Email Outlook Integration: Connect Your CRM With Emails

Email is the most prominent means of communication in the corporate world. Almost 70% of the total corporate professional conversations are exchanged via email correspondence. Email integration with CRM software brings a lot of ease to the users as they need not to migrate from one window to another or even not from one tab to other just for checking the incoming mails. This is where CRM software justifies its centralized database repository and robust feature. All professional information of a particular user is kept under a single roof with proper data storage property. Let’s shed some light upon different aspect of Emails outlook integration.

Why Email Integration is Important?

Email Integration with CRM is not a luxury, but a necessity for the sales executives as of today’s context. In the time where cloud computing platform has overtaken all traditional methods of data storage or management scenario, email integration with CRM supports sales representatives to manage their account details and the related mails all together under a common platform. This segregates the entire information pertaining to contact details and the email together.

SalesBabu Outlook Integration Of Emails

Our developers have analyzed this necessity and created a platform, where in a CRM plug-IN is provided in our outlook page and all the emails received can be tracked from outlook and integrated with the CRM. For example:- If a particular contact( email ID) is mentioned in the account or leads module of the CRM then the email from outlook inbox can be tagged along and stored in the particular account or lead where the said contact is listed.

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