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Online Warranty Management System Software

SalesBabu online warranty management system software streamlines warranty management to reduce warranty costs and increase service revenues. Using our warranty management software, all stakeholders including manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and end-user customers can collaborate to reduce warranty expenditures, improve product quality, and enhance customer experience.

In the Service Industry, warranty management software or warranty tracker up to customer satisfaction can increase customer confidence, reduce operational costs and provide the opportunity to generate revenue for the company. SalesBabu Warranty CRM software (warranty management solutions) is a technical and smart way of maintaining complete customer, products and their warranty details. Optimize Warranty Management: Simple, Streamlined, Smarter by implementing our “online warranty management system software”.

Warranty Management System Software

Features of Warranty Management

Centralized Warranty Details

Warranty Management Software helps business houses to keep each & every details related to the warranty of products in one single cloud platform, that make it in centralized form & can be access from anywhere & anytime. Our warranty tracker software is cloud based and best suited for your business to optimize the global warranty management system.

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Process Automation

Be it manufacturers, dealers, or thirty-party users, a robust warranty process automation program is necessary for critical aspects of the warranty process, which entails monitoring of policies, flat rates, fault codes, rules management, registration, and claims processing. Warranty management solutions helps you to automate the whole process of warranty management in such a manner that, it will turn out to be very systematic & streamlined like never before.

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Improves Coordination

We provide a one-stop solution to all your warranty process-related problems – from contract/claims administration to reporting. Our warranty software ensures consistent delivery and built-in features for advanced functionality and reporting. Since the Warranty Management Solutions Software streamlines your whole process & centralized all the required information, it enhances the coordination between the service managers & the service engineers which optimizes the warranty process.

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Improves Customer Service & Makes Them Happy

Competitive product warranty management software requires detailed directives with clear-cut segmentation of roles, so that you can resolve warranty issues faster & smarter. Since the warranty tracking software helps your company to make a good coordination among your after sales support team, due to this, they can manage to give effective services to your customer, which leads to more satisfied customer.

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Warranty Ending Notification

Online Warranty Management System Software, helps you to track down those warranties, that are about to end in coming 30 days, which helps you to sell AMC to those customers for further revenue generation for an organisation. Our warranty management software is enabled with the features and many of our customers benefited from the warranty ending notification. This feature helps to monitor warranty process and optimize their business profit.

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Get Competitive Advantage

Once warranty management solutions are integrated with all the key business functions. It will circle the revenue chart of the business and multiple gains; understand that warranty management could be a source of competitive business advantage. An effective and proper after sales support always leads to a delighted customer & Warranty Management Software provides all the tools to do so. Thus, warranty software leads to customer loyalty & one happy customer brings more customers. Competitive warranty management solutions require detailed directives with clear-cut segmentation of roles to resolve warranty issues faster. Our warranty tracker helps to increase commitment and boosts brand perception and organizational credibility.

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Enhance Your Warranty Management with SalesBabu Cloud-Based Solutions

SalesBabu cloud-based warranty management software improves the quality and integrity of warranty data by validating all aspects of claims with extensive business rules and incorporating data feeds from mobile and diagnostic devices directly into the claim forms. The solution manages the authorization of returns, generation of Return Material Authorizations (RMA/RGA), and tracking of returns. Our warranty tracker enables manufacturers and suppliers to collaborate on reducing warranty costs by managing supplier warranties for components and parts.

Cloud Based warranty mgmt

Our online warranty management system software helps you in gaining insights on customer requirements for extended warranty claims, identifying the various sources of additional revenue streams. Warranty tracker helps in minimizing administrative costs by automating claims and settlement processes. Including innovative process mechanisms such as the online real-time validation process and claim submission to expedite processing time and enhance data quality. Warranty tracker software makes on-time repairs possible through the easy availability of parts, enhancing customer satisfaction. Also, warranty management software enhances the visibility of warranty information about the product and introduces technical advancements in claim processing, reducing the possibility of fraud. A global warranty management system helps in minimizing costs by launching supplier recovery programs.

Our Warranty Software provides a one-stop solution to all your warranty process-related problems – from contract/claims administration to reporting. Our warranty management solutions ensure consistent delivery and built-in features for advanced functionality and reporting. Competitive warranty software administration requires detailed directives with clear-cut segmentation of roles so that you can resolve warranty issues faster.

