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Small Business Inventory Software

In a small business set-up managing stocks is IMPORTANT YET COMPLICATED. Inventory Management CRM provides 360 Degree View of the Inventory Function allowing to have a complete view of product information, stock levels, and operations so that products and stocks can be effectively managed. Stock Inventory software provides receiving stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities. Inventory Control Software has a facility to manage all the gaps between the demand from the customer and the supplies from the company’s end.

Small Business Inventory SalesBabu

Small business owners or SME face many challenges when they’re just getting started, such as securing financing, finding customers and tracking and managing inventory. As small businesses grow they think they have to leave their accounting solution in favor of a more expensive solution to take their business to the next level. SalesBabu Small Business Inventory tracking software is the best inventory system for small businesses. It’s robust and an affordable inventory management system that’s flexible and can grow with you.

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Manage Items Details

CRM to manage Inventory for Small Business, enables you to manage all your products in your stores by allowing you to simply create, edit, activate, or deactivate them. Item master maintains comprehensive details of all inventory items such as item code, UoM, cycle count and many more

Track of Stocks

CRM to manage Inventory in Small business allows you to control stock levels and movement of stock in all the your locations and provides seamless reconciliation of business operations to maintain consistency throughout your organization. It helps you manage stock allocations to multiple stores across locations.

Track Shortages of Items

CRM to manage Inventory in Small business , enables you to track count for all items. It allows you to track the movement of each item and sends notifications to management in case of any shortfall in Items quantity. System features, such as Inventory planning, result in optimization of stock performance. This reduces labor expenses in Inventory Management.

Reduce Wastages

Reduce Wastages CRM to manage Inventory in Small business, enables you to view real status of what items are wasted, expired, damaged. This allows management to monitor resource waste and resources used in non-sale scenarios. This information is essential to order track inventory and plan optimization of stock performance, moreover, it also reduces the overall wastages of items.

Easily Accessible

Since, this CRM is online and on-demand, this is very easily accessible. You can view, add or edit all the details anytime from anywhere. It makes your work more smoother & drives your performance in more efficient manner, you don’t have to be in your office all the time to access this stocks related information.

No Extra Manual Support

Inventory CRM is so robust and easy to handle, it saves the extra manual support of the organization. Since, everything is online and mobile, moreover it is all real time, that it does not require a bulk of man force to handle neither this software nor the complete store. This software alone capable of handling the complete store operations.


Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by implementing SalesBabu Online Inventory Management Software:

Cut costs – For many business houses, inventory is their biggest expenditure. Small companies don’t have money to waste, so they can’t afford to tie too much of it up in idle inventory. That’s why you should use an online inventory control software to help you order just enough products so you won’t have a shortage or overstock. Lean online inventory management means ‘trimming the fat’ and keeping a fluid supply chain in place. SalesBabu provides the framework for this to happen.

Increase productivity – Online Inventory management system involves a lot of juggling and several different reports to monitor. Company owners have to constantly keep track of how much inventory they have on hand, how much they are going to need, and how long it will take to receive new inventory. Use technology – stock inventory software to your advantage and automate these time-consuming manual processes. Small business inventory tracker software helps managers accomplish all of this in a fraction of the amount of time it would take to do it all by hand. You’ll be amazed at the time you’ll save using Online Inventory Management Software.

Eliminate errors – When you have a small operation, you might be tempted to keep low costs by doing all of your accounting and inventory management manually or in an Excel spreadsheet. But if you type or write orders manually, you run the risk of making errors. Using barcode scanners and online inventory management software virtually eliminates these errors from your record keeping. It also helps you to work efficiently and be more productive because if you know that your inventory records are accurate, you don’t have to do time-consuming physical checks of your inventory very often.

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