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purchase return

Purchase Return is the term used for describing the case when some of the finished goods received from the customer are returned back to the vendor. This return may be primarily because of the faulty product or might be because of excess product receiving. Again, there might be several reasons to call a product faulty. There got some breakage while delivering the product, product not as per set standards, or might be because of some manufacture defects. 

In any of such cases, the product is sent back to the vendor. All this process follows a fully documented architecture which includes information of that particular, inquiry to which that order belong, the particular quotation and rate at which the product was purchased. One copy of this document remains at both the customer’s and the vendor’s end. From the customer, firstly a Returnable Delivery Challan is issued. Because any product going out of premise can be either because of some repairing or for complete replacement.

Benefits of Purchase Return

  • Purchase Return document track which product, from which inquiry, of what quotation ad PO is being re sent to the vendor .Thus full details is captured.
  • Online Purchase Management System automates the tasks, thus streamlining the process.
  • Online Purchase Management System helps you document the procedure at any place.
  • Full database is maintained in the server thus, information is at your fingertips.

SalesBabu Online Purchase Management System: Purchase Return

SalesBabu purchase Management System help you document the Purchase Bill in a serial fashion. There is a provision of Returnable Delivery Challan in the Software that firstly prompts the information regarding the product being carried out of the premises. The software helps in communicating the complete information and thus eliminates any chance of discrepancy or redundancy in the information. Thus Online SalesBabu software has made the life of an entrepreneur easier.

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