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 After Sales Service Software Definition : Service Management Software

After Sales Service Software covers the  after sales services part of the sales  .In the business panorama, the sale of any commodity can be outlined in two stages. The first completes after  Sales Order (SO) . After the product is delivered, it is installed at customer’s end and warranty starts. The service engineer offers  Preventive Maintenance Services to customers  ,verifying some parameters to assure the faultless applicability of  product .If  any issue is encountered, a complain is registered  and  activity is assigned to  the concerned engineer . Under warranty period,the services are provided charge free services .Afterwords , the client is offered AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), a charged agreement for   providing maintenance service.

Earlier ,only sales and not  After Sales Service was  taken as the core functional area for any entrepreneur. But now , After–sales-Service Software is important as it gives   a splendid platform for the organization to make elite customer care services to win the  customer’s heart .

How does SalesBabu incorporates After-Sales-Service solution through the software ?

SalesBabu offers is a helpful service management software  that maintains all the stages of the service and complaints in separate modules to avoid any  conflict  and  enhance readability.All the data about PMS, ending AMC’s , etc are reflected directly from the home page.All this data being hyperlinked will take you on the page having the details of the  clicked query .

 SalesBabu After-Sales-Service software Features: 

SalesBabu after sales service software offers a combination of sales and service to maintain an equilibrium between the sales and the  after-sales services .Some of the additional features of After-Sales-Service software are briefed  below .

  • Complaint Management –> After-Sales-Service software presents an exclusive complaint management scenario .No of complaints–open or close. Principal wise  or AMC wise complaints ,no of installation  ,spare part consumption all are detailed inside .
  • Installation -> This module includes the installation detail as well as the warranty detail and maintains the invoice accordingly . Manual PMS  entry  can also be done. .
  •   AMC -> AMC or the Annual Maintenance Contract manages all information  regarding the from date and the due date of the AMC .

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