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Sales Management is an indispensable component of business , trade and marketing . ERP clubs the three arenas of marketing: Sales of the produced goods, purchase of raw materials and maintaining the stock. Sales of produced goods is the most important  aspect of inventory management .If the produced good is not sold, then the entire ERP will turn futile. Proper balance of all the three tiers is needed to maneuver the ERP management process .Once the raw material is taken from the market and products are responsibility is of the sales executive manufactured , now the sales executive is responsible to take the product the production the customer’s hands . Once the manufactured goods stock is released out that helps the planners to estimate the next raw materials amount.

Benefit of Sales Management

  • Inventory Turnover Ratio gives you an exact idea of how much raw material is required at a given point of time.
  • Sales is an integral part of inventory management ,If there is no sales ,inventory management gets illogical .If there is too much material already in stock ,then it’s the need  to sell out the available stock so that blocked capital could be flown out . Sales Management Software channelizes all these information in a proper flow.

Sales Management: SalesBabu  ERP Module

.Analysts do several data interpretation to capture proper flow of “how much comes in” as raw materials to the “how much goes out” as manufactured commodity. Sales –Inventory turnover ratio indicates how much stock has been used for the manufacturing, and, how much is balance .i.e., Inventory Turnover Ratio =Total Stock sold (As Finished Goods)/Total Inventory (Raw Material).Higher of this ratio indicates that the process is being carried out smoothly in managing inventory. There are fewer stocks reserved and thus less capital being stocked .Whereas, too much of this ratio is not beneficial for the organization health. Too higher ratio again indicates that the company has not enough stocks for fulfilling the immediate requirements.

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