CRM for Travel Industry

Most of the small and mid-size travel companies were using Discrete Methods like Excel sheets and word files to manage their important data but now a day’s travel industry has changed the way they manage customer data. As an Industry itself it has become a fast growing sector worldwide. In today’s scenario companies became more conscious to streamline and optimize their travel process Travel Agents require such tool; which should help them to handle enquires with several quotations, Accounts Database and other Travel Process related day to day activities for booking, air ticketing, reservations and much more, where companies can Monitor & Analyze the reservations and profile information about passengers, schedule predefined birthday & anniversary reminders .This helps organization to handle and capture all the detail about customer inquiries , Client follow-ups activities and capture billing details. Travel CRM enables companies to maintain customer loyalty towards their services so that they will have recurring business easily. Travel Industry CRM for helps you retain your customer and ensure them that the loyal customers are always traces and get reward.


Benefits of Travel CRM in Travel Business Industry

  • Get all Booking History MIS & Real Time Reports
  • Get detailed Information about travel Packages & Deals on single screen
  • Get & Retrieve Customer information
  • Enable to do Follow-ups
  • Enable to Get Reminders of Customer Anniversaries, Birthdays& their special occasions
  • Enable to do Branch Handling
  • Enable  to Set sales target of employees
  • Get Target VS Achievement Reports
  • Enable to Track & Enhance Staff Productivity
  • Get all the Customer Billing and Transaction Reports gets Real Time Visibility
  • Enable to do Forecast on Future Business

How SalesBabu Travel CRM grow your Travel Business?

SalesBabu Travel CRM increase customer satisfaction, which help organizations to enhance their Customer Retention Process. SalesBabu CRM enables companies to send the latest offers of travel packages through e-mails to the customers. SalesBabu Travel CRM is a cloud based application, where you can access the client’s database via a single click. SalesBabu Travel CRM software can helps you to manage better customer relations, which can enhance & fill your Client Bucket in terms of revenue and your company reach per person around the Globe.

  • Handle Booking Activities

SalesBabu Travel CRM enables companies to manage complex booking process at single screen and ensure you about the payment visibility & it’s Scheduling along with Booking and service history.

  • Manage Daily Offers, Deals & Packages

SalesBabu Travel CRM helps you to track and manage daily offers along with your packages. All the information related to Packages & Offers will be on the fingertips of the travel agent via single screen, from here itself he/she can retrieve the data.

  • Manages Tourist Information & Activities

SalesBabu Travel CRM ensures success of your travel business process. Travel CRM Provide Lucrative information to you and enable companies to provide best services and to retain customers come back in to your client pool.

SalesBabu Travel CRM delivers a Robotic & Flexible solution to the Travel Business holders, which can cover the demanding needs of a travel agency at micro level. This enables you to get consolidated reports to take decisions. Travel industry is very competitive, so you need some tool to track every footprint and can identify the Genuine Customer.