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Online Inventory Management – Purchase Inquiry

Purchase Enquiry is the inquiry floated by the customer for his requirements. Whenever any demand is raised for a product, interested person floats the inquiry and ask various vendors to come up with their proposal. Then, this inquiry is handled by the sales executives of the other organization, and requires follow ups and contacts. Then, after a series of negotiations and discussions, quotation is sent by the vendor, and on consent of both customers and vendors, the SO is released.

Purchase Inquiry

From the sales point of view, all these inquiries play a very crucial role. Purchase inquiry, for a vendor, becomes a sales inquiry. It is important that all these purchase inquiries are well written and documented, so that the follow up shall not get missed.

SalesBabu Online Inventory Management Purchase Enquiry

SalesBabu Online inventory management software helps interested customer float their inquiries to the customers. Software keeps a complete database of the inquiries floated and also the list of vendors, all at a common platform .This helps in easily identifying the most reliable vendors for an organization. Such type of database is helpful to analyze the better vendor’s on whom one can rely even on the needful time. Being, online the information is not restricted to a particular location, and is, thus centralized and movable in case of multi located firms .Thus Online software makes the life of a business man easier.

Benefits: Online Inventory Management Purchase Inquiry

  • A well formed inquiry reveals complete requirement of the interested client .Product quality, quantity and all the necessary details. This helps vendors identify well their requirements and then provide their services.
  • Online floating purchase inquiry helps getting a quick response and help to close the orders faster.
  • Purchase Indent is an authorized document which can help track the delivery of the ordered material before being received by the customer.

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SalesBabu Purchase Management System helps managing the purchase cycle task more comprehensively. All major and minor tasks get unskipped, because of being automated .Thus process gets within easy grip of the organization.

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