Role Based Access Control

In a corporate organization, where several people work under several others and a complete hierarchy is ruled, any information requires certain checks and filters to define its accessibility and visibility. In an automated system such as CRM, where the information is located centrally, this is an absolutely mandatory task. Our CRM business application has provided a complete safeguard to the information access by giving a role based access control to the users.

How Role Based Access Control is Assigned?

Role based security is offered at various levels. It is offered on the basis of the person sitting on which stage of the hierarchy .Also, there is field level access control in which it is decided which fields should be made visible or invisible to a user. There is a third type of role based access control: Module level access control. Here the admin of the user can select which module should be accessible to which user.

How the Role Based Access Control is Imparted?

Inside an organization, Online CRM software such as SalesBabu broadly categorizes the users in two modes. One is the central controller of the software, the top brass of organization and others are rest users who are the staff or employees of the company. The Administrator of the software decides on the access levels and rights of all other users in the CRM application i.e how much information to be shared, which module should be assigned to whom and so on… Administrator is the master controller of the application for complete organization.

User Level Access Control

Administrator or admin has privilege to decide which of the executive should be allowed information access to how much data. It enables admin to share same data to people at the common level and design the hierarchy likewise. Thus, territory managers of two areas are in same level and can see common data if co-assigned , while the data will be filtered for subordinates.

Module Level Access Control

Admin only can also define the module level access for the employees. There are basically four kinds of access rights defined in the CRM, like View, Add, Edit, Delete .Example, Admin will conceal the Admin module from rest of the employees by disabling the view option.

Product Level Access Control

Admin only has the complete control to define which product access is allotted to which user in the system. This in particular can be used in case of product manager who happen to handle a specific product or a all the products of a particular principle company only.

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