Email Marketing

Main purpose of E-mail marketing is to make contact with maximum audience in a short time, make  more customers by generating quality leads and increasing your company’s visibility in the market which means to drive traffic in your websites and to share some important knowledge with the people. It is the most personal medium of advertisements. It is the powerful way to attract the leads. If the readers are interested and finding the valuable information in the mail, then they can sign up with subscribe link or read on to know more. You can slice your target audience for eg. if you are into manufacturing of automobiles parts/ spares then your target customers are of course automobile manufacturers therefore you can do dedicated email campaign on the sector to make a maximum reach.

Key Benefits of E-mail Marketing

  • Reach maximum audience in less time
  • Cheaper and faster method of making direct customer contact
  • Increases leads conversion
  • Frequent Communications
  • Analyse the complete statistics of every email campaign.
  • Reduces time and efforts
  • Increases traffic to your webpage
  • Keep customers in the loop

Cost Effective Source to Generate Leads

As compared to other sources like paper advertisements, participation in trade shows and cold calling, E-mail campaign is the easy and cheaper method. It allow business owners to be proactive in communication. It is essential way for both small and big organisations. It is less time consuming and increases lead generation. E-mail provides the precise information about the company or the product.It is the best way to increase traffic to your website.

SalesBabu E-cmp Module

SalesBabu CRM application offers a comprehensive email marketing/E-campaign module that allows one to make maximum connections or contact points at minimum time. There is provision of Html/ Rich Text, Different fonts, formats, colors, hyperlinks, image upload and edit, etc.Another interesting feature of E-cmp module is that we can plan and schedule the event of running emails as per our whim and fancy.

E-mail marketing strategy is going to move your business to next level and increase your sales. You can send your mails in single shot to the right set of audience. CRM Software maintains all the client’s database, So you don’t need to collect database of contacts from any third party.

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