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Market Automation Software

Both CRM Software and the software for marketing automation are interdependent when it comes to the customer database, with some differences in their objectives. Customer Relationship Management Software is more focused to give dedicated services to the existing clientele or following up with new enquiries in order to convert them. Whereas, marketing automation software focuses upon the creation of more and more customers or generating more leads ultimate for sales. It is dedicated to driving its effort to make new customers through email campaigns, PR initiatives etc…


Market Automation Features

Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing

First and foremost task of this software is generating leads via various lead producing strategies like running emails, tele-calling, sms-ing, etc. The aim of this software is to direct an effective communication to bring that forward towards the prospect to customer-conversion stage. There after the job of sales executives begins.

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One-to-One Communication

Effective marketing campaign requires one-to-one communication strategy with the targeted group so that the information is passed to the targeted group in the shortest possible time.

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Improves Sales Efficiency

Marketing automation software helps classify leads and thus only the qualified inquiries moves towards further stage. Thus probability of positive order closure increases. It leads to more closure of sales & more revenue addition.

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Creation & Execution of Campaigns

Marketing Automation software is so dynamic & robust, that, it helps allows you to create many marketing campaigns within itself along with their execution. It saves lots of time of an organization & it can focus on other tasks very easily.

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E-Mail & SMS Campaigns

Different methods such as SMS-campaigning and email-campaigning are available to perform the desired task. Email campaigning is one of the most powerful tool in the marketing procedure. Whereas, sending messages is also a growing trend to fascinate audiences towards the product.

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Analyze Workflow

Marketing Automation Software analyze and measure the workflow, means, this software also allows organization to evaluate their performance on the marketing front. It helps them to evaluate their marketing campaigns, they are running into the market, by taking customer reaction in concern.

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Automate the Marketing Activities.

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