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How Service CRM Helps Your Business

“Foundation of your company always tends to your customer satisfaction”

There is no doubt that the quality of the customer care you provides; matters to your customers. A second way to Increase revenue is – through after-sales service, product warranties & repairs.

Rapid globalization and emergence of new markets has brought a great surge in the Service Industry. Most of the industries that manufacture or sell products bearing after-sales -service and warranty as a mandatory requirement of customer service management tier which play a crucial role in the growth of a company.

Major Challenges in Service Industry:

  • How to manage customer escalations & complain?
  • How to manage Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
  • Can we count the after sales support & service Earnings and expenditures?
  • How to do prior scheduling for service Engineer’s work (Installations, product services)?
  • How to manage all accounts at one place?
  • Is it possible to define Preventive Maintenance Services automatically?

Benefits of CRM in Service Industry

Contact Management

Organizations can deliver robust service to customers with the help of real time & centric databases; which can be operated from a single point.

Automated Support  Scheduler

CRM enables organizations to automate intimations about their job such as installation, warranty expires and PMS visits; so that you never miss any opportunity to improve their SLA.

Maximizes Engineer’s Productivity

CRM enables service managers to view status of all the service activities, in terms of PMS, and after sales support. It also helps you to increase Support Engineer’s Productivity. One can manage long term customer relations by giving them good customer service.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

CRM helps you to enhance customer satisfaction, and to gather feedback from customers, analyzing and evaluating the responses to create customer satisfaction initiatives. Increased customer loyalty; result in increased revenue in terms of your Services.

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Why SalesBabu CRM Good for Service Industry

  • 360-Degree View- A complete up-to-date knowledge base of your customers which includes leads, contacts, and accounts, all in one place.
  • Fully Compliant- SalesBabu CRM comes with built-in features to help your business based on the EU or doing business with customers in the EU stay compliant with the EU privacy regulations.
  • Fully Customizable- Customize CRM to collect a variety of information, execute any custom business processes you might be running, and seamlessly integrate with any other applications you may be using
  • Be on the Move- The SalesBabu CRM mobile app will enable your agents to offer services and their managers to keep track of their numbers on the go.

Features of CRM for Service-based Industries

Unify Customer Interaction

Get quick access to contact information across multiple channels such as telephone, email, live chat, and social media.

Simplify Billing and Payments with Invoices

Create invoices on the go and easily send them directly to your customers with the Invoice integration. Replace your pen and paper with digital invoices. Create invoices directly from your CRM and mark all the payment statuses to stay on top of your bills.

Maintain Service Catalogs

Build a catalog of your services inside CRM. Define each and every service, set dates and times for the availability of each one, and assign staff to handle and deliver them.

Benefits of SalesBabu Service CRM in Service Industry

Customer satisfaction identifies the standard and quality of your services & company relationship with its customers. SalesBabu CRM helps you to track this intangible information, makes customer needs predictable and improves the customer relationship. It also increases the quality and number of Clients in your Service Bucket.

  • Service Case Management

SLA is an important part for every organization; which shows the company credibility, reliability in their business pool. CRM helps you to track your Service Level @ customer point of view; where you can easily track, and meet your defined service level agreements and win the customer faith.

  • Tracking and Manage your Clients

CRM enables you to track your customer’s requirements and issues. This will help you to maintain a complete history of customer related interaction and their satisfaction level in your product.

  • Controlling the Turnaround Time (TAT) of your service and service Engineers

CRM enables you to define your TAT on the basis of your services, which can increase your Level of service and productivity of your service & support engineer. CRM tends to resolve the customer’s issues in a short period of time. It takes your customer services to different levels and helps you to give quality services & even you will be able to maintain consistency of the services.

  • Centric Database System

CRM enables you to manage your customers at a centric point, and whatever and whenever you require, you can easily retrieve and check all the certain activities which have been actually done with this customer. Customers are always a prior necessity for any organization. SaleBabu CRM Service On Demand allows you to maintain all the details of your existing customer on one single platform and make a fruitful Database for your Organization.

Although there are bunches of Service CRM in the market catering the Service industry, and many companies are using service CRM; but, a question is frequently raised , are you able to check whether your customer is satisfied with your services or not? If yesso keep your eye on your funnel to check how much you retain in a year, and if NO; then start planning to become a CRM Enabled Company.

Today, customers are smart. Those days are gone when customers used to stay completely satisfied with what was delivered to them by business organizations. In today’s world staying ahead of competitors and establishing your brand as a market leader, in the long run, has become essential. Customers are more informed and regularly keep demanding for quality support and services.

Knowledgeable customers would never work out for any online CRM software that provides poor quality services. Before investing in CRM for the service industry, there are a few key factors that they consider. Customers are primarily looking for cloud-based CRM solutions that are capable to increase the first-time resolution and help in resolving complaints, cases, and queries quickly. SalesBabu service management tool was built keeping all these parameters in mind. It has been known across geographics as a product that delivers rich and receptive service experience. 

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SalesBabu customer service solutions have helped service agents to a great extent by providing them with an integrated view of all customer information, including customer history, interactions, etc. Through proper training, SalesBabu service management software has trained employees to handle more customer requests with the existing staff. Also, with the advanced capabilities, the SalesBabu Service CRM software helps in capturing customers’ requests directly from the website by using automatic routing rules, which directs them to the right team.

SalesBabu Customer Service CRM solution is all about empowering service agents to provide superior quality service, across multiple channels. A unique combination of the help desk software and knowledge management software, this advanced digital CRM for service management, enables teams to handle more customers with an integrated view of their diverse information. 

For simplicity, the SalesBabu customer service solution increases overall effectiveness with minimal human intervention, which translates into heightened brand loyalty and better revenues.