Sales Return

Sales Return is the return of defective merchandise back to the supplier. These defects can be any kind of breakage in the product or something that is not as per decided by the customer or the supplier. Sales Return is a common concept used in sales and purchase terminology. When a bulk order is shipped to the client, there are chances that some of the products get hampered because of breakage during product shipping, leakage or any other sort of defects. 

Sales Return is a normal term used in sales and purchases. It’s a negative term that implies that no sales will be accounted for the product which is returned back. Hence; the price value of returned goods will be deducted from the sales revenue.

Benefits of Online Sales Management: Sales Return

  • Online sales management and sales return process help manage stock level.
  • Sometimes Overstock can also be a cause of Sales Return. If things are managed in the software, stock orders can be pre-estimated and sales returns can be avoided.
  • Sometimes, there might be a case when the same product is receiving sales returns again and again. Online Sales management software maintains complete reports which help analyze the defective product. Thus effective action can be taken in such cases.
  •  Online software keeps an updation in the overall organization regarding the value.

SalesBabu Online Sales Management Software: Sales Return

SalesBabu Online sales management software helps you to indentify the complete scenario of sales return process. Software keep the information well formatted, noting down the product going for the sales return, its quantity, reason behind the return and the vendor to whom the material is being returned. This helps proper communication flow between both the vendor and the client. Complete information is maintained at both end, so that both the parties can verify and validate the causes at their ends.

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