selling, and less on working with sales and quote documents. Save time, money and overhead while increasing the productivity of your Sales team by having all documentation in one central database. With the click of a mouse, attach any document with a quote to generate elaborate and detailed proposals for e-mail to your client.
  • Gain efficiency in your sales operations : One of the vital benefits quotation management software brings to the table is consistency in sales operations. By ensuring consistent pricing and discounts, reflecting the consistent brand image in the quotes, this software will ensure that the functions of your company are reflected as unified and reliable. With quotation management software, new products can be updated automatically, and also the configurations and the prices are adjusted as the changes are made. Handling of the queries also can be streamlined, with automated requests for the information and approval to the authorized managers of the sales team. This software also contributes to the CRM of the company by providing the business accurate sales and data of the customers in real-time.
  • Derive actionable insights with accurate reports : By giving access to the sales team to the accurate data of real-time, quote management software will help in gaining accurate insights into the crucial sales functions. Performances, details of the transaction history, schedules, and performances all are presented in a much meaningful way, which allows you to understand your business better and make some much where needed. With intelligent reporting tools and templates, insights derived from the quotation management software can be integrated and can be used by other functions of the business as well.

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Business Quotation & Proposal Software

With SalesBabu CRM in-built Business Quoting Software module you’re sure of preparing attractive, professional sales quotation for your customers’ consideration, complete with rich content and full technical specifications. It’s user friendly and easy and  to add up-sell and cross-sell suggestions to maximize your potential sell-through. Also since online quotation generator for sales brings Real time price & Inventory information from multiple distributors in one single location you have much more information to prepare a Sales Quote that has higher chances of winning. All this is achieved through cloud-based Sales Quoting system software which means, whether you are in your company Headquarters, or home or office or even at customer place, getting the product information and creating a sales quote is simple with just a few mouse clicks away. Also,your customers will be able to view and approve the quote online. SalesBabu CRM will take your whole Sales Quoting process Online.

Features of Online Sales Quotation Maker Software

Create, Send and Manage Sales Quotation easily
  • A User friendly & simple yet sophisticated and efficient User Interface ensures, that putting together even the most complex business quote can be done easily
  • Use Standard price rules to create sales quotes easily and quickly. Modify based on need while quoting online
  • Copy / Save/Edit /Print Quotes easily
  • Send Quote in PDF format
  • Create multiple versions of the same Sales Quote as per your need
Powerful Multi Search Filters makes finding the right product very easy
  • Search and add items from your sales quotation as per your need
  • You can define Product Specification, Section Details
  • You can sort by your sales quotation in Descending and Ascending order
  • Ability to import external documents into the quote.

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Online Viewing and Confirmation of Sales Quotation
  • Business quotation can also be made available on the E-Commerce store for online viewing & purchasing
  • Customers can easily track full sales quote history, status etc online
  • Customers can also request for a business quote online
  • Customers can view product details online.
Mobile Sales Quoting App
  • Mobile App for Android for online sales quoting and Real time Price & Inventory
SalesBabu CRM Sales Quoting Module’s Advantage
  • Anytime Anywhere Quoting SalesBabu CRM Mobile Sales Quoting App – No matter where you are, you can always be in business.
  • Spend less time On sales quoting, more time to Sell – Focus on selling and identifying new opportunities. Spend less time quoting more till selling
  • Increase chance of a sale via our professional sales quotes module
  • Customer can view product details online easily and hence add more power to your quote
  • One-click conversion of business quotes to Sales Order
  • Maintain full history of your sales quotes online.
  • Seamless transaction flow from one system to another. Eliminates error in data entry and avoid manual work

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Whether you are an SME or large company, your sales team should be giving a proposal or quote / quotation for your prospective customer officially. This document (Sales Quote/Proposal) is shared  by the company and used as a reference to process the order. If any resource change from that company, this sales quotation acts as the official reference. If you are a solution company, you may be providing a comprehensive proposal that includes a lot of pages of content and a small part of it will be pricing information.  SalesBabu CRM can be used to generate a proposal using Quotation module. But if your business is all about giving a quotation based on the price list and a few conditions, SalesBabu CRM is a way to go. Our online business quotation generator can be used as a comprehensive quote management system and can generate pdf quotes in few minutes. And your quotes across the company can be consolidated in one platform. You can also send proposal/quote directly to the customer using CRM software.

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