SMS Notification

In this busy schedule it’s difficult to remember all the activities of sales. SMS Notification gives you better results and improves communication with every employee. In a click you can send SMS Notification to the sales person regarding important follow-up, appointment and meeting with the customer. With these alerts you will not miss single activity. You can also send SMS to your customer about any new products, meetings and any business information. You can also send reminders to the customers about pending payments. Updations are important for real time happening.

How SMS Notification is useful ?

Greeting messages to customers on birthdays or anniversary improves customer relations. You can send lead notification and activity notification through SMS to the sales people. SMS  are instant alerts to remind sales team about their daily tasks when they are on field or on leave for immediate attention. It is the best way to communicate easily with your team. It helps you in proactive sales process. You can send SMS to the customers and employees frequently with the help of CRM Software. SMS  is a small but very useful of CRM software. we provide it as an add-on application.

Alerts of sales activities

SMS Notification is extremely helpful in reminding appointments ,meetings or important follow ups. Communication is instant, consise and professional with CRM SMS as a service message is received unlike e- mails or other tricks. It is used to inform about important news or new arrivals to the customers. It improves the customer experience. It is the most direct channel of messaging. It is also low cost option of communication. You can recall the list of old customers and can send SMS  to all of them about latest offers. It reminds you about the time and date of the appointment and for which product you are talking about with the customer. Now companies can advertise their services and products to clients. It helps you to generate more business and revenue.

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