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Manage your Resources with SalesBabu Online ERP Software

Maintain Inventory Levels Online Inventory Management  Software and  Order Management system keeps track of all your stock & gives you all the order details up-to-the-minute.
Manage Your Vendors Make Effective Plans And strategies to maintaining good vendor -customer Relationship .Identify your Potential Suppliers
Maintain Your Buffer Stock Make Your tasks more defined and centralized . Manage Buffer Stock & Re-Order levels directly through the software in a well defined platform.
Do Purchase Planning Plan and Manage your purchase Stock Efficiently. Make Effective Strategies and improve capital flow.
Manage Sales ScenarioAutomate Sales Process. Manage Sales Process through SalesBabu Online ERP Software – Sales Enquiry, Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice.
Manage your Salary OnlineManage your Payroll cycle efficiently . Incorporate Statutory Reports, Bonuses, Payslips, Tax deductions, PF etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP

ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning accounts for managing all the three tiers of the business process.These Are Sales, Purchase and Inventory management. In sales process, the complete sales cycle is manages methodically. This includes managing the inquiry as well as its source, thereafter promptly managing the impending prospects inside its opportunity management module, managing all the quotation inside a separate module and finally managing the sales order.
The purchase management stands for managing the purchase bill,includes the vendor management process,purchase order, purchase quotation ,purchase planning, purchase return,purchase indent and purchase inquiry.

The inventory management includes managing the Bill of Material, Goods Receipt Note, Item issued and item receipt, finished goods, raw materials and also the delivery challan.

ERP is a concoction of all these important processes right under a single roof.

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