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Contact Management Software

Big companies who want to inhabit the cutting edge are boosting their business with the SalesBabu web-based contact management software. Everyone in the organization benefits from more productive tracking, sharing and analysis of customer information by Integrating SalesBabu CRM for the sales and support process. Our online CRM contact management module enables you to access the contact information of your clients and employees using any web browser and have instant access to rich profiles saved in contact management software.

contact management software

Maintain Rich Profile Content

Through contact management software you can maintain rich profile content with name, address, multiple phone numbers, product installation details and a concise data of customer enquiries, orders and feeback.

Easily Accessible

Since everything is done over a cloud platform, so it can be access from anywhere any time or if you want to add or update any further details related to any contact in the database than, you don’t need to be always on your office table.

Create Multiple Contacts

As soon as you create the inquiries in the software, at the same time you can create multiple contacts with their complete information visible. For example, on later stage you come to know, that, there are some other persons too, who are playing an important role in final decisions, than you can add their details as well with all the similar one like the prime contact.

Special Note Section

This is for the self-realization. If a sales or marketing guy wants to put some note in regards to the contact person, for future reminder or reference, than he can write those notes in special note section which is not visible anywhere in the system, apart from himself.

Past Account Details

Repeat orders are quite normal in B2B transactions, but it not easy task to remember the person’s name who dealt with you last time. So, here in contact management software you can maintain the complete database of contacts, from there you can take references for any future deals

Imports Data From External Sources

If you have been maintaining complete database of overall contact in Excel and want to start using CRM for contact management, than you will be relaxed to know that SalesBabu Contact Management Software gives you a convenience to import all the details using your existing Excel sheet without any hassle and very easily.

Contact Manager Software enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers. Get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions.

Single Page Management: Save time and close more deals with single-page contact management. View everything you need to know about contact on a single page that includes contact info, communication history, and lead scores. The interface enables you to do 360-degree profiling of a prospect. Contact Management Software helps you to maintain your contacts in a centralized address book, and have a comprehensive view of related tasks, notes, interactions and emails.

Multiple contacts per enquiry: Every opportunity takes a little while for turning into a lead and leads into the deal. At different stages executive may be talking to different people to ensure the business, all the contacts for on enquiry is important. Our Contact Management Software enable you to save multiple contacts for each enquiry at every stage, this way you can ensure the right contact availability at the time of closing the deal.

Events and Tasks Management: Contact Management Software enables you to easily import contacts directly from a . CSV file or from another CRM. With Contact Management software, you can quickly add tasks and events such as phone calls, submission deadlines and meetings. Sync them with your calendars for reference and reminders.

Contact Management is an essential part of Customer Relationship Management Software which is designed to Manage and Maintain daily transaction records with the Customers. Grow your business while managing rich client profiles.

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