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Quotation Management: Now Easier Than Ever Before

Managing quotations is one of the most important stages of any sales process in an organization. The financial proposal being sent to the client includes many significant details like rate per piece, product uom(unit of measurement), taxes, term and conditions, etc. Directly preparing a quotation from the SalesBabu CRM involves a single click process and that too it is generated in multiple formats like Pdf, word , letterhead etc. And in SalesBabu, we continuously strive to give the latest and most innovative incorporation in our cloud crm so as to give maximum benefits and user friendly environment to our valuable customer. In continuation to this process, there has been made various fascinating changes to give quotation module even better. 

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Quotation Management module in SalesBabu CRM:

  • User Friendly Interface

SalesBabu CRM On-Demand sales force automation tool is so simple and easy, that even a novice user with slight knowledge of the software can easily adapt it in his work style. All the sales stages and workflow management are organized in a well ordered manner. The application has some predefined fields which give the desired result while generating the quotation.

A centralised repository enables users to record every created quotation and update them at an integrated location where every stakeholder can view the latest state of a quotation.

All the quotations can be prepared directly from the last opportunity with all the price structure and tax configuration. The quotations are designed with company logo header, footer etc and other personalised features which help in creating more targeted quotations. 

Also, various discounts and promotional offers can be applied to the quotation in just a few clicks to enable sales personnel in creating more customer centric deals.

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  • Prepare Your Cover Letter From The Module Itself

Cover letter is one of the primary necessities as it helps you address a note to the concerned inquiry along with the basic pricing slabs. It’s very important to follow any specific format for a quotation which helps in providing a positive note on your organisational whereabouts.

Salesbabu CRM helps in creating various standardized quotation formats which help in efficiently communicating with our clients with complete details on the deals.

  • Provide Multiple Section Headers

Multiple section header is yet another interesting feature provided in the software to give various specifications such as terms and conditions, technical specifications, product specifications ,scope of supply, annexures etc. These features helps in explaining the companies details and policies in a more detailed and systematic manner which help in organising and formulating various constructive and targeted quotations for our sales.

  • All Amended Copies Saved Separately

During quotation generation and finalization process, you may need to send the same quotation with multiple amendments. SalesBabu CRM software gives you options that you can easily overwrite or amend the quotation as per your requirement that too multiple times. Along with the backup copy of the original content stored as “original” quotation sent to the client, we can save all the amended documents in the list of Amend list section to track and understand the changes done to the quotations sent to the customer and changes involved in finalising the sales deal.

  • Print Pdf

SalesBabu Quotation Management module generates quotation in pdf format that can be easily downloaded from the software. Features like print the total amount, print with total quantity and many other features can help in automation of printing pdfs for the created quotations.

  • Email Quotation

During an ongoing deal,  the sales team needs to send repetitive quotations to client before finalising the closing deal. With SalesBabu CRM email quotation feature, we can select the quotation which needs to be shared and select a predefined template to send quotations to clients and in a few clicks, an email attached with quotations will be sent to customers and ready for discussions. These features in helping sales team to automatize a lot of daily activities done in the sales process and help in speedy closure of sales deals.

  • Performa Invoice

An important feature of online quotation generation is to create automated performa invoice. With this feature we can add all the shipping and delivery details along with complete information on terms and conditions of the company. Also, we can use email template facility to send these performa details to customer with minimal manual intervention.

  • Product Specification

User can select this option for the product specification detail to appear in the quotation. User can further add in more description either in Text or HTML format by selecting it from the Type dropdown. This helps in defining details of every product added to the quotation and add any specific features of the item listed for delivery.

  • GST tax configuration

With these features, users can add the GST format and HSN code to enable proper classification of goods from all over the world in a systematic and logical manner.

HSN codes are basically used to fix the rate of tax on various products at the time of import and export. It is proposed to use these codes at invoice level to make taxation system of international standard. Under GST supply invoices will be prepared by capturing HSN codes in case of goods and service accounting codes in case of services.

With this GST and HSN value included, sales personnel can include every tax and other payment details involved in product delivery and procurement and provide a clear picture of the quotations provided to the customer.

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SalesBabu CRM provides automated Quotation maker software, which is a full-featured tool for any business that needs to issue quotes and cost estimates to customers. With quotation maker software, it’s easy to manage Quotations with Online Sales Quotes generator Software. SalesBabu CRM Quotation Software for Small Business/Startup businesses is playing a vital role in their quotation making process which is hassle free and user friendly.