Be it dealers, manufacturers, or thirty-party users, a robust warranty solution is necessary for critical aspects of the warranty process, which entails monitoring of policies, flat rates, fault codes, rules management, registration, and claims processing.

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SalesBabu Global Warranty Management System CRM Software or Warranty Management Software Enables Global Companies to:

  • Maintain & manage a mixture of claim types including; standard, extended, parts, and used product warranties, as well as, campaigns/recalls and goodwill
  • Automate claim processing based on business/company rules and minimizes data entry by retrieving product, customer, and warranty information automatically
  • Enhance service contract costs, business performance, reduce warranty and improve product quality through warranty analytics, fraud detection and predictive analytics
  • Integrate with ERP, Financial and other enterprise systems using standard web services to enable seamless end-to-end warranty processes
Cloud based Warranty Management

Unlock Revenue and Drive Innovation with SalesBabu’s Warranty Management Software

Organizations lose thousands of dollars in revenue leakage every year due to warranty claims processing issues. A closed-loop warranty claims management process is required which can administer, processes and tracks all warranties throughout their lifecycle to improve customer satisfaction, increase product quality and reduce service costs.

With SalesBabu’s Warranty Management Software, gain a strategic view of the product and service knowledge with Best-in-Class Warranty Management Solution. Find out how you can reduce risk, accelerate time to value, and ensure maximum return on your investments.

Warranty Management Drives Service Innovation and Product Quality. Warranty tracker software is an untapped opportunity for many manufacturers and service organizations to drive enhanced customer value, new revenues, and product innovation.

Unlock Revenue and Drive Innovation with SalesBabu's Warranty Management

SalesBabu Warranty software highlights how manufacturers must enhance capabilities to support warranty management to improve service execution and product innovation with the goal of delivering more value to customers, newer paths to revenue, and greater visibility for suppliers, dealers, and internal teams.

Improve Customer Value And Increase Revenue

Our approach defines and manages warranty management processes in a product context, allowing you to capture and analyze product and warranty data across the install base. This complete performance and service history empowers continuous improvements for service planning, engineering and quality.

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Benefits To Manufacturers and Brands

Reduce Warranty Cost


Improve Product Service Quality


Warranty tracker shrink cycle time for claim processing, parts return, supplier recovery, and identification of emerging issues. Slash TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with an easy-to-implement solution powered by scalable cloud architecture with an easy-to-implement solution. Thereby increase revenues and profitability from maintenance, service, and parts, ensure faster processing by validating claims data and allowing richer content to be captured.

Efficient and user friendly

  • Manages warranty policies and updates new and relevant policies to process claims accordingly
  • Creates and manages dynamic business rules on claim entry, processing rules, policy terms, routing, and supplier contract terms
  • Helps in setting labor rates, travel rates and the other miscellaneous rates like discounts and markups

Process enhancement

  • Discovers the root cause of failure patterns and helps to streamline processes for results
  • Tracks inventory status
  • Generates and manages custom reports swiftly

Greater customer satisfaction


Many customers using our warranty tracking software are happy and satisfied. It helps them deal with easier claims process, gives clear visibility, quicker payout and improved product quality.

Enhanced stakeholder satisfaction


Seamless collaboration between dealers, partners, service centers, OEM, suppliers, service providers, third party administrators, and internal business function.

How can Warranty Management Software enhance business?

Integrating warranty management software solutions can significantly boost your business by enabling your brand to build better relationships with the customer and increase operational efficiency.

Here are some of the main advantages of having a well-managed warranty management solution in your business:

Faster processes

A company can easily track the progress of each claim and process each stage faster using warranty management system software. Allowing the system to automate repeated and boring jobs your workforce will have more time to focus on major tasks and improve their skills for quality output.

Reduce fraudulent risk

A warranty management system reduces the risk of fraud for customers who are worried about their data. With the latest technology, as all of the processes and policies are already in place any issues or errors such as fraudulent activity are much easier to detect and stop.


With warranty management software you can easily save on administrative costs as the system will automate claims and settlement processes.

Better customer service

You can easily track the progress of each claim with real-time data available to keep customers updated and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Clearer insights

With the help of a warranty management system clearer insights and analysis data are available. This makes it easier to monitor any quality issues and gives you a clear understanding of customer requirements.

Warranty Management: Your Strategic Advantage

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