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Sales Forecasting Software

Looking to the future to help make decisions is always going to be an imprecise science, but there are ways to forecast sales with some degree of probability. Spreadsheets can meet many basic needs. But if your company is serious about sales forecasting, you need a demand planning solution (sales forecasting software) that can provide strategic value, increase your visibility into the supply chain management process, and drive your growth. Sales forecasts are not just for the benefit of the business plan reader but are a means to help managers make informed decisions.

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Sales Forecasting Features

Predicts Revenue

Sales forecasting software facilitates uniform information capturing and data retrieval pertaining to help decision makers to review sales trends for developing strategic and tactical plans for business. The sales forecast is a prediction of a business’s unit and monetary sales for some future period of time, up to several years or more. These forecasts are generally based primarily on recent sales trends, competitive developments, and economic trends in the industry, region, and/or nation in which the organization conducts business.

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Real Time Dashboard

SaleBabu CRM interface dashboard itself show you a graphical formulation of various inputs and expected output. Sales forecasting software internally calculate various perspectives such as, lead sources, number of total leads, number of leads closed and show them in diagrammatic manner.

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MIS & Reports

MIS or Management Information System is an extensive module on all facts and numerical data.There is a provision of standard reports as well as customizable reports. One can also extract the sales funnel to know the overall performance of sales team.

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Sales Realization

Sales Realization is the data of all the payments realized in the current month. Effective sales realization is predicted automatically on the basis of various factors such as “SPEEDOMETER” & “PROBABILITY” present in SalesBabu CRM sales forecasting software module.

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Multi User Access

SalesBabu CRM, as a proper forecasting system allow more than one user to access the forecast model simultaneously, with security control over which parts of the model they can access, that too in less time. This simply isn’t possible with a single Excel spreadsheet, so multiple spreadsheets have to be used and linked together. This can be complex, time-consuming, and prone to error.

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Budget Planning

If you come to know, what further things requires in your sales process to attract more sales closures & revenues that you can also come to know what could be the budget would be requiring for the same. Sales Forecast software helps you to plan in this sense too.

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Why Is CRM Sales Forecasting Software Important For Your Business?

There are two methods of sales forecasting:

Quantitative Forecasting : It is considered to be the most accurate as it uses historical business data and trends.

Qualitative Forecasting : It is subjective and uses market research, surveys from a potential customer, and expert opinions.

Sales Forcasting

Sales forecasting tool uses quantitative methods to analyze trends and historical business data, such as closed and won deals and win/loss records; and then produces an accurate report of expected sales revenue. Forecast reports enable companies to compare sales targets with achieved sales versus expected sales.

In businesses, it needs factual sales forecasts to help allocate resources, hire new staff, increase quotas, and manage costs. With the help of sales forecasting tools, companies predict future growth trends and help management formulate effective strategies to expand their business.

Sales Forecasting Software helps businesses answer the below questions:

1> What is our expected revenue? (Organized by salesperson, territory, or account.)

2> How did actual sales compare to expected sales?

3> Which method produces the most accurate forecast?

Predict and Prepare for Future Business

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